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5 Best Budget Laptops with Longest Battery Life in 2018

You know you’ve picked the wrong laptop if it doesn’t take more than an hour or two without the charging cable connected for the low-battery indicator message to pop out and start nagging you to connect the laptop to the charger. Fortunately, the battery life of laptops and other portable electronic devices is steadily improving, and it’s now possible to get an excellent laptop with a large battery for cheap.

Budget Laptops with Longest Battery Life Link Brand Link Price on
Asus ASUS ZenBook 13.3-inch Ultra-Slim Laptop 999.11
Dell Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop 793.65
HP HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 13.3" Touchscreen 659
Asus ASUS C302 Touchscreen Chromebook Flip 449
Acer Acer Chromebook R13 367

When selecting laptops for this list, we’ve made sure to not focus solely on their battery lives. Excellent build quality, decent performance, and appealing design are all just as important as long battery life, and the laptops on this list combine all these features at affordable prices.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA

If an excellent battery life is the main thing you desire from a laptop, Chromebooks are exactly where you should look for your next machine, and the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA is one of the best Chromebooks on the market.

With its aluminum body, sleek design, and 360-degree hinge, the C302CA is an affordable laptop that you can take with you absolutely anywhere and never feel like you’re using the wrong device for the job. For less than $500, you get a capable Intel Core m3 processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space. To help you easily access all your documents, pictures, and videos, ASUS also includes 100 GB of free Google Drive storage space for 2 years.

The C302CA has a beautiful Full HD 12.5-inch display with a useful anti-glare layer that makes working outside enjoyable by maximizing readability and minimizing eye-strain. What also makes working on the laptop enjoyable is the full-sized chiclet keyboard with 1.4 mm of key travel. Below the keyboard is a spacious touchpad with an intelligent palm rejection feature and support for multi-touch gestures.

Being a proper modern Chromebook, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA supports Android apps and games from Play Store as well as the traditional Chrome apps from Google Chrome Web Store. Since just about every app that you can install on the C302CA is touch-optimized, the ability to transform the laptop into a tablet is actually far more useful than you might expect it to be, making the laptop perfect for people who don’t want to haul a whole bag of gadgets just to take care of their work and entertainment needs.

ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

The ZenBook line of ultrabooks ranges from affordable machines that offer excellent value at a good price to expensive models with flagship specifications. The ZenBook UX330UA is one of the more affordable ultrabooks that ASUS offers, yet it looks just as beautiful as its more expensive siblings.

Compared to Apple laptops, the ZenBook UX300UA seems almost unbelievably inexpensive, especially given how well-built and stunning it is. Why pay a premium for a laptop with Apple’s logo when you can get the same performance and the same battery life and even a similarly premium design for much less?

For the price of an older, used MacBook, the UX330UA offers the latest Intel Core i5-7200U processor with 8 GB of RAM and 256 of fast solid-state storage space. The aluminum body houses three USB 3.0 ports for peripherals and accessories, and a single USB 3.1 Type-C port for data and charging.

The 13.3-inch screen is Full HD, IPS, and anti-glare. A superior audio listening experience is provided by a pair of SonicMaster speakers with several pre-set sound profiles, and your typing needs will be taken care of by the full-size keyboard with 1.5 mm of key travel. Integrated into the large touchpad is a fingerprint reader with the support for one-touch login via Windows Hello.

Acer Chromebook R 13

When on a computer, do you spend most of your time browsing the web, watching online videos, and chatting with friends? If so, the Acer Chromebook R 13 might be the right budget laptop for you. Even though it can run for 12 hours on a single charge and has a vibrant Full HD 13.3-inch display and a metal case, it costs less than $400 because it comes with a MediaTek quad-core processor.

MediaTek processors can be found in many tablets and smartphones as less expensive alternatives to processors from Qualcomm. But just because MediaTek processors are less expensive doesn’t mean their performance is inadequate to satisfy the needs of the average user.

With the R 13, you can comfortably read all your favorite websites, enjoy multimedia content, and use millions of apps from Play Store. When you need to write a document or edit a spreadsheet for work or school, you have a full-sized, comfortable keyboard to get the job done quickly and painlessly, and when you just want to relax in the bed, you can flip the screen around and turn the R 13 into a tablet.

Transferring files to and from the R 13 is fast and simple thanks to the USB 3.1 Type-C port accompanied by a regular USB 3.0 port. Alternatively, you can store your files on Google Drive, which you get for free with the laptop, and save storage space on the laptop for other things.

HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1

The HP Pavilion x360 is a high-performance convertible laptop with interesting specifications and an underwhelming display, which you may not see as a problem if you don’t like reading tiny text or using the resolution scaling option.

Inside the x360 is a capable Intel Core i3-7100U processor with 6 GB of RAM and a 500 GB 5400 RPM hard drive. In this day and age of unlimited cloud storage services, we would prefer a fast SSD instead of the traditional hard drive, but we understand that there’s still a market for compact laptops that can hold a lot of data.

The most questionable aspect of the x360 is the 13.3-inch display with 1366 × 768 pixels. While the display itself is uniformly backlit and has accurate colors and wide viewing angles, its resolution feels outdated compared to current Full HD displays. If you look closely, it’s certainly possible to see individual pixels, and text sometimes looks noticeably jagged. That said, the resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels on a 13.3-inch display makes everything easily readable even without scaling, which can be a huge plus because scaling on Windows doesn’t work flawlessly even in 2017, and it will likely take some time before Microsoft sorts everything out.

As it is, the HP Pavilion x360 is a great laptop with limited appeal and a battery life of up to 8 hours. Although some will find it to be understandably unappealing, others will see it as a great convertible laptop with a lovely price tag.

Dell Inspiron i7559-763

The Dell Inspiron i7559-764 offers a great battery life, especially for a gaming laptop, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, and a 15.6-inch FHD, IPS, anti-glare screen.

Thanks to the powerful graphics card with 4 GB of discrete video memory, an Intel Core i5-6300HQ processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD, the Inspiron i7559-763 is ready to tackle all gaming challenges just as much as it is ready to handle everything else you throw at it.

If you’re looking for a single laptop that can both replace your home PC and accompany you on your travels, the Inspiron i7559-763 is a great choice. The large screen with the Full HD resolution offers excellent immersion and plenty of space for multiple application windows and documents. The full-sized keyboard and the spacious touchpad provide great comfort and accuracy. The Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio technology makes the most out of the pair of built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy games and movies even without a pair of headphones.

Best of all, the Inspiron i7559-763 features a 6-cell 74Whr battery with over 10 hours of battery life. Combine the long battery life and excellent performance with the laptop’s thin design, and it becomes hard to resist this attractive offering from Dell.

Budget Laptops with Longest Battery Life Link Brand Link Price on
Asus ASUS ZenBook 13.3-inch Ultra-Slim Laptop 999.11
Dell Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop 793.65
HP HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 13.3" Touchscreen 659
Asus ASUS C302 Touchscreen Chromebook Flip 449
Acer Acer Chromebook R13 367

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