Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard Review

Okay, so you already have your high-end PC with an equally matching Intel 9th generation CPU in readiness for your gaming setup. So, what’s still left out of the picture?

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard Review 3ASUSASUS ROG Maximus XI HeroCheck Price on Amazon

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Yes, you’re right – a top-performing motherboard that will rightly do justice to your impressive assemble of gaming gadgets. And there’s no better option than the Maximus XI Hero Z390 motherboard by ASUS.

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS is the latest product of Asus, the multinational phone and computer Hardware Company. The Z390 motherboard model is parked with lots of features that will give professional gamers a breath of fresh air.

It is specifically built to cater to gamers with Intel’s 8th and 9th generation processors. This motherboard offers maximum speed and connectivity with Intel Optane memory compatibility, USB 3.1, Gigabit LAN, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi compatibility.

The motherboard is exwhat you need if you want to enjoy high-speed gaming performance in all types of games. We are going to look at the features of the motherboard, with particular attention to its design, performance, compatibility, design, and specifications.

Armed with features but surprisingly affordable

The hype around this motherboard may make it feel very expensive to afford. Surprisingly, the Maximus XI Hero Z390 motherboard is not the most expensive in the market. But it comes packed with impressive features to make your gaming experience more fun and enjoyable. It has extra lighting and an advanced cooling system that keeps the system at its optimum performance for a long time.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard Review

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard

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Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero design

This motherboard has a dynamic design with a black and silver theme. Although it still maintains the footprints of the ATX model, it comes with lots of additional features, as well. There are twin-armored PCIe for 16 slots, dual M.2 sockets, and four memory sockets.

The motherboard has high quality overclocking and offers the ideal stability on the 9th and 8th Intel core generation. The Maximus XI Hero Z390 motherboard has dual headphone amplifiers that offer one of the best audio experiences for gamers. Besides, the ROG SupremeFX CODEC integrated into the motherboard provides improved performance.

There is undoubtedly an improvement on this model compared to the previous versions from the same brand. One of the most significant differences is the sheer amount of metal and plastic coverings used to protect the motherboard. This ensures durability.

Although it is normal to have heatsinks and shield protection on motherboards, this motherboard is uniquely different. Apart from offering these special features on the top end of the motherboard, the Z390 extends protection on the side of the board for maximum security.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Strong overclocking capability

The brand states that this motherboard offers 5GHz+ overclocking capabilities across the 8th and 9th cores, as it utilizes the Artificial-Intelligence overclocking system with 5-way optimization.

At the bottom section of the motherboard, the chipset heatsink and SupremeFX audio partially cover the section. It equally comes with 24-pin power connection, USB 3.1 Type C slot, extra fan header, and 6 SATA ports.

The top section of the board has the LGA-1151 Intel socket, plus 4-pin fan headers, 10-phase VRM encircling, and a good ROG socket cap. The top section of the power network comes with the Q-code display, as well as the power and reset button.

There are CPU power inputs, three 4-pin fan headers, and two extra RGB headers. The CPU power inputs include 8-pin EPS and an aux 4-pin connection.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Rear I/O features

There are plenty of things to be hopeful about with this motherboard, as it comes with two large heatsinks for both pairs of M.2 ports. Moreover, the PCB comes with an LED post display. Besides, you find lots of overclocking and testing tools on this motherboard. Also, there is USB BIOS flashback, as well as CMOS clear buttons located at the rear I/O panel. This motherboard has 16 x 3.0 PCIe slots that can be arranged in different slot setups with the graphics card.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Other features

If you are looking for a top-performing motherboard, there are very few models that can give you the type of features you will get from this model. It is one of the favorites for gamers right now because of the all-round performance. Whether it’s for Aura Sync Illumination, overclocking, or for cooling, this motherboard is designed to ensure high-performance.

It has faster memory support and smart cooling technology that will provide continuous gaming capabilities, no matter what type or level of the game you want. It’s an absolute delight for enthusiastic gamers.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Impressive Performance

Whether you’re looking for tuning timings or high frequency for low latency, this motherboard provides the required tools you will ever need.

The firmware of the ASUS ROG delivers the vital tweaks that offer strength during top memory performance. You can either use a focused setup or a memory kit to load up for heavy multitasking. This setup will provide you with enough bandwidth you need to play your favorite games and apps.

This ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard is set up on the motherboard’s trace routing to provide uninterrupted access to memory bandwidth for Intel’s CPU. The OptiMem II technology reduces crosstalk and increases shielding zones, which improves overclocking capabilities.  Similarly, there is a patented T-Topology technology that provides time-aligned signaling to enhance further overclocking.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero capacity to take charge of your rig

You will need an intuitive and quick control if you want to have an adequate command of your rig. To make sure of that, ASUS has integrated flexible tools into this ROG motherboard. It will give gamers the freedom they need to adjust virtually anything in their system. That will improve convenience for the gamer.

Also, the five-way optimization technology will enable gamers to use the UEFI BIOS function or the smart, automated tuning to be in complete control. From storage to audio features, this motherboard has everything that makes fine-tuning a breeze. The idea is to give gamers the opportunity of making the most of their system speed. And, inevitably, ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard has made that possible.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Total Cooling zone and customizable features

ROG Maximus motherboard offers the most robust cooling controls. Gamers can adjust the cooling settings by using the UEFI BIOS or the Fan Xpert 4. Also, you can synchronize all effects to the compatible ROG units via the Aura Sync. It will allow you to have better personalization, which makes your build classier than ever.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Strategic positions for fan headers

ASUS placed the fan headers for this motherboard in different strategic locations for proper air supply. One is placed at the lower end of the motherboard while another two are positioned at the base. There are two fan headers for the CPU that are placed near the top, and two more close to the I/O cover.

There is a fan header kept for an extra fan extension card and one more fan header placed at the ride side of the board for H-AMP.    The labels of the fan headers are clear and quite easy to spot, which will not bring confusion or make the labels to difficult to identify.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Other Specifications

The ASUS Z390 motherboard comes with an integrated 8-channel ROG SupremeFX with Bluetooth 4.1 and Intel Gigabit Ethernet.  It makes use of the Intel Z390 chipset, which is one of the best for gaming PCs. The motherboard also features a 64GB memory support, four slots, dual-channel, and supports the Intel Socket 1151V2 for superior performance.

There are more than enough ports for gamers to connect whatever they will ever need. It comes with RGB LED extension cable, M.2 heatsink, Wi-Fi aerials, six USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, three USB 3.1 type A, two USB 3.1 type C, six ATA 6Gbps, optical S/PDIF out, audio out, and one LAN port.

Memory slots, ROG RGB Armor, and the Heatsinks provide a square barrier around the 1151 CPU sockets, which leaves few areas for routing away cables. However, the ASUS brand dealt with this differently. This motherboard has AIO pump headers and four fans in the CPU socket channel. It equally offers low heatsink placed a bit above the memory slots, which creates space for the ARGB stip.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero gaming motherboard review Conclusion

There is no doubt that ASUS  has designed some of the best motherboards for gaming in the industry. Yet, its products are still relatively affordable. The ROG Maximus XI Hero model is another remarkable product in its long list of impressive motherboard collections. It offers gamers the opportunity to enjoy their best games with the best Intel processors around.

The motherboard is equipped with a lot of features and decorated with critical connecting ports to provide gamers everything they need. It’s the latest collection of hardware tools for the enthusiastic gamer.

The motherboard qualifies as one of the best the industry has ever seen, based on the features we’ve found out above. If you are looking for the right type of motherboard for your gaming needs, the ROG Maximus XI Hero may be the ideal choice for you. It’s recommended for both professional and new gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most common questions about the ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard.

What type of processor does the ASUS ROG XI work on?

The motherboard can work on both Intel’s 8th and 9th generation processors.

Is the ASUS ROG motherboard a good value for money?

Yes, the motherboard comes with a lot of features that will make gaming activities a lot more fun and enjoyable. Yet, it stays relatively affordable. This makes it an excellent value for money.

Is ASUS Maximus XI motherboard good for gaming?

Yes, the motherboard is a top drawer when it comes to gaming. It performs well and has impressive speed.

Does the ASUS Maximus motherboard come with Bluetooth support?

Yes, there is a Bluetooth 5.0 support, which works on the 8th generation Intel processor

Does the ASUS Maximus XI motherboard offer support for Intel Core i9-9980xe?

No, it does not support the i9-9980x. But is offers support for Intel 9900K as it features FCLGA 1151 socket.

Does the Maximus motherboard work fine with the 4th generation i7 processor?

No, it is not compatible

Does the Maximus XI Hero motherboard need liquid cooling, or can it work with only fan cooling

If you are using an equally highly powered CPU, it does not require liquid cooling as the air cooling systems are enough. Even if you want to overclock, there is no need to get an additional cooling unit.

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard Review 3ASUSASUS ROG Maximus XI HeroCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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