10 Best Intel Core i5 Laptops in 2023

Intel has continued served the PC market with this highly-functional and premium series of processors for a long time now. In tasks of action and dependability, these laptops aren’t only the best, and they are also budget-friendly. Out of this range of processors, the Intel i5 Processor laptop machines are the best high-performance devices that come in at a pretty affordable price. Furthermore, the Intel i5 processor is so capable of handling anything that you throw at it, that with the processor, you can carry out any task you want.

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So the following is a list about the 10 best core i5 laptops, 2-in-1s as well as gaming laptops.

1). Acer E15  Aspire 5

In terms of the exterior design of this laptop device, the manufacturers, Acer Aspire, produced this new middle range leading laptop, which sports an attractive but yet well-through out design. This machine comes with an ebony colored body as well as a brushed aluminum-based lid. It has a 15.6-inch size full high definition Liquid electric display-backlit screen, which is bright enough coupled with the crisp resolution it provides. Furthermore, the Acer E 15 Aspire comes as being among one of the very few laptop devices which has a backlit keyboard with the competitive price that it comes with.

The Intel 15-8250U processor is driving the laptop machine in addition to a DDR4 RAM size of 8GB. It sports the brand new Kaby processor, which is the fresh new processor make form Intel; it is the rather quad-core type of chip, and it is popularly known with providing the best symmetry of the battery life and performance.

The device is a top choice for professionals who require a laptop engine that caters to their every device. It can also be used for multimedia usages. Apart from that, PC gamers will find the machine a beast due to its gaming capabilities. The inclusion of the Nvidia MX150 GeForce, as well as 2 GB of a dedicated graphics memory, makes it possible.

For its storage capabilities, the device packs about 256GB of interior storage, as well as its SSD. Therefore it is a lot faster than hard drives. The laptop comes highly recommended for students and people who are academically inclined due to its multi-tasking and multi-media supporting capabilities.

2). Dell G5 15  Laptop

In thinking about the best powerful action protected by a strongly designed laptop machine, then Dell tends to be the winner. Correspondingly, the 2019 model of  Dell G5 15 from Dell comes right at the number two device on this list of the 10 rather best i5 laptops.

The device is driven by the 9th Gen of Intel Core i5 type of processor, which clocks in at about 2.4GHz as well as turbo upwards to 4.1GHz. It comes wholly preloaded with the windows 10 operating software, and it also has the authorization to the majority of laptop applications from Dell, which directly implies that any application from this line up that gets downloaded into the system will be compatible with it.

The G5 15 sports an 8GB of RAM that could be expanded further up to the maximum size of 32GB, and this makes it possible to work with multiple apps. Furthermore, the laptop is also gifted with another additional space for the expansion of its RAM. The included Nvidia GTX 1660 GeForce typically GPU  shows out as the most prominent devoted graphics card around the segment. This thus delivers an outstanding gaming background on it. The device sports a full size HD 15.6-inch screen IPS display that can afford to be adjusted to both extremes of screen brightness.

In terms of the interior storage of the device, this special variant of the Dell G5 is completely preload by the 1terabyte of HDD in addition to 128GB size of SSD that should see its users gaming without any restraints. Though the laptop device is typically classified as a gaming laptop, undoubtedly, the machine is quite eligible for delivering fantastic multimedia plus business class type productivity.


3). Apple Mac Book Air

Expectantly, the highly rated Apple gets one of its product range listed on the top 10 best Intel core i5 processor laptops there is. As one would expect the device to be a premium one, it does not fall short of having some pretty cool features. Sporting massive productivity in addition to reliable battery life, users are bound to be with their devices all day if they want to. No other PC brand name till now has come pretty closer to this famous Apple’s Mac Book sequence of laptops.

In terms of is design, this device comes created in a detailed aluminum casing that comes provided with the creamy metal finish. This device appears like a premium machine which it is, and it comes with a thinner frame. It is lighter in weight than the prior Mac Book Air at the size form of an ordinary 0.61-inch, while the previously released Mac Book Air comes in at a weight of 2.7 weight of pounds. The macOS Mojave drives this crispy fresh Mac Book Air as it comes out of its box, and it is preloaded with numerous useful apps. This has been powered by the Y-series i5 Intel Core processor mixed with 8GB of  RAM plus 128GB of SSD.

