10 Best Mouse Bungees for Gaming in 2020

Everyone who is serious about PC gaming needs the best mouse bungee for proper gaming. While a wireless mouse is easier to handle, having a wire is better for gaming, as your clicks and commands travel faster. But, wires are extremely frustrating, and they can make quite a mess during intense gaming sessions. Using a mouse bungee will ensure that your wire is under control and there is no mess around, while still give you an advantage over everyone with a wireless mouse.

Now, if you are interested in getting one, here are some of the best options that we managed to find.

1. KLIM Mouse Bungee – RGB Extension for Mouse

Let’s start the list with KLIM’s Mouse Bungee. This is the perfect addition for your gaming setup. It was built with stability and durability in mind. In fact, the two are bigger priorities. If you get this model, you won’t have to deal with issues like blocks, frictions, disruptions, and alike.

The bungee has a base that is in shape of a pyramid, and it keeps the cord of your mouse stable. It will remain exactly where you placed it; it will never topple or move thanks to the fact that it is weighted. In other words, no matter how hard you pull during gaming, sliding is out of the question. On the other hand, it has a rather flexible rubber arm, which still allows you flexibility during gaming, as well as very smooth, fluid movements.

Next, KLIM has three USB 3.0 ports, as well as a 6GB data-transfer rates, which can help organize your gaming area, add more ports to your total setup, and reduce clutter. It even has a micro-SD card reader, as well as an RGB backlight functionality that changes colors automatically. It is clearly an excellent option with numerous functionalities, and of top quality. Meanwhile, it only costs $20, which is pretty much a steal considering all it offers.

2. ENHANCE LED Gaming Mouse Bungee

Now, if you want an even flashier solution, then we have a great solution for you in the form of ENHANCE LED gaming mouse bungee. It is a very brightly colored bungee, which offers a three-color light-up system. Not only that, but it also comes with a flexible silicone arm that will keep your cord safe from harm, and your setup safe from the cord.

Similarly to our last entry, this solution also comes with USB ports; only this one offers four of them. However, we will admit that this might not be the best choice when it comes to durability, even though it is extremely stylish. It is made of silicone, like its flexible arm, but that makes it less durable than some other options which we will list later on.

The important thing is that it can significantly increase your accuracy, spare you from having to deal with mouse cords, and help you be better at Pro eSports and other competitive games, where reaction speed is everything. Just like the last one, this one will also cost you around $20.


Next, we have Razer’s V2 bungee, which is a replacement for Razer’s original mouse bungee, which was extremely popular among gamers around the world. While this model did use the original’s success for reaching its own, we are certain that it would have managed to become a hit on its own as well.

It features the functionality of the original, as well as additional features as requested by the users. Meanwhile, the original had a few flaws which the second model fixed, thus becoming even more functional and popular.

It features a drag-free cord control up to 3.2 mm, as well as an arm for easy movement, that does not resist the movement of the mouse itself. It is resistant to rust, so you don’t have to worry about it degrading over time or suffering any damage from the environment. Not to mention that it has anti-slip feet, which are bound to keep it in place no matter how violently your mouse ends up moving. This is ensured by the weighted base that adds additional stability and improves your gameplay experience.

The weight of the bungee is a bit more than 0.5 pounds, and it accommodates braided and non-braided cords alike. Not only that, but it works excellently with all high-end mice as well. As for the design, this one is a bit more serious than the previous one, with no unnecessary flashing, which might be a distraction.

Instead, it looks serious and professional, with a great black design, which is neutral and fits most desk setups. This one will also be around $20, which is pretty much the usual price for a good mouse bungee.

4. ROCCAT Apuri

Then, we have Roccat Apuri — a tripod-style bungee, which is a great solution for wire management, and also for achieving zero-drag. That way, you are completely free to move however you want or need while playing the game, and never have to worry about your cord making a mess of your setup, damaging, or preventing you from achieving full freedom of movement.

Now, usually, tripod-style mouse bungees tend to look like scorpions, but this one does not. Instead, it tends to look like an alien ship, which might be some gamers’ preference. In any case, its design is very modern, but still highly functional. It is also quite durable, as it is made of special, durable plastic. Its legs won’t slip thanks to the non-slip pads at the device’s base, and it is also weighted in the middle, which ensures that it will stay in place for as long as you need it to.

Next, we have the arm which holds the wires. The arm is very flexible and made of silicone. That way, it will react to your movement by following it, but still doing a great job of not allowing the cord to impact your gaming. It has strategically placed vents that allow it to even move forward and backward, left or right, and alike. It should work with every mouse wire, meaning that it will remain perfectly functional even if you upgrade your mouse. Its price is only slightly larger than that of the previous models, sitting at $22.

5. BenQ Zowie

BenQ’s Zowie is our next choice, and this is a rather simplistic one. It offers a rubber clip that can work with pretty much any mouse cable, and despite its simple look, it will act as a top solution to any potential danger of your cord getting tangled. The sleek design also ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of space in order to fit it and make it a permanent part of your setup.

It is great even if you lack space, and it comes with an included CAMADE (cable management device). With it, you can easily adjust the length of the cable, and make different kinds of movements without having your cable interfering and messing everything up for you.

