9 Best Gaming Glasses in 2019

Our eyes in the digital age are subject to abuse whether at work or at play. In fact, we find ourselves in front of gadgets and devices more than 8 hours a day, being exposed with different radiations that hurt the eyes. These radiations are called blue light and some being ultraviolet rays. Without eye protection, we experience symptoms like headaches, nausea, blurred vision when we are too frequent with activities in relation to watching TV, using smartphones, or playing video games and working in front of the monitor.

To address this problem, many have created gaming glasses that protect the wearer from the harmful effects of blue light and ultraviolet rays. But what makes gaming glasses special from other specs? Let’s take a look at these 9 of the best gaming glasses in 2019 and see how they fare for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Perfect for minimizing digital eye strain due to many hours of staring at the computer screen, Gamma Ray Optics made their gaming glasses amber-tinted to visibly protect the eyes from harmful blue light emissions. Aside from the tint that naturally lowers down blue light exposure, there’s also a UV400 protection and glare reduction that makes this pair of glasses an excellent partner for gaming, surfing, or working under indoor lighting conditions.

And because these spectacles are focused for long-wearing, Gamma Ray made the frame ultra-lightweight by using TR90 nylon, also adding durability that will make these eyeglasses last for months and even years to come. Even though this is made for gaming, the design is made to minimal casual so that it still exudes a professional and classic look. The glasses are 53 millimeters wide, an excellent fit for most adults searching for a pair of glasses that’s snug fit, while maximizing eye view on different angles.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Even though the frame is made from light materials, this blue light blocking glasses from TIJN is set to toughness and comfort with abrasion resistance, along with low friction coefficient. Wearing this specs do not create the usual kind of damage you receive from the frequent wearing and removing, oftentimes damaging your skin due to friction. It’s smooth down to the last detail so you won’t feel stress on any part of your skin.

The lens can block harmful UV rays 99.9% of the time, lessening the likability of obtaining eye stress that usually occurs due frequent use and exposure to the lighting and radiation that comes from TV screens or computer monitors. In case you need to look for a style that matches your personality or your mood, you can choose from more than 10 attractive designs for your fashion and comfort frenzy. Not only is this pair of glasses good for your eyes, but it also gives you peace of mind with a 90-day quality guarantee that you can count on.

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

For those who are looking for eye protection that professionals recommend, the Cyxus blue light filter computer glasses are a pair that helps you focus on your game. In fact, the lenses are made of HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology that can absorb blue light as they come in contact with the glasses. Cyxus also made sure that device users are getting the most of their gaming experience by making their lenses powerful against blue light, even when there’s no color coating in it. Yes, you can see your games with 1:1 color ratio, not adding that common sepia effect on your specs.

And to make sure that you’re getting a product that really works, Cyxus also include a blue light blocking capacity test kit that you can play with, in case you are curious if the lenses you purchased is as true as what it says. So yes, you can stare on your PC gaming for long hours and still not feel that eye strain thanks to these eyeglasses. Get that look with gaming glasses sans the yellow colored lenses.

Eyekepper Blue Light Shield Computer Gaming Glasses

Helping you lessen that visual fatigue and headaches that occur due to long hours of using your computer or TV is the Eyekepper blue light shield computer gaming glasses. The benefits of these glasses are so effective that it meets the standards provided by the US FDA, and exceeding European Union performance requirements. The lenses were designed to guarantee that almost 100% of the blue light that comes through your eyeglasses never come in contact with your eyes. The secret is the orange-tinted 12-layer coating that can counter between 395nm and 500nm of blue light that commonly comes from your TV, computer, or smartphone.

The eyeglasses can fit to most head sizes due to the spring hinge that holds the plastic frame altogether. And you are assured that upon shipment, your eyeglasses are tested with parameters in respect to frame and lens strength, pupil distance, astigmatism, prism, and horizontal positioning. You also get to have a free case with a microfiber cloth, keeping your glasses protect and safe for long-term use. The only setback? There’s a huge color difference due to the color of the lenses used, which may affect your gaming a little, especially if you’re meticulous to visual gaming integrity.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Gaming Glasses

The promise brought about by the J+S Vision blue light shield computer gaming glasses is that you don’t need to lessen your game time due to eye strain or headaches that are commonly experienced due to long exposure against your computer, smartphone, or TV screen. And to make sure that you’re comfortable in wearing the specs right of the box, they have made their glasses to be as low profile as possible. In fact, this blue light shield is made with low color distortion lenses for those individuals that are very critical of looking into images on the monitor with minimal impact on color while still getting protection that would make your eyes last for more than 4 hours of non-stop staring onto the monitor.