It’s a sufficient instance to clarify that specifications aren’t everything that defines a powerful device. However, it is the common working of the hardware plus software of the machine, which gives rise to its efficiency. Though the equipment doesn’t appear as important as all other competitive devices on this list, it should outlast most devices with its included i5 processor that enhances its productivity.

And talking about productivity of the device, the new Mac Book Air is a pioneer machine in that it is equipped for the initial time, including the Retina sharp display, the latest butterfly procedure keyboard that has a Touch ID in addition to a big trackpad that will enable any user to walk comfortably on the device, which is pretty much similar to every other the Mac Book Pro range of laptops from the production stables of Apple. In terms of the pricing of the device, it comes with a premium price for a laptop of the Intel i5 core processor device. However, because it is typically a laptop from Apple with thousands of supports and features, users are in for an unforgettable experience with this device.

4). HP Envy 17 Laptop

Have you ever considered purchasing a laptop with a bigger capacity for improved performance and a bigger capability? If the answer is yes, then certainly this Envy 17t from Hewlett Packard (HP), which sports a pretty large 17.3-inch size screen, will never fall short of any features for an intending PC user. A quad-core i5  Intel Core processor, which clocks at about 1.6GHz and can be overclocked to get to 3.9GHz powers the processor. It uses the Windows 10 operating system, which is the most recent version of the OS yet. It sports a full sized HD display with about 17.3 that is being powered by an energy-saving LED backlight, with an optimum function for power saving.

Several other features of the device are a full 8GB of the DDR4 RAM, which can pretty well handle any multitasking and can be used for storing data for the user. It encloses a 1TB size of the hard disk drive as well as 16GB capacity of the Intel new Optane memory actually which is used to speed up the capability of the device.

In terms of connectivity, the device houses several essential options, including a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an HDMI port, and finally, the USB ports. PC gamers should check this device out for its devoted Nvidia MX250 GeForce graphics, which is perfect for the average gaming and is suitable for everyday PC usage. The device, the 17-inch large machine is rather heavy tips the weight scales at a weight of about 6.1 weight pounds. Any PC user that purchases this device would have to be pretty comfortable and adapt to the weight and size of the machine.  However, the laptop tends to be an outstanding all-around device. It is supported by about 3-cell of the 52 Lithium-Ion type battery, which often delivers a battery backup of about to  5hours.

5). Dell 13 XPS Ultrabook

Once again, another monster machine from the best PC manufacturing giants. Dell’s XPS new laptop product range has always pretty much been one among the most outstanding high grade of Windows Ultrabooks, which is packed full with the most recent hardware as well as software features.

This 2018 model of  Dell XPS 13 is still a favorite Windows Ultrabook among most users. However, it comes one major defect. The device’s webcam was an eyesore because it was located pretty close towards the bottom main bezel around the display. But on a different note, the recently released Dell 13 XPS from this year gets rid of the problem, and typically, it is thought as the ideal Windows device  Ultrabook up till now.

It is produced from high-end quality material substances like aluminum, glass as well as fiber. It is released in two svelte appearing finishes such as frost white as well as platinum silver. It has a thin frame and weighs pretty lower than the 3 normal pounds but is still has included in its engine, the recently launched the Whiskey Lake i5 Intel Core processor, which upgrades its capability to that of an Ultrabook. Its physical features include a display size of 13.3-inch. This means actually that the machine sports a  rather fully enhanced Infinity Edge screen display that comes pretty rather attractive to the human eyes, as well as its pretty brightness and the color precise panel?

As regards the hardware panel of the device, it comes with the RAM of 8GB, as well as an SSD size of 256 GB. However, the ports come limited for this model because it is furnished with just 3 ports, which are three numbers of USB C Type ports as well as the SD memory card slot. Whereas the connection comes in pretty useful for thunderbolt connections, however, for one to connect any of your traditional main USB devices, you will require a dongle for that purpose. With that said, it comes with no extra graphics card, and thus, its gaming abilities can be limited.

