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    Vivobook vs Zenbook Best Asus Laptops 2018

    There a lot of great laptops out today, which makes it difficult to choose the perfect one for your needs. So, today we have two great laptops from ASUS that we’ll be comparing. With this comparison, we’ll be sure to help you make the perfect decision, whether you need a bigger gaming laptop or a […] More

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    5 Ways To Get Free Internet

    Internet is more accessible than ever these days, but sometimes, that Internet isn’t always high-speed. Besides that, surprising as it might be, there are some places in even the US where Internet isn’t accessible — the more rural areas and communities, of course. So, with a society that views information as so central, how do […] More

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    Dell G5 15 vs XPS 15 2-in-1 Best Gaming Laptop 2018

    Dell has refreshed its range of gaming and productivity-oriented laptops with Intel’s new 8th Generation processors, and we’re here to tell you what we think about the two most exciting new models: the G5 15 and the XPS 15 9575. Design The designers of gaming laptops don’t have it easy. On the one hand, they […] More

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    5 Best All-in-One PC Computers in 2018

    All-in-one computers represent an elegant solution for those who don’t want to stare at messy cables and deal with bulky cases. Businesses love them because they are simple to install and maintain, and home users enjoy how much value they deliver. Our list of top 5 best all-in-one PC computers in 2017 contains something for […] More

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    5 Best Intel Kaby Lake Laptops in 2018

    Intel’s Kaby Lake processor architecture hit the market near the end of last year, improving upon the previous Skylake architecture. Months after the first Kaby Lake laptop was released, the selection of laptop with Kaby Lake chips has finally grown to the point where anyone should have no issues finding the right Kaby Lake laptop. […] More

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    5 Best USB 2-Factor Token for Preventing Email Phishing and WannaCry Ransomware

    On average, security experts capture around 200,000 new ransomware samples every single day. The recent proliferation of ransomware attacks goes hand in hand with our increasing reliance on data. Modern businesses and organizations capture massive amounts of data about their employees, business partners, customers, and internal processes. Even regular users store hundreds of gigabytes of […] More

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    3 Cool Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

    The Raspberry Pi single-board computers have captured the imagination of countless hackers and computer enthusiasts around the world, inspiring them to come up with clever projects that solve real problems and allowing anyone to rediscover just how fun computing can be. For those of you who don’t know, the latest member of the fruity family […] More

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    5 Best USB Touchscreen Monitors in 2018

    More desktop applications than ever are touch-optimized. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, users have gotten used to this convenient input method, and they want to enjoy it even when working on a PC. Fortunately, enabling touch input is just a matter of purchasing a good touchscreen monitor. Featured in this article are 5 best USB […] More

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    How to fix Windows 10 Ethernet connection that keeps dropping [Troubleshooting Guide]

    The internet has become one of our essential tools to help us gather information. For example for students, answering assignments is easy, getting ideas about school projects is abundant and many more. In short, internet is an unlimited source of information. But many of Windows 10 users are having issues connecting to the internet and […] More

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    5 Best Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

    Here we have five of the best heroes you can use to better your chances out in the battlefields of Dota 2. With these heroes, you’ll deal quite a bit of damage with a decent amount of devastating ultimate abilities, while having a good amount of health so you won’t go down easy. Read on […] More

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