7 Best GTX 1060 GPU In 2020

All gaming enthusiasts know the importance of installing a good graphics card. If you are a PC gamer, and you want to have a blast with your PC gaming, you can’t compromise having a good graphics card. It will surely improve the display quality and add a bunch to system performance as well. Of all types of graphics cards, the GTX 1060 is probably the best because of their efficiency and relatively low cost. The Pascal architecture powers the 1060 model, and it comes with both the 6GB and 3GB memory options.

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But getting the right GTX 1060 graphics card can be very challenging, considering the long list of options available in the market. If you’re looking for the right GTX 1060 card for your gaming needs, you are in the right place. Here, we have narrowed the options for you. Based on our research and experience, the following are the 7 top GTX 1060 GPUs in 2020.


1) MSI Gaming X GTX 1060 – Best GTX 1060 for All-Round Features

When it comes to aesthetics, the MSI gaming GPU is probably the best out there. But of course, it also comes with other important features that matter. The card has a traditional aggressive black and red style. The GPU is clocked at 1810MHz for the boost clock and 1595MHz for the base clock. With the OC mode of this graphics card set at default, it’s still possible to increase the boost/base clocks to 350/140 MHz. This will certainly add a lot to the overall performance.

MSI gaming GPU comes with 6GB video memory as well as a 192-bit memory bus. At the exterior, you will find lots of connections. These include PCIe power connector, one DVI, one HDMI, as well as three display ports. If you are worried about its power consumption level, you should worry no more. This GPU has a low power consumption rate at 120 watts. With this rate, you are surely going to save a lot for power compared to some other GPUs.

Also, MSI 1060 GPU is equipped with a good cooling solution. To give way for quick airflow, it comes with dual-Frozer heat pipes. You will also love the fact that the cooling fans are less noisy. They are not just quiet, but very powerful to keep your PC temperature at a modest rate throughout your gaming.

And if you’re looking for a GPU with overclocking features, you’re in luck for this one. The overclocking features on the cooling fans enable them to work at an impressive speed. That is why your system will stay cool without generating heat. It has an automatic off feature that activates once the PC temperature has gone below 60 degrees. Overall, it’s a high-performance graphics card that can keep your system safe and provide the much-needed performance boost you crave.


2) Evga Geforce Gtx 1060 Sc Gaming

For gamers who love playing high-definition games, this super gaming GTX 1060 GPU from EVGA will be a great deal. It’s an affordable option, as well. But it comes with impressive features that would make your game an exciting and enjoyable one. The GPU architecture of this model will enable you to play the most intensive virtual reality games. It also has overclocking features, which is a bonus for a gaming GPU that’s very affordable.

Besides, it offers support for DX12 OSD with precision XOC. And with a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz, you have all you need to enjoy your high-definition games. It also has 6GB GDDR5 memory, a boost clock of 1835 MHz and a base clock of 1607 MHz. With all these features in place, there is no doubt you will enjoy every bit of your PC games.

You don’t need any additional software to set up this graphics card because everything is provided. Interestingly, you are getting all of these features at an affordable rate. That is what makes this EVGA gaming GPU one of the most demanded since it was designed. As we enter 2020, it will still be highly demanded because of its top features for gamers.

You can use the unlocking features to increase the PC’s performance without paying extra for other expensive graphics cards. The power consumption is a bit higher than the MSI gaming GPU, but it’s still better than some other models. At 400 watts, it has average power consumption, which is the moderate rate across all graphics cards. Other features of this graphics card include 6-pin to 8-pin adapter, driver CD, graphics card driver, EVGA Enthusiast built sticker, case badge, as well as the installation guide. The installation guide provides you with a step-by-step approach to set up the card, even if you are a novice.

Another interesting feature of this card is the compact size. But the size does not affect the connection options for the graphics card. It comes with double link DVI-D port, HMDI connector, and 3 display ports. The connections will be enough for whatever you want to connect to the card. The graphics card also has a multi-projection feature, which improves overall gaming performance.

Besides, the cooling system of the EVGA SSG functions exceptionally well. That is because of the ACX cooling technology employed by EVGA. It makes your system stay relatively cool throughout. Hence, the fans are relatively silent. Overall, the EVGA graphics card is one of the best GTX 1060 GPUs because of its top features that aid high performance.


3) GTX 1060 Zotac

Zotac GTX 1060 is also another impressive graphics card with interesting features. It comes with an impressive GPU clock, with boost and base clocks of 1771 MHz and 1556MHz, respectively. Other features of this card include 1 HDMI, three display ports, and 1 Dual-link DVI. With a memory capacity of 6GB on the 192-bit memory bus, you have all it takes to have a blast with your PC gaming. Also, it has one of the lowest power consumption rates at 120 watts.

The design of this model is not bad. It has a lengthy aluminum heat sink and silverish black and grey covering on the fans. The temperature control of the fan is quite impressive, as it keeps the system running below the 77-degree temperature mark. Its overclocking features of the software make it highly desirable for those who want that feature. The temperature did not go beyond 75 degrees at an overclocked setting. This temperature level will keep your system at full operation throughout your gaming.