Additionally, the model has an adjustable spring, which comes as a unique feature. With it, you can even set up the specific height that fits your gaming needs. And, with the bungee having the ability to grip the table — you can be sure that it will never slip.

6. Tt eSports Thermaltake EAC-MSB001

This model is also one of the relatively simple ones, at least when compared to solutions such as ENHANCE. Tt eSports’ Thermaltake EAC MSB001 offers one extremely significant and game-changing feature — magnets.

Yes, Thermaltake’s mouse bungee will use magnets for keeping the device’s head in place, and in turn, it will also keep the mouse cables more sturdily. Meanwhile, it will remain completely stationary at all times thanks to its non-slip base, which comes with rubber coating.

Almost all kinds of mouse cables will fit this bungee, so you can replace any model with any other, and you will still find it quite easy to use this excellent product.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that it might happen to have shorter durability than some of the other models. Further, some cords — especially those used by professional players — might end up being among the ones that do not fit this particular model.


Cougar’s model is an excellent solution for handling cords during any gaming session. It will solve all problems when it comes to cord management, despite the fact that it is lightweight. Its base is ultra-compact, it has a rubber arm that is extremely durable. The model comes with a vacuum design that the company had patented, and it will keep the bunker in place at all times.

The bunker will easily handle all kinds of cables, whether they are thick or thin. Even a mouse with a very thick cord, like Logitech G403, will fit without issues.

Cougar gaming bunker will also work excellently on all kinds of surfaces, including wooden desks. It fits well, and it holds reliably. However, one thing makes it different from all competition, and that is its suction cup design. Many other bunkers appear to be stationary, but they still tend to move around across the desk. This one will not. Its design is very smart and advanced, and it is guaranteed to work. That will leave you from having to adjust the device, which is, ultimately, the point.

8. Rich Boxer Bungee

While we did say that mouse bungees are typically pretty inexpensive, and most can be purchased for only around $20-30, there are still budget solutions when it comes to these devices as well. Breaking the bank is never desirable, and so there are models that will let you enjoy this product for as low a price as $8. The Rich Boxer is one such mouse bungee, and it has absolutely everything you could ever need in order to ensure that your cords would be under control at all times.

As you might have expected, it stands apart in terms of design as well. Its design is metallic, and it looks a bit like a bronze statue that you can keep on your gaming desk, only it would have a very useful purpose.

Next, this bungee weighs around six ounces, which is more than enough to anchor it and keep your mouse cable firmly in place at all times. The cable will also be kept elevated, and since the device’s arm is very flexible, you can easily wield the mouse in any way you need to, without fearing for how the cord will behave.

You can get this product in several different designs, including gold, black, and rose gold, so you can choose which one looks best in combination with the rest of your setup. Each of the colors will definitely add to any computer desk and particularly standard ones. Besides, the fact that they included a matte option is also great, as not everyone wants a shiny solution. Finally, the metallic orb on its base will also provide quite a nice accent, which will give your gaming setup additional character.

9. NPET H01 Gaming Mouse Bungee Cord Holder

Now, we have mentioned that some mouse bungees have a scorpion-like design, but with NPET HO1, that design was truly taken to another level. The design is rather striking and leaves an impression, but it also offers superior functionality. It features high-quality construction, as well as non-slip feet that ensure that your gaming session will always go without interruptions.

The cyan, LED, the backlit design will also significantly add to its aesthetics. As for gamers who aim to conserve energy, or the flashing might end up becoming too distracting for them or others in their house, it can also easily be turned off.

The main feature of this bungee is its flexible silicone arm, which comes in shape of a scorpion’s tail, as you likely had already assumed. It is very flexible and accurate, and it provides great freedom of movement, even during high-motion, which is a great thing for those playing competitive games.

Your user experience will also be increased thanks to a full range of motion, and you won’t have to worry about snagging a cable, or getting it tangled up. This model will also deliver up to four USB ports, which is very useful for gamers who need to plug in more than just their mouse. With this device, you can also accommodate additional accessories, including stand-alone mics, headphones, as well as additional USB devices.

10. AOBOR Generic Mouse Bungee

Another budget solution comes in the form of AOBOR’s Generic Mouse Bungee. This is also one of the simplest models on this list, which its name clearly points out. It is a design for players who do not want flashy or impressive-looking solutions. This is a mouse bungee which was designed for its functionality.

It features basic trappings that mouse bungee should have, with the cord holder and a base that resists its movement being its primary features. These are also standard features on all other models. However, this one will cost you a bit less than full $8, and having these features is pretty much all you need in a decent mouse bungee.

Most other reviews that we have seen while looking into this model are very positive, which pretty much confirms that it is functional, as there is nothing more than that to praise or condemn.

Well, there is one thing — one big criticism, which might impact your decision to buy or not buy this model. The issue in question is the fact that this model only works with braided mouse cords, which means that smaller cords won’t be held as well. This could lead to issues, the cord slipping out, and alike, so you should avoid this one if you do not use braided cords.


And that is about it. These are some of the best solutions that we have found, and they go from simplistic, functional designs, to flashy, fun ones, and even an impressive looking black scorpion with your mouse cord sticking from its tail.

No matter what solution you need, you are likely to find something on this list, and with it — you can finally enjoy gaming the way you were supposed to — without the mouse cable constantly in your way.