10 Best Inkjet Printers with Refillable Ink Tanks in 2019

Printers with refillable ink cartridges have changed the game in the business of printing.  The inkjet printers with refillable cartridges have replaced the costly traditional printers and cartridges.  Today, printer users, once they purchase the printing units, they only need to be refilling the ink tanks whenever they drain out. In this guide, we review the top 10 Inkjet printers that use refillable ink tanks.

Epson WorkForce ET-4750

Epson has been in the frontline in producing quality printing products.  The Epson WorkForce ET-4750 is considered among the best refillable printers you can find in the market.  The manufacturer offers ink bottles that are of low costs helping users to cut their ink buying cost by up to 80 percent.  On purchase of the printer, there is ink that comes with the machine.  That ink can take up to two years, so you can begin your printing task immediately you unpack the printing unit.

On the product page of the manufacturer, it says that the ink that comes with the machine can print about 14,000 pages in black and white and an equivalent of 11,200 pages of color print.

Epson WorkForce ET-4750 is designed with a great paper tray that can hold about 250 pages. The 2.4 inch touchscreen on the printer helps the user to select the document they need to print making it easy to print specific documents.  The printer has the capability for wireless printing meaning you can use it even without a computer.  In the office, the printer doubles up as a photocopy machine and as a scanner.  You can photocopy documents, scan documents, and even send faxes.


  • Huge connectivity- Ethernet, Wi-Fi, smart device printing
  • Duplex printing
  • Big paper tray
  • Fast printing speeds – 15ppm for black ink and 8ppm for color ink
  • Fax, scanner with ADF, and copier


  • Doesn’t make economic sense for small printing volumes

Brother MFC-J995DW XL

Although Brother MFC- J995DW XL is a bulky printer, it comes with some amazing perks that you might not find in other printers.  Besides the out of the box perks, the printer product also offers an efficient printing process.  Like Epson, Brother also offers free ink that can last users up to 2 years.  The printer is able to indicate the amount of ink on the tanks so that you don’t abruptly run out of ink – you know when to refill.

Brother MFC- J995DW XL comes with wireless technology, users can use their tablets and smartphones to wirelessly print documents.  The printer also supports services such as Brother iPrint, Google Cloud Print, and AirPrint.  Brother MFC- J995DW XL can setup its own wireless print connection using an inbuilt Wi-Fi Direct.  Its ink tank has been re-engineered and now it’s capable of holding more ink than before meaning users will be refilling less while making more print outs.


  • Scanning with ADF, fax
  • Versatile connectivity – Media card, USB Thumb Drive, and NFC support
  • Duplex printing


  • Too bulky compared to other models and brands with the same features

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

The HP brand is highly recognized in the printer manufacturing technology.  The HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 supports HP’s proprietary technology known as Instant Ink and comes with free ink that can last up to two months.  The product has mobile printing capability in addition to duplex or double-sided printing.  The printer also works as a copier and scanner, which are ideal features for office tasks.  The paper tray of the printer holds about 225 sheets allowing the user to spend less time in refilling paper.

In regard to its performance, the printer is able to print about 20 pages per minute on the upper hand, and that’s for the black and white printing.  For color prints, it prints about 11 pages in a minute.  OfficeJet Pro printer has a 1-year limited warranty on hardware.


  • Duplex printing
  • Supports Instant Ink
  • Larger paper tray- 225 papers
  • Wireless printing
  • Scanner and copier
  • Fast printing speed


  • Free ink last few months

Canon PIXMA G3200

This printer has a small body, however, it comes with great features.  Its inks are capable of holding up to 30 times of standard cartridge ink.  The ink tanks are situated on the front side of the printer allowing the user to keep an eye to see how much ink is remaining.

Being a small printer it is suitable for small scale printing services, light office prints, or home printing tasks.  The offering has wireless printing features that work via the Google Cloud Printing app designed for Android devices and the Canon Print app.


  • Compact design
  • Wireless printing with Google Cloud Print
  • Scanner and copier


  • Standard printing speed
  • Not suitable for large scale printing

Epson Expression ET-2650

The Expression ET-2650 is a small printer that doubles up as a copier and scanner.  The printer can print up to 4,000 pages using the black ink and 6,500 pages using the color ink.  Although it may not give you the studio print quality, it is still a quality printer suited for home office use, small business printing, and student use.  ET-2650 is priced reasonably and the ink refilling cost is quite cheap.

Besides, the offering features a built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to interface it with your phone, laptop, or tablet.  A user can easily print from their Android and iPhone devices.  Moreover, ET- 2650 comes with a memory card slot allowing you to directly access content from the card and print it without needing to connect to your PC.  A 1.44-inch color LCD screen makes it easy to use the printer.

Because ET-2650 does not have the fax feature and Ethernet port, it may be less suitable for office use and large workgroups respectively.