However, there is no metal backplate on this model. That would be the only flaw in this software. With support for DirectX 12 feature and ultra-fast FinFET technology, the Zotac GTX is a great leap in power efficiency and performance. This means that you are assured of a power-efficient, smooth, and fast gaming experience with this graphics card. The graphics card comes with the NVIDIA GameWorks technology, which offers an innovative 360-degree image capture experience. It also gives you the chance to drive the latest displays, for multiple monitors, ultra-high-resolution, as well as VR.

Another interesting feature of this model is the compact nature. Despite all the rich features it possesses, it has a small powerhouse design. This makes it perfect for almost all system sizes. With the heatsink aluminum plate, there is effective heat distribution within the system, making it even more effective at temperature control.

Zotac GTX has Icestorm cooling technology that helps to reduce pressure and balance airflow for silent performance. On the whole, the graphics card is well made for enthusiastic game lovers who are looking for a high-performing graphics card to play their most favorite PC games.


4) ASUS ROG Strix OC GTX 1060

ASUS is no new name in the computer hardware industry. If you’ve been in the gaming business for long, you would have used many of their products. The brand has a lot of top quality products to its name, and this GTX 1060 GPU is one of them. The card offers premium overclocking features with impressive RGB lighting. It carries boost and base clocks of 1873MHz and 1620MHz, respectively. Whatever game you want to play at 1080p, this graphics card will be up to the challenge. That’s why it comes with 6GB of memory on a 192-bit bus. The memory level is the highest standard in the industry, and it’s good the card maintains that standard.

There are other good features we can associate with this card. It is equipped with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, which connect both the monitor and headset simultaneously. It also has one DVI, two display ports, as well as 8-pin PCIe power connector. With these connections, you have a plethora of connection options. It is also VR ready, so there’s no need for any setup or configurations.

But one of the most impressive features of this graphics card is the domineering cooling system. It is equipped with 90mm wing-blade fans that improve the cooling system for your PC. The fans help to maintain temperature when the system is in use. Gaming can take up a lot of power from your system. With no recognized cooling system, the system will be put at a big risk. But the attached cooling system on this graphics card will keep your system at the right temperature. It lets you enjoy your games for long hours without any worries of overheating your system.

Even under heavy loads, they don’t need to run at high speeds before achieving a moderate temperature rate. That’s because of the number of fans installed for the cooling system. Secondly, the 5 heat pipes and long heatsink take in a lot of heat from the GPU. It gives you the chance to monitor fan speeds, RGB lighting, voltages, clock speeds, and fine-tune them the way you want. This graphics card is a top technology for those who want to improve the performance of their system when gaming.


5) PNY GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb

For those looking to get a high-performing graphics card without necessarily breaking the bank, this model would be right for them. It is a beast when it comes to performance and features. But the interesting part is the affordability. Most times you hear people saying you get what you pay for. But in this case, it’s you get more than what you pay for.

Whether you’re playing VR games or love playing the latest high-definition games, the PNY GeForce 1060 will be a loyal assistant. It comes with a boost clock of 1708 MHz and a base clock of 1506 MHz.  These will certainly improve your gaming performance. However, the 3GB gaming RAM may not be up to the usual 6GB standard on some graphic cards. But it’s modest enough to accommodate several types of games. The only issue is that you may not be able to play most 4K games.

The card is powered by the best GPU architecture, which is the NIVIDA Pascal software. So, you have nothing to worry about performance. It offers similar performance as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 model. This graphics card also comes with rich features, including three display ports, one HDMI port, and one DVI port. These will offer more options when it comes to connecting flexibility.

And just like other best GTX 1060 GPUs we have explained here, this graphics card has the ultra-fast FinFET and memory technology. That’s the best you can get if you want to utilize the CPU for a long time. The gameworks technology from NVIDIA is also a strong point here. With this feature, you can experience a 3600 motion picture capture, which gives you cinema-like gaming experience. The graphics card offers support for both high-end displays and connecting monitors. So, you should be okay with whatever connection you want.

Interestingly, the card is very easy to install. And there is a user manual that comes with the package. That will take care of any installation difficulty you may have. VR gaming has always had latency issues for some graphics cards. But you won’t experience any of such issues with this one because It’s compatible with different VR headsets. The card has double fans for an optimum cooling system. If you are starting as a gamer, you would need a very simple but impressive graphics card. That’s exactly what this card offers.  It’s impressive but quite affordable.


6) Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1

Gigabyte is a household name in the world of computer hardware. This industry giant has a collection of several impressive products for PC gaming enhancement. The GeForce GTX graphics card is a premium model that lets you achieve anything with your PC. It has a good boost clock which gives you extra gear. However, this graphics card is also large, which may pose a compatibility problem for smaller systems. So, before you buy, it’s important to measure the card to make sure it can fit well on your PC.

