7 Best Cheap Desktop Computers in 2023

Every year, almost more than a quarter-million computers get shipped to different spots around the globe. This is because of PC users who often switch out their old PCs to get new ones. They usually get rid of the old PCs to get new shiny budget PCs with the most recent hardware components.

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Because of this cycle, there is a massive market for refurbished best desktop computers that gets created. These desktop computers are not mostly close to a year, and they get shipped out to be replaced.

This means that you have efficient budget PCs with lots of processing power, which will handle the most extreme hardware requirements of some of the most demanding games and software applications.

Suppose you need to get a new desktop PC. You could get one that is within your budget and comes at a low price. This means that you have numerous options for a refurbished desktop computer that is up for sale. Here, we have seven of the best models that we have chosen for our perusal and analysis.

What are some of the best budget refurbished desktop PC for cheap?

 The following are the best cheap desktop for computers that can suit any budget.

1). The Apple iMac 21.5 inch

When speaking of a cheap refurbished desktop PC in, you could find a reliable one in the Apple iMac 21.5-inch PC—created by electronics giant Apple, the iMac 21. 5 is a little monster that is both fun to use and aesthetically pleasing.

This Apple iMac comes with a strong and robust second-generation processor – the Intel Core i5 processor. It also has the Intel Iris Pro graphics card to provide some of the best graphics for gaming and watching movies. This feature makes the device an ideal desktop of choice for people looking for a computer with desktop for gaming and watching movies.

This PC also comes with a memory of 8GB, which means you can perform more tasks with the PC. The short-term memory ability will allow it to perform numerous tasks simultaneously.

This invariably means that the RAM does more activities within a short time. Also, the desktop computer comes with a hard drive capacity of 1 TB.

Just over the impressive color-specific Full HD screen display is an in-built FaceTime High definition webcam. This feature is handy for users who are actively into conference calls or virtual meetings or merely updating your social media video collection.

The Apple iMac 21.5 inches desktop makes all of these capabilities available to merely its users’ lives.

Additionally, on the reverse side of the screen display comes a dual stereos speaker. These speakers come with clarity and loudness that will disprove the loudest critic of Apple devices.

If you are an audiophile who is into gaming sounds, music, or just high definition sounds, then the Apple iMac 21.5 will more than cater to your needs.

Included in this terrific device are a Wi Fi, keyboard and mouse. While the Keyboard is more like every traditional Keyboard out there, there are three options to use the mouse in this device. You could either use the Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad from Apple.

Furthermore, if none of the options work for you, you could opt for the conventional wired mouse from Apple instead.

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2). Dell Inspiron 3265

This Dell Inspiron 3265 is one of the cheap  best-refurbished desktops computers that anyone can currently find in the market. We love this device because its price fits accurately into our shoe-string budget.

This cheap computer desktop comes as a high-end replacement for the Inspiron 3000. The elegant white body design makes it different and unique from the standard black-and-gray windows-based systems.

Furthermore, this device comes with a massive AMD processor and a graphics card, enabling it to work with weighty loads. We typically like the AMD Radeon (Kaveri), which is integrated with the DirectX 12 graphics card. This component provides three compute cores and 192 shaders.

This graphic card comes with a fast ability that is pretty much like the Intel HD Graphics (Haswell). It also looks similar to the HD Graphics 4000 in terms of its performance. The card helps to accelerate different applications such as Adobe Photoshop through the use of OpenCL.

Additionally, this cheap refurbished PC can also play other games without any problem. Pretty much like the more budget Insprion 3000, the Dell Inspiron also has a 21.5-inch display, which makes it very compact and useful to be used every day. It comes with an enhanced Wi Fi, keyboard and mouse.

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3). Acer Aspire TC-780

Pretty much like all the previous two listed cheap refurbished desktop computers listed on this post, this Acer Aspire TC-780 is not a multi-versatile device. Instead, the cheap refurbished desktop computer comes with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor for a reliable engine.

Also, its 8GB RAM enables it to perform lots of tasks simultaneously. It comes with 1 TB of hard disk drive storage. Also, the device is infused with the Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics card.

