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5 Best Browser Based FPS Games in 2018

For many people, the web browser has replaced the operating system. And we’re not talking only about Chrome OS users either. The average person now spends several hours on the internet every day, and our internet usage is only increasing. From reading news articles to watching movies to listening to movies to chatting with your friends—the humble web browser allows you to do virtually anything you want, even play full-fledged FPS games. Just what are the best browser based FPS games in 2017, you ask? Let’s find out.

Contract Wars

Year after year, Contract Wars wins as the best browser based FPS game. This Russian multiplayer free-to-play title is set in the near future in which private military companies rule the world. The complicated political relationships that form the lore of the game aside, the gameplay of Contract Wars could be described as a mix of straightforward FPS action with light RPG elements and a healthy dose of tactical combat.

Players can choose from a sizable selection of modern weapons, each suited for a different job and a different gameplay style. You can get up close and personal with a shotgun or take out enemies from a safe distance using a sniper rifle—you decide how you defeat your opponents. For each kill and each victory, players are rewarded with skill and credit points. These points allow them to purchase weapons, unlock new skills, customize their characters, and more.

You and your friends can form teams and clans and receive awards for well executed tactical decisions. Learn how to cooperate with one another and measure your strength against another clan. Seasoned players can try hardcore modes or join the elite Black Division group.

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