6 Best Laptop Stands for Desk

People love using laptops because of their portability, you can easily throw one into the bag and board your flight or take on the wheels of the car and head to places. With a laptop stand, it provides you with the ability to get your workstation to places too. You won’t be worried about that unfinished assignment or that unattended client’s order, you will work out things right from your location and at any time. Using laptops also comes with a set of challenges, there are times you want to elevate the screen and offer good ventilation for the machine so that it works efficiently without overheating. Laptop stands can help you fix these problems by ensuring that you patch and place your machine at the right elevation and it gets to breathe effectively.

A laptop stand upgrades your desk and helps protect your computer. While there are many kinds of laptop stands featuring different features and qualities, you need to ensure that you get one that suits your day-to-day computer use. In this guide, we provide you with a list of the … the best laptop stands for desk.


1. Rain Design iLevel 2

Having a simple Z-shaped design, the Rain Design iLevel 2 has useful customization options that are hidden in the design. The slider at the bottom of this stand is used to help adjust the height and tilt the back support down or up to achieve different angles so you can see the right perspective. Its lower base has a protective surface made of rubber pad and so is the support surface. The rubber pads ensure that your laptop and the desk won’t be damaged. They also ensure that nothing slides around uncontrollably. The stand is slim in design and has a back opening that helps in reducing the heating of the laptop.

Something you need to realize is that, because of the laptop angle, the stand has been designed to cater for an arrangement that has a mouse and external keyboard.


  • Rubber pads to prevent sliding and damages
  • Can use an external keyboard and mouse
  • Design reduces laptop heating
  • Height and angle adjustment


  • A little expensive

2. Boyata Stand

Of the Z-shaped types of stands, Boyata is another addition that helps you control the height of the laptop. It has a support surface with plenty of openings so that your computer cools down efficiently. You can tailor the height to the level you want including the laptop’s tilt. Made of aluminum, the Boyata laptop stand is light to ensure easy portability. The silicon pads fixed on the support surface and the base provides an anti-slip protection feature. The stand is compatible with widescreen laptops, for example, it can work with 17-inch laptops. The one-year warranty the stand comes with provides you with peace of mind should something go wrong with the stand.


  • Anti-slip support surface and base
  • Height adjustment
  • Openings for efficient cooling
  • Compatible with wide screen computes
  • Warranty
  • Aluminum for lightweight


  • Not so cheap

3. Readaeer Laptop Desk Stand

The Readaeer laptop stand is a model that has a little of every feature – the metal stand takes a Z-shaped base and it features adjustable height options. It offers enough room to sit a 15 or 16-inch laptop. Readaeer has two cooling fans located in the middle to help in preventing overheating of your laptop. A little square surface designed for the mouse or for placing the touchpad is also available to the user. This stand has a nice design suitable for those users who prefer to use an external mouse or touchpad connection. The design allows the laptop user to place the mouse and the laptop at the same level, but when on that level, the mouse sensitivity might need to be adjusted. You can also attach your mouse stand on both sides of the laptop. You can entirely remove the mouse stand if you don’t like it.

While Readaeer is a great design, it isn’t the most convenient for travel. It will be a better choice if you plan to have your stand in one place. Another thing is that the legs of the stand are not rubberized to offer protection, so you might want to get an anti-slip mat to place the stand on if you are using it on a wooden desk or other similar surfaces where it is likely to slide.


  • Has extra separate stand for external touchpad or mouse
  • Cooling fans to help cool the laptop
  • Adjustable height options
  • Foldable
  • Versatile – can be used as sketchpad or writing desk


  • Lacks anti-slip surface or base
  • Not ideal for people who move or travel frequently
  • Much expensive

4. Soundance MacBook Laptop Stand

Soundance is an ultra-simple stand that elevates your MacBook to a height of up to six inches. The stand can accommodate laptops of different sizes ranging from 10 to 15.6 inches. It is designed with aluminum alloy arms that have rubberized feet on the base to help prevent the stand from slipping. Soundance MacBook stand is designed with much open stand meaning that when using it there is no danger of the computer overheating.

Nonetheless, the adjustment options seem to be clearly limited meaning that you choose it if you are fine with the height it features and the tilt is had been designed with.


  • Very simple
  • Fits different sized laptops
  • Rubber feet for anti-slip protection
  • Much opening to enhance cooling of the laptop
  • Cheap 


  • No height and tile adjust
  • Not foldable for easy transportation

5. Twelve South Bookarc

The Twelve South Bookarc is intended for people who won’t prefer standing when using their laptops. Not every laptop user needs an elevation stand for their laptop. Sometimes, what a user needs is a handy stand where they can keep their laptop during the time they are not using it – a stand that functions like a book file or pen holders. Some people want a stand where they can place their external monitor and not necessarily elevate it. In such situations, a vertical laptop stand becomes the ideal choice. This stand maintains the height of the desk and only raises it a little. You can use it if you don’t like standing.

Bookarc takes its role with style as it is designed for the MacBook, Air, and Pro models, which are high-end pieces, made for the elites. That being said, the laptop stand can fit laptops of different sizes too. It has an integrated cable catch. Bookarc also has the ability to have a charging cable and external monitor connected meaning it’s a stand with much potential in usage.


  • Allow external monitor, charging cable
  • Great design
  • Suitable for people who prefer not to stand
  • Cable catch present
  • Fits different sizes of laptops
  • For placing the laptop when not in use


  • Not designed for a standing position 

6. Griffin GC16034-2 Elevator Stand for Laptops

The Griffin GC16034-2 laptop stand has a beautiful silver construction and it is among the flops you will find in the market. The stand is very sturdy ensuring that it lasts longer and your laptop is not in danger of falling or being damaged from the collapse of the stand.

Griffins GC16034-2 has a design that provides safety and ultimate convenience. The stand elevates your laptop to a higher eight so that you can work comfortably as you stand. It offers sufficient space for placing an external mouse and keyboard to ensure that you feel comfortable when going through your tasks for an extended period.

The design provides a 360-degree air circulation ensuring that your laptop stays cool and doesn’t overheat. In addition, the fully certified computer stand delivers good performance. It’s is universally compatible and can fit many laptop designs and sizes. 


  • Sturdy
  • Designed for safety
  • Very convenient
  • 360-degree air circulation- great cooling
  • Highly compatible with different laptop models
  • Space for external mouse and keyboard 


  • Not foldable

Reasons to Have a Laptop Stand

People will purchase laptops stands for various reasons. The stands help prevent repetitive stress injuries that could happen to your back and neck due to forced down perspective. Laptop stands also allow multiple angle adjustability to ensure you change it to align with your body position. You can adjust the angles, heights, and distances. Adjusting the height and view angle helps prevent eyestrain and screen glare that can affect your eyesight.

Portable laptop stands have an ergonomic design like folding to allow you to transport them easily. The stands also promote airflow to help cool down the computer. They ensure easy manageability of space – can hold an external keyboard and mouse or touchpad.


When using a PC, the top part of the screen needs to be just above your eye level while the keyboard needs to be just below the elbow level. However, this arrangement does not fit with a laptop because the keyboard and screen are designed to be so close together. To help you prevent stress injuries, you need to raise your gaze.

A laptop stand can help you raise your gaze to improve your position when using the computer. In choosing laptop stands, you need to look at features such as adjustability, foldability, portability, and firmness or sturdiness. You also want to examine air circulation and design materials – the material should be light. Besides, you want to ensure anti-slip bases and surface to prevent sliding.