It is better for users who have a monitor, Keyboard and mouse to buy a desktop computer with only the features you need. This is better rather than pay for something that you own already.

If you are in this condition, it is essential to choose the Acer Aspire TC-780. This device is fully equipped with the complete version of Windows 10 Home 64-bit application. This PC is good to go the moment that you get it out of your box. Due to the device’s form factor, it is possible to incorporate the dedicated PC graphics card to make the Acer Aspire TC a full-fledged gaming PC for playing some of your favorite games on full blast. Its Wi Fi connectivity is great.

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4). Acer Aspire Z3

This is the one desktop computer with some of the best features to get for a budget price. The Acer Aspire Z3 is an aesthetically pleasing device that comes with a sharp and vivid focus. It enhances the user’s productivity while allowing them to accomplish more with less.

The cheap device comes with an expansive 23.8-inch screen display, which has a full HD resolution as well. The PC also features the BluelightShield function, which helps put out blue light to strain the user’s eyes. It can accomplish this by filtering out the Bluelight from the light that comes out of the PC screen.

The device further has stereo speakers that are built with TrueHarmony Technology from Acer. The speakers also have the Dolby Digital Plus Home Theatre function.

This function serves to enhance the sound that comes out from the system to appeal to most audiophiles. The desktop is suitable for sound engineers, studio engineers, music producers, gamers who have a thing for gaming sounds, and every other audiophile out there.

This Aspire Z3 from Acer is such a beast in terms of features that it is fully equipped with a webcam that has a high resolution. This means that if you regularly conduct the virtual conference and video calls, you can find a reliable device in this PC’s webcam.

The refurbished PC also comes with a speech-accurate microphone, making it possible for virtual meetings and every other Voice over digital function.

The Intel Core i5 processor drives this Acer Aspire Z3. The processor clocks in at 2.9GHz. It has a memory of 16 GB with a hard disk drive storage space of about 2 TB. It comes with an enhanced Wi Fi, keyboard and mouse.

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5). MacBook Pro

If you needed a cheap refurbished desktop with a price within your budget, you could consider this MacBook Pro, which comes with some of the best neat features like the core i3. Apart from the internal engines that drive the PC system, it comes with a sleek and neat feature. The PC looks like it had never been used due to the elaborate effort that went into trying to refurbish for a market for recycled old PCs.

However, it is essential to state here that the MacBook Pro, although it is a refurbished desktop computer, is far from a PC that has been recycled.

The thing with this budget PC is that it is not exactly a desktop. Instead, the device looks more like a laptop that is accurately portable to let you work with it while you are on the go. Typically, users can get the MacBook Pro as a high price and brand-new device. However, thanks to the market for refurbished desktops, you can now get such budget PCs like the MacBook Pro at a reduced price.

Apart from the attractiveness of this PC’s price, you can get every other feature in this system, making it a reasonably good economy to purchase these refurbished PC desktops. If you are ready to buy a PC that comes fully refurbished, then this MacBook Pro is the best option for you.

This refurbished MacBook Pro comes with some of the best features that help drive such a monstrous PC. The device features the Intel Core i3 processor, which clocks in at 2,5GHz. Furthermore, the MacBook Pro comes with a RAM of 16GB. This means that the system offers a fluid display of functions despite situations where it seemed to be bogged down and overwhelmed by too much work. Due to this device’s RAM capacity, you are sure that the system will never seem like a bogged-down device in the face of too many tasks to handle.

Also, the system is enormous on storage drive too. It is equipped with a 512GB hard disk drive for storage. In the final analysis, this MacBook Pro is not the model that offers the Touch Bar function. Therefore, it is safe to say that the PC is highly recommended for those people who prefer the standard MacBook Pro, which does not come with the Touch Bar function at all. Its Wi Fi connectivity is great.

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6). The Dell Inspiron 3000

This Dell Inspiron 3000 is simply the best-refurbished desktop computer for users out there because it significantly retains the new system’s properties despite when it has been refurbished. The system does not stand up to the Apple iMac in terms of its style and ergonomic appearance.