The Dell 13 XPS remains the best slender as well as a light Ultrabook that is powered by the i5 that has enough capability for everyday usage.

6). Dell 15 Inspiron 15580

Packaged in a pretty sleek as well as pretty chassis, this Dell Inspiron laptops series are solid performing devices in performing daily tasks along with the device. However, the laptop doesn’t possess a new configuration meaning it had been manufactured with the same features as its preceding models. However, with that cast aside, this device is undoubtedly working and functions like a beast.

As if it were a war machine, the device comes fully armed with the Intel i5 Core processor that can possibly clock speeds up close to 3.9GHz. This chipset comes coupled with a RAM of about 8GB as well as the integration of the basic Intel UHD 620  Graphics. The storage of the device comes with a speedy 256GB of good state drive, whichever is simply the most excellent drive that is offered in this segment. This display of the Dell Inspiron is a 5.6-inch size display LED with the full high definition resolution, which comes with an optional phone touch support that is good for virtually any task that it is used for.

Furthermore, the Dell 5580 Inspiron device is astonishingly well endowed with attractive looks plus a strong performance as well as a long-lasting battery life that will ensure that users who purchase the device will use it for long periods before actually charging. In the area of multi-media, the laptop also excels in this segment as the speakers of the machine are backed with the addition of the Waves MaxxAudio, which is best typically known to upscale plus enhance the device’s audio. This singular feature will sit well with lovers of music with enhanced audio, as the Waves MaxxAudio was designed to enhance and bring out the best of every digital sound.

The laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10. It also sports the basic line-up of PC applications, which make it the most excellent affordable i5 device on this good list for good buyers are following a following strict budget.

7).  HP Pavilion 13-anr

The HP 13 Pavilion is the perfect value for your money. The Ultrabook which comes with a complete-metal chassis as well as all the latest hardware elements stuffed inside it. Regarding the processors of the machine, it is driven by the most recently launched  Whiskey type Lake Intel i5 core processor along with integrated 620 UHD graphics from Intel. Due to the sturdy hardware, which is packed inside this compact, thin, plus light chassis with a weight of about 2.8 pounds. Easily making it one of the best affordable Intel i5 Core  Ultrabooks that is currently out in the market right now.

Speaking of the memory of the device, it sports an 8GB  RAM, which ensures that users always experience smooth multitasking when making use of several applications and programs simultaneously. For the storage of the machine, it is fitted out with a pretty fast 256GB of SSD. But then again, pretty like every other Ultrabook, the RAM comes affixed the motherboard of the device. With this singular feature or drawback, the hardware becomes not possible to upgrade.

Its physical properties include a 3-inch full high definition display that offers astonishing viewing angles. Furthermore, the device is still bright, as well as plush in color. Furthermore, still on the physical hardware feature of the device, it sports a well-lit keyboard, plus features all needed ports which have the fastest plus a multi-purpose USB 3.1 real type-C port. Therefore, the device is ideal for a student, a busy executive, or pretty much anyone that needs a feature-packed, pocket-friendly, lightweight laptop.

8). Asus 13 Zenbook AS51

This Zenbook type UX331FA-AS51 that was developed by Asus, a pretty popular manufacturer of the high-end machine devices, is the ultra-light, compact, plus smooth notebook along with the powerful. Most released Whiskey type Lake of the range of its hardware. This Asus Zenbook 13 UX331FA-As51 sports a matte, clean IPS display plus it comes with the long-life battery that will see PC users using the device for a long time in-between charges. Conclusively, the ASUS device Zenbook is among the best laptops available 13-inch sized Ultrabooks useful for those people who are searching for the Windows alternative to Apple’s Mac Book.

