5 Best FPS Mouse in 2020

First-person shooting games are some of the most engaging and most grueling game genres of all time. It’s not just skills that make the game. In fact, seasoned FPS players are investing in their gear in order to be at their best. They need to be equipped with devices that deliver performance, meets expectations, and adapts to the skills of these players. When it comes to using a gaming mouse in this kind of genre, an ordinary everyday mouse would definitely fail to meet a gamer’s demand due to speed, consistency, glide, feel, ergonomics, and of course, additional buttons for comfort, convenience, and deployment.

We have scoured in finding the 5 best FPS mouse for 2020 because we want you to be on the top of your game. You’ll find not just a gaming mouse that looks good. More importantly, you’ll come across technologies that make these mice work. There will also be opportunities for you to weigh down the best and be able to make the purchase for the FPS mouse for your mode of gameplay.


The Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS was created to provide players with the right technology to win games and emerge victor among tough competitors. For starters, it features a gaming grade PMW3360 that harnesses a 12,000 DPI optical sensor that offers tracking with excellent precision, valuable for playing FPS games that demand clean movement for aiming, moving, and evading foes. There’s also the advanced surface calibration support that conditions mouse movement no matter the quality of the tracking pad used or the surface where the mouse moves.

To meet the rigorous playing style of certain gamers, such as heavy swingers, and rough clickers, the frame has been designed with durability and sustainability in mind. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the whole mouse is light to the weight and the feel, while still being tough and ready for any competition.

It is also through this same factor that Corsair utilizes its advanced weight tuning system that gives players the ability to set the FPS mouse’s weight to be measured right. Considering the whole mouse, the mousepad, and especially the palms and hands of the user, adjusting the weight according to level of comfort and ease of use would be highly critical for gaming quality and experience. Turning the mouse upside-down, you’ll see three adjustable tuning zones where you could fit in the weights to control how your FPS would suit well while considering gravity.

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS mouse can be customized through the iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software where buttons, macro, and even RGB backlighting configurations can be changed according to reference.

When using the FPS mouse from Corsair, one of the things you’ll mainly observe is the location, the ergonomics, and the dynamics considered with the placing of different buttons, eight of them, strategically placed throughout the mouse. The scroll wheel is also rendered with exterior that’s friendly to the hands, with rubber grip, and metal frame that goes well with intuitive and game-focused players. There’s also an optimized sniper button that’s excellent for those long-distance shooting, and located conveniently with the use of your right ring finger. And because the mouse is expected to be used consistently and tirelessly, the switches have been tested to endure over 20 million clicks.

Logitech G502 Proteus

Claimed by some to be one of the best all-purpose gaming mice in the market, the Logitech G502 Proteus is not just for first-person shooting games, but for pretty much any gaming genre you could think of.

Beginning with its advanced optical sensor, the G502 comes with the PMW3366; one of the best out there. With the technology comes zero acceleration, smoothing, and filtering that’s flexible no matter the DPI range you’re comfortable using it, from 200 to 12,000 DPI, you’re at ease when switching from sniping enemies down to getting hardcore at close range combat. Everything you’ll do would be accurately tracked, with consistency across the board, regardless of your gaming style and mood.

Logitech also makes it possible for gamers to switch DPI tracking speeds with a thumb button that lets you quickly shift game modes. With the help of the Logitech Gaming System (LGS), you’ll be able to customize which DPI speeds you’ll use as the configured FPS mouse can store up to five DPI settings depending on your preference. There’s also an LED indicator to tell you which of the settings for the DPI is active. If you’re not too fancy or critical with your DPI speed, you could settle with the default settings that’s pretty decent for any gamer.

Even the scroll wheel has its quirks. Once you unlock the scroll wheel, you’ll notice that the scroll speed becomes hyper fast that you’ll be able to go through long pages with ease. Lock it, and you’ll go back to the precise scrolling that clicks as you rotate. All of this is possible as the material used is metal – heavy, tough, and smooth to the feel.

Aside from the DPI toggle setup, your Logitech Gaming System (LGS) is also capable of customizing other things to keep you in the game. One of those is the 11 programmable buttons that you can use for single-click combinations to access weapons, do certain commands, and even activate shortcuts for navigation, chat, or game-environment interaction. You’ll also be able to tune the weight of the mouse with the same system, in order for you to have a feel of how your FPS mouse should glide with your palm and pulse. For your lighting fancy, custom RGB lighting is also accessible in the system.

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse

The Picteck T7 gaming mouse is made to provide gamers excellent performance that can be counted on. With five default DPI speeds of 1200/2400/3500/5500 and 7200 DPI you’ll be able to play any game at your speed and pace. With the help of the DPI buttons located below the scroll wheel, you’ll be able to switch speeds with ease. Even the polling rate is adjustable for 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz and 1000Hz which makes your mouse provide responses at high speeds, making it capable of handling demanding games that take speed as the name of the game.

