5 Best Laptop Sleeves For MacBook Pro

Got a new or new used MacBook Pro? They’re beautiful devices, with the shell made out of a premium aluminum material. It’s a step above the plastic shell that almost every other laptop on the market has. And as beautiful and high quality as it is, it does still have its cons: for example, because it is aluminum, it tends to scratch up so very easily. This is especially true for when you take it on the go with you. It can very easily rattle around with other items in your bag and get scratches. Even worse if you leave it freestanding on a seat and haphazardly throw items in your car. Aside from that, they just tend to get scratched up over time. We say all that to say, it’s important to keep your MacBook Pro protected, and spending just a few bucks on a laptop sleeve could preserve its quality appeal.

Not sure what laptop sleeve to get for the MacBook Pro? Follow along below — we’ve got a list of all the high quality options on the market. Here are our top picks.

Lacdo 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve

Lacdo makes a beautiful laptop sleeve. The one we’re looking at today is 15.6-inches in size, so it’ll fit any of the new (and older) MacBook Pro’s just fine. However, you can select even smaller (or larger) sizes if you so wish, allowing you to pick the sleeve perfect for the size of your MacBook Pro (i.e. you could buy a 13-inch size for the 13-inch MacBook Pro). By default, it comes in pink, but Lacdo offers a bunch of other color options — Blue, Pink, Dark Gray, Gray, and Dark Blue.

AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve

Don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a sleeve for your laptop? Then the AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve will be right up your alley. This bag will easily be able to carry either the 15-inch MacBook Pro the 13-inch MacBook Pro model. It’s great for MacBook Air models, too. No matter what laptop you throw in this bag, it’ll keep it protected against scratches, scuffs, and other light damage. It’s worth noting that all this is is a Laptop Sleeve — there aren’t any extra pouches or compartments as you might find on many other laptop sleeves. Still, it’s a cheap way to keep your MacBook protected.

MOSISO Water Repellent Lyrca Sleeve Bag

Next up, we have the MOSISO Water Repllent Lycra Sleeve Bag. This is a 13-inch laptop sleeve that will keep your MacBook Pro (13-inch model) free from scratches and light damage. On top of that, the bag is water repellent, so any accidental spills or liquids shouldn’t make it to your laptop and destroy it. This laptop sleeve is also offered in a 15.6-inch model, so it’ll fit the MacBook Pro 15-inch model as well. It comes, by default, in Pink, but MOSISO offers this sleeve bag in tons of different color options.

Arvok Laptop Sleeve Bag 13- or 14- Inch

The Arvok Laptop Sleeve Bag is another great laptop sleeve. It has a premium, leather-style look to it. It’s offered in options as little as 11-inches, all the way up to 17-inches. Suffice to say, it can hold a variety of laptop sizes. You can get it in different colors as well, but one thing is for certain: no matter what you put in this bag, it’ll be protected from scuffs, scratches, accidental spills, and more.

CaseBuy Premium Water Resistant 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve

Last, but most certainly not least, we have this modern-style laptop sleeve by CaseBuy. This laptop sleeve is really neat because its patterns have a more detailed and textured look, making it look a lot more attractive. It’s a shockproof case, so it’ll keep your MacBook Pro safe from shock (obviously), water, and dust. In addition, you can expect this case to keep your MacBook Pro free from scratches, scuffs, and other light damage. If you’re not sure about a laptop sleeve, this one by CaseBuy is the one to go with.


As you can see, there are a lot of great laptop sleeves out there for the MacBook Pro, in both 13-inch and 15-inch models. It’s important to remember that these laptop sleeves will work with almost any other laptop as well, so they’re multi-functional in that sense as well. Do you have a favorite laptop sleeve that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments section below!