5 Best Monitor Arms For Your Computer In 2019

Monitors arms can be an invaluable tool, especially if you don’t have a whole lot desktop space to work with. Hook your monitor up to an arm that attaches to either your desk or the wall, and you can easily move your monitor out of the way when you need desk space, or bring it back when you’re ready to do some work with the monitor. Monitor arms like these are especially valuable in studio use, when you can move it out of the way to speak to folks in the recording studio or to watch specific vocals. Then, you can bring it back to more closely monitor audio levels. The situations a monitor arm is useful is countless.

Are you not sure what monitor arm to pick up for your computer monitor? If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best you can pick up on the market right now. Here are our top picks.

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD ARM

First up, we have the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD ARM. Made out of sturdy and polished aluminum, the monitor arm not only has a premium feel to it, but is super stable. It can hold an LCD monitor up to 25-inches in size as far as weight rating goes, but in addition to that, this desk mount LCD ARM will let you adjust the height level of your monitor by up to 13-inches. You can expect nothing but quality out of this monitor, with the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD ARM passing Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle motion test. This monitor arm even comes with some neat cable management tools.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount

Next up, we have the HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount. This mount will allow you to hold and move away up to two monitors. Both mounts on this monitor arm can hold a monitor in size between 15- and 27-inch displays. Each of these monitors are on individual arms that attach to a primary mount, which allow you to adjust the monitors’ angles individually — you can tilt and angle both monitors into their most comfortable placements. It’s worth noting that the arms on this amount can each hold only up to 17lbs, so you’ll have to be careful of that when choosing a monitor to place on this mount.

Mount-It! Computer Monitor Wall Mount

Next up, we have the Mount-It! Computer Monitor Wall Mount. Mount-It! offers a bunch of different style mounts for all sorts of applications. The Computer Monitor Wall Mount by Mount-It! is no different in quality, with only the best material and design standards going into it. Made out of steel, this monitor arm is able to hold a display between 12- to 14-inches in size. Since it is made out of steel, this monitor arm is capable of withstanding up to 40lbs of weight. This is a wall mount, so it isn’t nearly as easy to maneuver as a desk mount, but the tilt and angles on this mount are really nice — you can get up to 15 degrees of tilt in up or down positions, as well as 180 degrees of swivel.

Ergotech Freedom Arm

Next up, we have the Ergotech Freedom Arm. This desk mount isn’t super hefty. That in mind, it attaches to your desk, and can hold a monitor between 17.8lbs or less. The Freedom Arm is capable of holding a monitor less than 27-inches in size. You really do have to be careful with what monitor you put on this mount, as it really is designed for lightweight use only. That said, pay attention to your monitor’s specifications, and you’ll be just fine. This monitor arm mount is more than capable of meeting all of your needs.

Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand

Last up, we’ve got the Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand. As the name implies, this is a desk mount that attaches your desk through clamps. It’s able to hold monitors that weigh 25lbs or less, which is fairly impressive for this stand. As far as display sizes go, the Amazon Basics Monitor Stand can handle monitors up to 32-inches in size (but still no more than 25lbs). It has a retractable and extendable arm, which gives you much more maneuverability as far as placement. This stand is made of sturdy aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about any quality defects.


A monitor arm can be super useful, making a whole lot more efficiency out of your desk. Anyone of these monitor arms will work excellent for you, just pay attention to weight and display sizes.