How to add Mac Quick Look feature in your Windows 10 PC [tutorial]

One of the minor, yet very convenient features that came out of Apple’s OS X is the Quick Look feature, which gives a user an easier way to quickly preview a file by simply pressing the spacebar. Before Quick Look was introduced, a Mac user has to contend with waiting to launch the application that can open a file, or open the application ahead of time, before opening a file. With Quick Look feature, one has to simply click on the file and press the spacebar. It works for a wide variety of files and it can even quickly play music as well. Quick Look feature is obviously not available in Windows machines. Thankfully, there’s an effective workaround.

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To have the Quick Look capability in your Windows 10 machine, just follow the steps below.

  1. Download Seer application from its official source at
  2. Open the .exe file to begin the installation.
  3. Click X on the help window that opens after installing Seer.
  4. In Windows Explorer, look for the file you want to view, such as a photo, then hit spacebar. A new window will then open. The content of the preview window depends on the file. If you’re trying to open a photo, a preview of said file will be shown. If it’s a document, file details will be displayed.
  5. To get further details of a particular file, open it, or show the file in Windows Explorer,  click on its icon in the preview window.
  6. To quickly close the preview window, simply hit the spacebar again.

Seer application works with a wide variety of files so it should support virtually everything that you have in your machine. As mentioned above, you can even quickly listen to a music or watch a video using Seer.

In case Seer is unable to preview a particular file format that you normally use, try looking for a plugin for that application in the internet. Just right-click on the program icon in the system tray, go to Settings, then install the plugin from there.

We hope you enjoy Quick Look in your Windows PC now.


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