  • An affordable printer that’s great for students, casual home use, and small business use
  • Has low upfront cost and low running cost
  • Has Wi-Fi Direct support and media card reader slot
  • Compact size
  • Reasonable printing of the printer and ink refills


  • Doesn’t carry the fax feature- making it less appropriate for offices
  • Lacks Ethernet port meaning it may not work effectively for large workgroups
  • Doesn’t support USB Thumb Drive

Epson Expression Premium ET-7750

The ET-7750 is a sister printer to the ET-2650 and ET-2750 models, however, it comes with more features compared to the two other models.  Expression Premium ET-7750 is considered a high-end printer that is designed for professional use.  It is fairly expensive compared to the ET-2750 and ET-2650 models.  ET- 7750 could be suitable for use in art studio and other printing services that require studio photo printing quality.

Instead of the usual four refillable ink cartridges, the Expression Premium ET- 7750 comes with five ink tanks.  The printer can print an enormous 14,000 number of pages in black ink while the color ink could print 9000 pages.  In addition, the printer can produce photo prints of up to 11 inches by 17 inches or tabloid-sized pages.  It can function as a wide format printer for the big-sized prints.  The three trays – one for photos, another for paper, and a back special feed ensures that users have their print work well organized.

ET- 7750 has a USB slot, a memory slot, and wireless connectivity.  It also features Ethernet connectivity.  A 2.7-inch color screen helps the users to navigate the print task easily.  You can count on this printer if you want to print a high volume of prints at high quality.  Despite the printer being expensive, it does not come with fax or ADF capabilities.


  • 5 ink system
  • Large-format prints
  • Huge connectivity
  • High-quality photo prints


  • Higher running costs due to the 5 ink system
  • Has no fax, no Automatic Document Feed

Canon PIXMA G4210

A mid-range printer, the Canon PIXMA G4210 is designed for small and medium-sized office or home printing use.  It can print about 6000 pages in black ink and 7000 pages colored pages before you can refill the tanks.

PIXMA G4210 has a fax feature making it ideal for office printing and faxing.  Besides, it has Wi-Fi capabilities with multi-app support.  A great perk that comes with this printer is the Automatic Document Feeder within the scanner.  With this feature, it makes office scanning jobs to be done fast.  Its Ethernet networking allows it to be used in small offices.

That being said, PIXMA G4210 isn’t a photo studio printer and it doesn’t offer the auto-duplex print feature.  If you want to process double-sided prints, you need to do it manually, which means it takes more time to print.


  • Good running costs, excellent output
  • Fax feature
  • Ethernet networking for workgroups
  • Scanner with ADF mechanism


  • Limited connectivity- no USB Thumb Drive, no SD card support
  • Lacks duplex printing feature

Epson WorkForce ET- 3750

The ET- 3750 is a smaller and cheaper version of the ET-4750 printer.  It has features that are more or less the same as those of WorkForce ET-4750.  You can choose this printer if you are working on a slim budget but you want to get some quality prints.  Epson ET-3750 comes with a free ink that can last up to two years.  It has a 150 paper tray, which is small compared to the 250 paper tray of the ET-4750 printer.  A 30-page auto feeder helps the user to get hold of piles of printed documents with minimal effort.  Users can save up to 80 percent on ink cost when they use this printer.


  • High volume prints
  • Fast prints
  • Duplex prints
  • Wi-Fi, smart device printing, Ethernet networking
  • Low cost printing


  • Cannot deliver studio photo prints 

Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700

A business powerhouse, this heavy-duty printer delivers laser-quality color and black ink prints. The printer comes with free ink capable of printing up to 16000 black ink pages and 11,000 color ink pages.  The ET- 8700 printer comes with a duplex printing feature along with scanning, copying, and faxing.  The PrecisionCore feature helps deliver laser-quality color graphics and black text.  The printer also comes with Automatic Document Feeder running at fast speeds of up to 24 ppm.  It is designed for large volume prints that have to be delivered in high quality.


  • Fax, scanner, and copier
  • Duplex print
  • Scanner with ADF
  • Laser quality prints
  • Low-cost ink replacement
  • High-speed printing


  • May not make economic sense if used for small printing jobs

Epson Expression ET-2750

A similar offering to Expression ET-2650, the Epson Expression ET-2750 has some extra features.  The printer can print more black ink pages compared to the ET-2650 printer. It can print 5200 blank in pages and 6500 color pages which translates to about 30 normal cartridges.

The printer has wireless connectivity allowing it to easily interface with a computer and smartphone. It also comes with a memory card slot making it easier to directly print documents without needing to access the computer.  Again, the printer can automatically print both side, the duplex feature allows you to save time and paper.

Epson offers Auto Shop ink bottles for the ET-2750 making it easy for the user to refill them. A 1.44 inch intuitive display allows a user to pick the documents to print.


  • A high yield printer ideal for huge printing volumes
  • Saves paper and time with duplex printing feature
  • Wi-Fi Direct support
  • Media card reader slot


  • No fax makes it less desirable for office use
  • Doesn’t support USB Thumb Drive 


Using Inkjet printing units with refillable ink tanks allows you to save significantly on the cost of printing. If you are out to search for Inkjet printers that use refillable ink tanks, you may want to look at the features, performance, and quality of printing. The printers are designed to suit specific printing needs, there are printers suited for a home office, small business office, and student printing needs. Others are designed for heavy commercial printing. The cost of refilling the ink tanks can vary from one printer model to another.