10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024

If you ever need the best DJ laptop stand for your sets and gigs, then perhaps, you will like our review of the following products. We have been able to review the products based on their features and functions. Our review makes it easy for would-be customers to make an informed decision about their purchase.

10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 16GriffinGriffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for LaptopsCheck Price on Amazon
10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 17ODYSSEYOdyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360)Check Price on Amazon
10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 18SamsonSamson LTS50 Laptop Stand (SALTS50)Check Price on Amazon
10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 19PylePyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand - Standing Table with Adjustable AngleCheck Price on Amazon
10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 20VIVOVIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount StandCheck Price on Amazon

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Best DJ laptop stand in 2024

We have successfully presented the top 10 best DJ laptop for professionals to use, whether at home, in the studio, on the road, during concerts and so on. The top 10 best DJ laptop is useful for people who need something that can handle the immersive and intense nature of the work of a DJ or a public presenter.

10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 21

1). Griffin 2-Tier Portable Laptopstand

This is among the DJ laptop stands that is suited for mixers or keys. The laptop stand is such a reliable support system that its versatile design offers excellent functionality to mobile DJs. The DJ stand comes in two-tiers which will help support bigger keyboards, turntables, laptops, racks, mixers or devices.

Furthermore, if ever you have to perform on a set when you do not need the stand, you could simply just take off the upper layer to give you more space to function. This is outstanding computer support with its lightweight and portable features. The DJ laptop computer stand can be collapsed quickly and packed to get to the next gig. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops and other devices. It is a good entry on this list.

Something we love about this Griffin Two-Tier portable laptop stand comes with dual spine gears which have radial grooves. This makes it possible for the upper layer to tilt from the utterly horizontal position to almost the vertical position. With this function, the angle of your gear can be adjusted simply. Furthermore, your entire gear is safe during use because its bottom tier is equipped with rubber feet which helps provide anti slip protection.

If you have ever used this platform, you will like the versatility that this model provides – it can be used to support both keyboards and DJ mixers.


• When collapsed it becomes compact.

• It can hold both DJ mixers and keyboards

• It is pocket-friendly.


• It does not have a carrying case.

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 22

2). Odyssey DJ Gear Stand

Overall, the Odyssey DJ Gear stand is the best DJ laptop stand for studio, concert, home, and office use. If you are a mobile DJ, you will find this heavy duty DJ stand pretty lovely.  

The foldable DJ laptop stand features a sturdy support and weighs just two pounds. But yet it provides one of the most reliable supports. This DJ stand is folded entirely flat for the perfect storage. If this DJ laptop stand is fully extended, it will have a total height of 16 inches. 

We lover the Odyssey DJ Gear Stand because it is such a flexible DJ stand that has 360 degrees rotating in the base and the arm. These rotating components make it possible for you to adjust them to your preferred angle. This DJ laptop stand is convenient for DJs during their sets because it comes with the quick-lock function, which helps secure any mobile device in place.

We need to mention the fact that this laptop stand comes with a rubber grip sticker which is used to provide additional stability for talented DJs in the middle of their set during those fever pitch moments that everyone goes crazy.

As one of the best DJ laptop stands, you will ever get in the market; this stand is available in three different vivid colors. This gives most DJs great alternative to boost the aesthetics of their equipment. Mobile DJs, we love the fact that this laptop stand has its mobile carrying case. With this case, it is difficult to scratch the laptop stand while it is being transported.

Furthermore, this laptop laptop stand is armed with a hook at the end of the arm, which extends up to an extra half-inch. With this extended arm, extra support is provided if placed on any steeply inclined platform. This means that the laptop stand prevents the laptop from sliding off the platform.

You do not have to assemble the laptop stand. It is also easy to fold away and has the flat-folding feature, which means that the laptop stand occupies less space when properly folded. If you are a mobile DJ controller aspiring to be one of the best DJs in the game, then the Odyssey stand is just as important as your laptop device. The best laptop DJ stand is the perfect DJ laptop stand to add to your travelling gear.


• This has a lightweight and is suitable for long trips.

• The stand is very sturdy, portable and durable

• It comes in three different color finish options and reasonable price too


• The laptop stand is not able to support over 15 pounds of laptop load.

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 23

3). Samson LTS 50

 The Samson LTS50 is among the best DJ laptop stands with the tripod base. It is produced by Samson and comes is among their flagship products. This is so obvious. The T stand weighs just eleven pounds, which means that it is highly portable and comes with high quality for sustained performance.