With the help of Pictek’s Easy-to-Program Gaming Software, you could program the 7 mouse buttons according to your specifications, all supported for macro editing. Upon purchase, you’ll be able to install the said software with a driver disk that’s compatible with Windows and Linux.

Thanks to T7’s 16 million LED colors, you’ll be able to set the lights according to your playing mood, style, and environment, all possible through the gaming software. What’s unique however, is that the LED light switch can be activated and deactivated not just in the on-screen interface. There’s also an override switch located at the bottom of the mouse, making it easy for you to light your LED on and off depending on your convenience.

The claw-grip design is made to provide comfort that lessens stress due to long hours of usage, along with symmetry that makes it easy to hold whether in tense or laxed gameplay. Couple it with skins that does not leave fingerprints or absorb sweat, you’ll be able to rely on the FPS gaming mouse even when you use it on the critical points of the game. And with buttons that has been tested to tolerate abuse for over 30 million clicks, you know you’ve purchased a mouse that can keep up with you.

Redragon M801 Mammoth

As big as the beast that claims it to be, Redragon’s M801 Mammoth is huge when it comes to performance, specifications, and technologies that make it work altogether. Imagine playing your game to as much as 16400 DPI, with DPI switching that can go for 1000/2000/4000/ or 8200. It’s as precise and as accurate as you could get, especially when you’re in the mood for swinging enemies in close range combat, attacking and evading, both at the same time. Add that with 12000 FPS with 1000Hz polling rate, and you have a device that can keep up with your demand for speed.

With 30G acceleration in place, you’ll feel the thrill as you move your mouse and speed up for those games that require tiresome moving, such as first-person shooters that yearn for constant mouse movement, whether moving forward or going places. The Avago optical sensor also makes using the gaming mouse a pleasant experience, even with all the chaos going on during play. You’ll feel smoothness all over, even during drag, with the mouse cursor moving fluid on the screen.

The M801 Mammoth has over 9 programmable buttons, all of them able to endure whatever the intensity, with the help of Omron micro switches that amps usage to over 20 million clicks per button. There are also 5 memory profiles for button settings that can be configured based on the game you play or the mood you have. These profiles could be easily identified thanks to light colors that differentiates the settings, even without looking. It could be blue for something chill, green for long distance fighting, or red for intense gaming; everything’s up to you.

For customizing your gaming mouse according to feel, you could tune the overall mouse weight with 8 pieces of 24-gram weights that can be inserted at the bottom of the mouse. You could also change the setting of your LED lights and choose over 16 million colors.

As for those subtle features, experience smooth mouse movement with Teflon feet pads. The wired gaming mouse connects to the computer via a gold-plated USB connector, coupled with a 6-feet braided fiber cable.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Make your foes experience game death over and over with Razer’s DeathAdder Chroma, an FPS gaming mouse that’s claimed to be the best in the world, as testified by many e-game players everywhere. It’s quite fresh for Razer to release something colorful as many have been used to the green serpent color – thus the name Chroma added to the moniker.

One of Razer’s best-selling features is its ergonomic design that’s favored by many gamers. Due to the curve that fits perfectly to any palm size, the mouse provides comfort even when playing games for long hours. Couple it with rubber side grips that reinforce your game to avoid slippage especially during critical gaming points, you’ll know you get the upper hand with unparalleled control.

With an optical sensor that tracks to as fast as 10000 DPI, you’re sure to move with accuracy even when the game demands fast-pacing activity. That, of course, will not go to waste as the DeathAdder Chroma is capable of moving 300 inches per second, which can be accelerated, in a heartbeat, with the help of 50G. These features offer fluidity in the games you play, whether fast or slow. The mouse movement will always be adaptable to whatever your game.

One of the rare features you could get in a gaming mouse is the ability to track your usage and generate heat maps that provides you the capability to customize your settings that are backed up with data. The Razer Synapse can track your movement, the clicks you make, and the speed of the mouse pointer in order to give its users the detail for DPI and customizations for buttons.

Along with the data tracking and analysis the Razer Synapse provides, it also offers customization when it comes to lighting effects for the mouse. Not only does the Synapse enables you to change colors and choose from one of the 16.8 million shades, but you could also modify lighting behavior whether its color cycling, breathing, and static.

Which FPS mouse brings the game?

Though there are many FPS mice out there that offers high technology features such as higher DPIs or faster G acceleration, gamers are not always into exaggeration as “everything in excess” is bad; sometimes to the point of ruining a game. Others take it that speed specs are in the median but features such as ergonomics, button click sensitivity, and the overall feel of the mouse to the skin is a great consideration for that FPS mouse purchase. However, there’s none in the market that offers usage tracking none other than Razer, and that’s not an understatement. If you have stats that can back up your customization, it’s like being ready for the greatest competitions of your gaming career!