The reason why uses will never find the Dell Inspiron attractive is strict because Dell has given the Inspiron 3000 performance rather than style. Technically, the machine is known more for its performance rather than its aesthetics. Users will find out that this machine comes with a massive sixth-generation Intel Core i3 processor. This means that the PC comes with sufficient drive to perform some of the most rigorous and demanding tasks.

Furthermore, its RAM of 8GB makes it a fluid system that never hangs in the middle of processing numerous tasks. Users will find out this system pack lots of features with its hard drive system. The system features a long-range and extensive 802.11 ac wireless connectivity. This system comes with multiple USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, which allows for various connectivities.

Also, you have an in-built system feature that can read memory cards of different capacity. The system also has a high-definition widescreen webcam that caters to users who need it for various functions such as virtual meetings, selfies, etc. It isn’t easy to imagine that such a refurbished system comes with such functions and features.

This component’s powerful stereo speakers allow audiophiles to get the best high-definition sounds that they can get. The speaker is fitted with the Waves MaxxAudio, which comes with special audio enhancement features.

It is good to know that the processor, which is found inside this Inspiron 3000, is relatively new. Compared to the 21.5-inch iMac processor, it is discovered that that of the Inspiron is more recent and comes with superpowers to drive the PC.

This new processor allows the Dell Inspiron to work at super outstanding efficiency and supports some of the most recent virtualization functions. In terms of processing power, you can expect to get a lot from this refurbished desktop as it has lots of processing power to offer a robust PC. This PC comes with lots of processing power that it even has you questioning why you need a solid state brand-new PC in the first place. The processing power is capable enough to drive some of the most demanding applications and games.

Sure enough, the Dell Inspiron is not suitable for games, and for gaming fans, they will have to use the PC with some light games. Anything more demanding than light games will appear sub-optimal with this PC. It is such a good alternative for the brand-new Dell Inspiron. The external case comes intact and possesses every one of the aesthetics that the brand new one has. In the final analysis, the device comes with a price that will be well suited for any budget.

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7). Apple Mac Pro

When it comes to a reliable PC, the best-refurbished desktop you can purchase is this Apple Mac Pro. Based on our in-depth research, we discovered some neat and well-refurbished Apple desktops in the market. This Apple Mac Pro seems to be one of these neatly refurbished and repackaged desktops that will give any new Apple Mac Pro a run for its money.

What do you stand to gain purchasing brand new solid state Mac Pro desktops, which cost thousands of dollars when you can buy the more budget-friendly refurbished ones. If you are looking for refurbished Mac Pro desktops, you can get this one for a budget price. This one is a beast equipped with some of the best features you can ever ask for in a device.

This Mac Pro comes fully equipped with the 3.7 GHz Intel Core i3 Xeon E processor. Furthermore, it is blessed with a RAM of 12GB, which allows the system to simultaneously perform multiple functions. It also has a hard drive capacity of 256GB. Furthermore, users will be surprised to find out about the dual AMD FirePro D300 cards, which enhances this PC device’s general performance.

And speaking of the dual AMD FirePro D300 cards of this device, it will amaze any user to discover that both cards are fully equipped with the 2GB GDDR5 VRAM, with each having its VRAM.

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For most users who like to stick to their budget price and income bracket’s harsh realities, the best way to go is to purchase a system that comes fully refurbished. Due to the advantages of this type of equipment, most people entirely opt for refurbished and recycled computer systems, especially those from well-known computer brands.

Furthermore, this system looks nearly as new as the original new device except that you get this one for a budgeted price. Also, irrespective of the fact that this PC comes in a refurbished state, you usually get a similar manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to big PC brands, the word refurbished is never almost a problem since the devices are practically restored to their factory default states and practically built to perform better.

Therefore, people looking to buy premium big brand budget PCs with refurbished parts will have to consider some of the best-refurbished desktops we have listed on this post. All best refurbished desk computers have been analyzed carefully and are highly recommended for all PC users.

AppleApple iMac 21.5 inch all in one desktopCheck Price on Amazon
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Acer23.8\" Acer Aspire Z3 AIO Intel Core i7Check Price on Amazon
AppleApple MacBook Pro 15\"Check Price on Amazon
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