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5 Best 4K Gaming Monitors in 2019

Do you have a tiny Ultra HD 1,920 x 1,080p monitor? These monitors have become dinosaurs in the realm of technology, as companies are now producing 4K monitors at an affordable price point. Any gamer invested in his or her or setup should have one of these in their arsenal, especially with how affordable they’ve

Build A High Performance AMD Gaming PC For Around $1000

Are you in search of a newer gaming rig that will support new games, as well as upcoming releases? A great option is building your own. Building a new gaming computer can be nice, whether it be for aesthetics or for the adventure of figuring out how to put it all together. If this is

How to Build a Cheap Gaming PC for Less Than $500

Looking to make a cheap gaming computer that works and provides for all your gaming needs? Sometimes having an outdated computer can be really annoying, because you often run into issues like overheating, frequent game crashes, stuttering, etc. And if it’s really old, you may even get bestowed upon you the blue screen of death.

5 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Desktop Computer For Gaming

Are you looking for an upgrade to this century’s gaming tech that won’t necessarily break the bank? Sometimes you run into that problem where you get this new game that just came out, but it won’t start as a result to your equipment being out of date. Typically this means you’ll just need an upgrade,

5 Best Laptops For Writers in 2019

Tired of messing around with laptops that aren’t meant for the freelance writing life? It’s important to purchase a tool that will help you achieve success, and for your line of work, a good computer is a tool you need to think about. So, are you ready to pick up a brand laptop that will

5 Best Linux Laptops In 2019

There are lots of different laptops out today as far as operating systems go, and it can be hard deciding on the best one to suit your needs. Finding the right operating system for you can be a challenging task, so we have prepared a list of different Linux-based laptops for you to help find

5 Best 17 inch laptops in 2019

There are a lot of different laptops out there for travel, gaming, or work and so on. This can make it difficult at times to decide which one you want or need, depending on the situation. That said, we have put together a list of great laptops to save you lots of precious time. Flagship

Alienware 17 vs Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop Specs Comparison

Are you looking for a new gaming laptop, but can’t decide between the Alienware 17 and the Razer Blade Pro 17? We’ll give you the comparison for both of these great gaming laptops.These are both awesome laptops if you want beautiful graphics, and smooth gameplay. Here are two of the top gaming laptops and their