The glasses are all about removing the most harmful elements from the light spectrum but letting you enjoy playing video games or working on graphics and design with almost zero disturbance to color. Magnification is also kept at a minimum to help those with healthy eyesight see everything the same, without the orangey shade casted on other specs that promise eye protection from blue light. You get to choose frame color with over three shades among glossy black, tortoise, and crystal.

GUNNAR Intercept Gaming and Computer Eyewear

When you need to perform beyond but protect your eyes from blue light that usually hamper you from doing your work or enjoying your game, the Gunnar Intercept is the kind of gaming and computer eyewear you can count on. With a pair Gunnar glasses, you’re getting more than just keeping your eyes safe from blue light. But keeping them on during the time you spend so much time staring at the computer screen or on smartphones and TV, you’ll be able to sleep better and feel better even after those long hours. It also helps you see lesser glare and see that your eyes don’t become dry with all that squinting and focused looking.

The Gunnar Intercept sports a wide-format lens to assist you in staring at different objects with blue light, even with minimal head movement. There’s also a rigid lens mounting that keeps your lenses firmly placed, making it last for many months or years to come. They also made the nose rests comfortable by shaping the curve adaptive to the wearer. Protection does not only come for the eyes, but Gunnar made sure that even the lenses can stand through the test of time with hard silicone coating that prevents your lenses from being scratched – an assuring feature for those who are having challenges with keeping their eyeglasses from being damaged.

LifeArt Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

LifeArt is bringing an alternative when it comes to the kind of blue light filter computer glasses that you could wear when you’re immersed in your game or busy at your work. They made their gaming glasses look like a work of art with a touch of that marble look, housing a pair of lenses that can protect its users from high energy blue light, as well as ultraviolet rays that reach to the UV400 spectrum. While it offers benefits such as lessened eye fatigue, along with eliminating headaches and blurred vision that usually happens due to long hours of working or playing in front of the TV or monitor for too long, it’s also an excellent pair for promoting better sleep.

The high-end space perspective control lenses are made with the use of Super Hoya Multi-coated (SHMC) technology that effectively reduces the build-up of scratches from natural wear and tear while giving added eye protection from different kinds of light. Materials used in manufacturing the gaming glasses are shock-proof, made to be resistant from dust that makes both the frame and lens easy to clean. But the best part is that there’s no color difference even with that amazing level of protection.

ElementsActive Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

If you prefer to not change your prescription glasses just so it would be replaced for something particular like gaming or working in front of the monitor, then you don’t have to do so, especially if you can have fit-over glasses that will protect you from all that blue light that hurts your eyes. The ElementsActive anti-blue light blocking computer glasses is the answer for those who prefer their glasses and still have the protection they need. It’s FDA approved so you are sure that what you’re putting over your Rx glasses are safe and does not create complications on your current eyeglass grade.

You’ll be having specs that have extra amber for the shade as it blocks more blue light than most brands. Thanks to the coating, you’ll feel better and sleep better with melatonin-generation no longer affected by your overexposure to blue light. And because this pair of glasses can be worn either solo or as a fit-over, frame material is exponentially made lighter, even when worn over your eyeglasses. It’s as if you’re not wearing anything. Despite of the lightness however, the frame can stand abuse, even bending. It’s the perfect pair that can be worn by both kids and adults.

ALTEC VISION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

The blue light blocking gaming glasses from Altec Vision is made low profile so that it does not catch too much attention when being used as gaming glasses in tournaments or competitions, as well as an excellent pair of working eyeglasses that’s suitable for office use. They made this possible by creating their lenses with xBlue resin technology that reduces blue light and ultraviolet ray exposure to the eyes by up to 90% without emphasizing too much on color distortion. In addition to light blocking, these gaming glasses are also good to use under the sun as it reduces the glare that you’ll encounter when using gadgets outdoors.

The design, with the lens holder made from stainless steel frame and the temple arms with handmade tortoise shell acetate are carefully crafted for toughness and durability. The hinge is equipped with springs in order to fit comfortably with any head size, adjusting well without causing headaches due to tightened arms that squeeze the nerves in the temple area.

The best gaming glasses

With so many choices in the market, you are opted to choosing which adapts well to your level of gaming. You may consider eye protection that’s approved by many customers, as well as frames and lenses that would make your pair last for many months and years, even with abuse. It’s also important to consider, especially to visual-critical players that lens coatings are not too amber or orangey, causing so much distortion to the colors that you are supposed to appreciate in your gaming.