5 Best Laptop Cooling Pad and Fan to Cool down Your Overheating Gaming Laptop

Laptops might not get sweaty, but they sure overheat quickly when you push them to their limits. When that happens, your quite electronic compadre turns into a screeching harpy as the teensy fan tries to blow hot air away from the blazing components inside. If the fan doesn’t succeed, your laptop has exactly two ways how to save itself: it can either shut down or activate thermal throttling.

Thermal throttling lowers CPU and GPU frequencies, reducing the performance of your machine and the heat it generates. Ideally, this would only happen in extreme situations. In reality, many laptops are so poorly designed or clogged with years’ worth of dust that thermal throttling is activated all the time. To help them reach their maximum performance and stay cool even under heavy loads, you can purchase one of the 5 laptop cooling pads featured in this article.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad and Fan

1. TeckNet Cooling Pad: Laptop Cooler with LCD Displaying Temperature

Most people buy laptop cooling pads because they have to. After all, there are many other, more exciting gadgets on the market. But what if we told you that the TeckNet Cooling Pad is worth being stoked about?

Designed for laptops from 12 to 17 inches, this affordable cooling pad features two adjustable fans with blue LEDs, a large LCD display that shows the current laptop temperature and fan speed, as well as an extra USB port for improved connectivity. Thanks to its unique mesh surface, it can push up to 42 cubic feet of air per minute.

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2. Opolar LC06: Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler

Cooling pads are effective, but they aren’t exactly portable. Those of you who happen to be unfortunate enough to carry a laptop that tends to overheat will surely appreciate how small the Opolar LC06 vacuum fan is. It attaches to any side or rear air vent using the included silicone shrouds and 3M fixing glue.

When in place, the cooler can either automatically monitor the temperature of the air coming from your laptop and dynamically adjust the fan speed, or you can manually choose from 13 speeds the one that seems like the best compromise between cooling performance and noise. In both cases, the current air temperature is displayed on a small LED screen.

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3. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad: Best Value Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re looking for the best cooling performance for your money, there’s no better option than the Tree New Bee cooling pad. Its aerodynamic design and 4 large fans cool all parts of your laptop evenly and reliably even under the heaviest of loads. The pad has an integrated kickstand, allowing you to reach the optimal position for comfortable typing. It comes with a USB cable that connects to your laptop to deliver power to the pad. Fear not: there’s an additional USB port on the Tree New Bee cooling pad, so you’ll still be able to connect all your peripherals.

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4. CM Storm SF-17: Laptop Cooling Pad with Ergonomic Settings

If you’re going to buy a laptop cooling pad, you might as well buy one that also improves your comfort. Cooler Master—a popular manufacturer of fans, PC cases, cooling devices, power supplies, and accessories—went all in with their CM Storm SF-17 laptop cooling pad. This beastly addition to their SF line of cooling pads is aimed at gaming laptops and demanding users who use their laptops for work.

It features a single 180mm fan with a maximum speed of 1,200 RPM. A dial on the side of the pad lets you manually lower the speed up to 700 RPM, at which point the fan becomes nearly silent. Right next to the dial is a 4-port USB hub and a button that activates a red LED strip along the front. Best of all, you can choose from 4 ergonomic settings to achieve maximum typing comfort.

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5. Egg Carton: Cheapest Way to Cool down a Laptop

Believe it or not, using an egg carton is the cheapest way how to cool down a laptop by several degrees. Most laptops overheat because not enough air reaches the fans inside. With an egg carton, you can elevate your laptop an inch or so from any surface you put it on, instantly helping it stay cool.