It comes with a boost clock of 1647 MHz and a base clock of 1594 MHz. These are up to par with some of the best graphics cards in terms of speed on GTX1060. It also provides adequate connection features such as DVI-D port, 1 HDMI connection, as well as 3 Display ports. Another interesting thing going on for the Gigabyte GForce is the thermal power design. The 150 TDP design comes with a dual-fan cooling system, which is enough to keep the temperature of the PC under control. The dual fans may be too much for largely smaller graphics cards, but not for this larger model. It seats well within the GU and provides good heat dissipation, allowing your PC to run smoothly.

You should note that this Gigabyte graphics card has the 3GB edition of GXT 1060. It still possesses the same level of boost clock as the 6GB version. So, if you are not going to use the 2K resolution of VR, it’s best to go with this version. It will save you some dollars while rendering an equal level of service like other graphics cards.

The NVIDIA Pascal architecture installed in this gaming card makes it very impressive, giving it an all-round performance that will make any serious gamer proud. Ironically, the card is more affordable than many other graphics card models. The only negative as we mentioned earlier, is the extra size. If you don’t have a smaller system and this graphics card fits in, nothing should stop you from getting it. That’s because with this card, you can game on multiple monitors, high-end resolution monitors, as well as on VRs.


7) ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB with Dual-HDMI

This is the second time we are mentioning the ASUS brand of GTX 1060 graphics card. But this card really deserves its place here. We will tell you the reason in a short while. While most graphics cards come with a single HDMI port, this model is equipped with double HDMI 2.0 ports. It means that you can connect both the monitor and headset simultaneously. It also features XSplit Gamecaster and game booster, which makes it easier to monitor streaming and performance.

Secondly, it’s the type of card that can provide top-level performance in virtual reality games. It comes with a bundle of interesting features for your overall game enjoyment. It still remains one of the best GTX 1060 graphics card for PR games. The ASUS GeForce GTX graphics card has a 6GB DDR5 RAM and powered by the impressive NVIDIA Pascal technology. Besides, the cards have a good boost clock of 1809 MHz to give you great gaming experience. However, it doesn’t offer support for 4K monitors. But there is no game you wouldn’t play effectively when you increase the performance at 60fps. The 1080p feature of the graphics card is enough for you to enjoy every bit of your games.

It’s true that the higher the graphics performance, the higher the levels of heat generated. That’s the reason why this model comes with dual cooling fans to help maintain the temperature. The dual fans have top winged-blades for superior airflow. It increases the airflow and leaves your system relatively cool throughout.

Despite the strength of these fans, they work with less noise than most other cards within its category. Since arelP5X certifies the fans, they are dust resistant and long-lasting as well. The durability of the ASUS GeForce GTX graphics card is unquestionable because of the solid design with auto-extreme technology. That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular in the market. Installation of the card is also very easy. The manual provided in the box will guide you all the way, even if you’ve not done it before. Overall, this ASUS GeForce 1060 is one of the top GTX 1060 cards for enthusiastic gamers.

Best GTX 1060 Graphics Card – Conclusion

We have seen the overall features of some of the best GTX 1060 GPUs in 2020. These models all come with the Pascal architecture for top performance. They also have perfectly working cooling fans to keep the system relatively quiet. And for the fact that many of them are affordable even makes them worthy of being discussed here. If you are looking for the best GTX 1060 for an all-round gaming experience, we highly recommend these products above.

Frequently Asked Questions about GTX Graphics Card

The following are the most common questions asked about the best GTX 1060 graphics cards.

Is GTX 1060 a good graphics card?

Yes, the GTX 1060 is the best graphics card from Pascal’s revolutionary technology. It has super performance but still stays relatively affordable. If you want solid performance on your VR or 1440p gaming, this graphics card is the best.

Which is the best GTX 1060 GPU to buy?

There are loads of good options to choose from, including ASUS GeForce 1060, Gigabyte GeForce 1060, as well as PNY Geforce. These are all affordable with impressive features.

What GPU brand is the best?

The best graphics card brands for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs include MSI, PNY, EVGA, as well as ASUS.

Is the GTX 1060 good for HD gaming?

Yes, the GTX 1060 maintains solid performance for HD gaming. It does relatively well and maintains performance at the highest level.

Can GTX 1060 play all games?

The GTX 1060 can play a lot of games in higher resolutions with higher settings. Yes, it is strong enough to handle almost all types of games in the 1060p format.

How long does the GTX 1060 last?

The lifespan of 1060 is between 4 and 5 years, but some models can go beyond that. It all boils down to the frequency of use.

Does the GTX 1060 support 4K

Yes, the GTX 1060 with 6GB memory can support all types of 4K gaming. But those with 3GB may not offer support for such.

MSIMSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDRR5 192-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual TORX 2.0 Fan VR Ready Graphics CardCheck Price on Amazon
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ASUSASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-Fan OC Edition VR Ready Dual HDMI DP 1.4 Gaming Graphics Card (DUAL-GTX1060-O6G)Check Price on Amazon

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