Its physical features include being endowed with a fine backlit keyboard with pretty very well-spaced device keys, and it further has a pretty responsive touchpad. In case of security, the laptop device offers the fingerprint new scanner that works very pretty well with the Windows Hello present on Windows 10. Due to the bright full high definition screens, the user will enjoy the livid brightness, contrast, plus viewing screen angles of the display.

Since it’s matte plus reasonably bright, this can also come useful in properly-illuminated rooms plus even outside. When speaking in the configuration of the device, the Zen Book 13 comes with the 1.6 GHz Intel i5 Core i5-8265U chip processor joined with the 8GB of RAM. This storage department is also pretty well-managed, along with 512GB of SSD.

It sports just one USB Type-C, 2 numbers of USB 3.0, one HDMI port, plus the mini SD card inserted slot, which balances with its rather sleek plus slim chassis.

9). HP x360 Spectre i5 Laptop

Finally, the Spectre x360 from HP is the first convertible 2-in-1 device that is enumerated on the list. The HP Spectre x360 sports pointed edges and come in an aluminum chassis case. The biggest setback with the adaptable laptop typically lies in its hinges. However, the hinges placed along with this device are very strong and durable. But, the device is similar to the fine Lenovo’s Yoga range of convertible machines and allows rotation of the screen for a complete turnaround of 360-degrees.

This device is partially multimedia supported, plus it is partly a performance-based device — this laptop sports a 13.3-inch size full high definition screen that can create an excellent mixture of colors.

Under the hood, the machine is being driven by the i5 8th gen processor, which coupled with a RAM of about 8GB. The laptop comes with 256GB of SSD for storage, which provides enough room to store your data. The speakers on the device are from Bang and Olufsen and are too powerful, plus they don’t sparkle even at high volumes. Therefore, it is a perfect device for music lovers.

10). Lenovo T590 ThinkPad 0

In the final product entry on the 10 best Intel core i5 processor laptops, the Lenovo Thinkpad T590, this is the sole business-class device. , it is being driven by the most recent 8th gen Intel i5 Core i5-8265U CPU, and it also comes with a RAM of about 8GB which can handle multitasking functions and it has a storage of about 256GB SSD. The device is a pretty properly-crafted machine in considering the ergonomics plus provides action and convenience to improve productivity.

In terms of the physical features of this device, it arrives with a screen size of about 15.6-inches full high definition IPS display that is pretty brilliant and yields a satisfactory spectrum of colors. This machine has fitted all ports in addition to slots that you’ll ever require; it also arrives with a brand ThinkPad backlit new keyboard, which creates it a perfect alternative for the busy executive. In terms of the price, however, people might have to reach deeper into their purses to get this machine.

With that said, this laptop typically is of the high-grade plus premium type of the i5 powered devices come with the price which is around the high side.

However, for people who are in the market to get the most excellent business laptop, which is powered by the most recently released Intel i5 Core machine processor. This Lenovo laptop Thinkpad T590 is possibly the best example of this machine that you can probably get right about now.


So far, these are the top 10 of the best Intel core i5 processor laptops that are currently available in the market. Equipped with the processor from Intel, which is a known processor developer, most of the listed devices are meant to perform extremely well, and therefore, they are suitable for use generally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Is a laptop with the i5 Core processor good for gaming?

After all, the Intel Core i5 comes as an excellent processor that is produced for the average PC user who is into performance, graphics as well its speed. The Core i5 can do pretty much any task, including extreme gaming.

2). Is the i7 core better than the core i5?

Conventionally, the higher the number, the better the performance. This is similar to the way that the i5-6500 is quicker than the i5-6400. You know we stated that the i7 is naturally faster than the i5? This is not always the truth, because the Intel Core i56600K is relatively quicker than the core i7-6700, but it comes with a less cache. The cache is a main distinguishing factor between the i5 and the i7.

3). Is core i5 good?

Still, they are an excellent choice for the average PC user, which is why the corei5-8400 comes highly recommended as being the best CPU. Hyperthreading is a characteristic that is mainly found in the CPUs of i7. It consequently doubles the thread number that can be handled by the CPU; however, these virtual; cores are less powerful than the physical cores.

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