 We love this Samson LTS50 because the stand can be easily extended to between 30 and 47 inches. This allows the user to mount the laptop and every other accessory to be at their eye level. We love this laptop stand too for its laptop tray which measures 15 by 11 inches and is made from the silicon surface.

This is used to deliver a firm grip of the laptop to prevent the computer from sliding off during very intense and immersive sets. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops and other devices.

The stand allows your computer to be placed in the right position and held tightly in position. This Samson LTS 50 laptop stand is such a heavy duty portable stand for the Disc Jockey comes fully supported by a pretty strong tripod stand. The DJ tripod stand provides adequate support for the laptop at any height and angle preferred by the user.

The height can be adjusted. Furthermore, this DJ gear stand comes with quick release locking latches plus the safety locking pin lock. This is further tethered with the use of a short nylon strap. This makes it possible for the stand to be able to support close to between 30 and 40 pounds of items. The stand is useful for supporting mixers, projectors, laptops, and just about anything which you want to be supported by it.


• The stand is such a sturdy mobile platform and can support between 30 and 40 pounds of items.

• It comes with a strong tripod base

• It has quick release latches

• The stand comes with the safety locking pin


• You are expected to place this device on the floor rather than the desk. 

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 24

4). Pyle Portable Folding Stand

 The Pyle Pro Portable DJ laptop stand is one of the best DJ laptop stands in the industry. It is one of the most fantastic DJ laptop stands for topnotch DJs who want a combination of high quality and heavy duty. Like the Pyle PLPTS35, the Pyle Pro Portable Folding Stand for DJs is such a dependable DJ laptop stand that it can support nearly any item.

The DJ stand is gifted with a four-pronged tray which is useful for most devices out there.  You could support your laptop, tablet, iPad or your turntables with this DJ stand. This DJ laptop stand is the perfect mount for any device used by DJs to use in home studios. Something we love about this stand is the fact that the laptop is completely assembled for use.

This is a win for the busy Disc Jockey since it does not require any laborious assembly. Any Disc Jockey will fall in love with this DJ laptop stand because it can get as high as 16 7 inches to get up to the eye level of the Disc Jockey. Additionally, the tray’s angle can be rotated depending on the need of the Disc Jockey. Both of these features help the Disc Jockey to maintain a direct view of his laptop device as he mixes some of his favorite tracks.

Rest assured that your laptop is held firm by the legs which come with an anti slip feature. Its ergonomic standing design construction offers some of the best laptop support for a Disc Jockey who regularly dishes out intense crowd-pleasers. This gear is designed for the Disc Jockey who can get intense and immersive during concerts and public performances. The flat-folding feature supports mobility and long trips. It is excellent among DJ laptop stands.


• The DJ laptop stand easily folds flat to support mobility for mobile DJs.

• This DJ stand is very durable, reliable and portable like the Pyle PLPTS35.

• Can get up to a height of roughly 16 7 in which is pretty useful.


• The stand lacks a locking device.

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 25

5). VIVO Clamp-On Stand

 The VIVO Clamp-On stand is the best DJ laptop stand from an ergonomic perspective. This stand is an excellent option for those who want their laptop stand mounted on a desk. It is the best when it comes to an ergonomically designed laptop stand for desk-mounting.

This laptop stand help us to think about the ergonomic importance of our working area. The stand is designed to deliver the perfect sight and posture for the PC user. The VIVO comes with a super durable, modern feel, and sleek appearance. The C-clamp is a heavy duty component that helps it to attach to a desk securely.

Furthermore, the stand comes fully ventilated to ensure that your laptop is kept throughout your performance or usage. It is a good entry on this list. We love the fact that the laptop DJ stand does what it was created to do. It can support close to 22 pounds of gear, audio equipment and electronic materials. We also fancy the neat cable management system which the platform helps make possible.

This makes it to look clean all the time. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the laptop stand because it is pretty versatile and comes with numerous features lots of DJs would love. Its multipurpose design allows it to be used in the studio, office, the stage, or whichever place you want your computer mounted. The height can be adjusted.


  • It has a swivel which covers the full 360 degree
  • You can easily mount this stand to any given desk
  • We love the stand because it is excellent to be used in the home.


  • It is not a freestanding device and has to be mounted, unlike other brands.

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 26

6). Crane Stand Plus

 As the most durable laptop stand out there, the Crane stand plus is one of the best DJ laptops stands in the market. The crane stand plus is an adjustable and classic DJ laptop stand pro that is used to belt out magical musical tracks to the fun-hungry concert-goers and party lovers. You can spice up your party with this DJ laptop stand for the DJ laptop that has a highly adjustable height stand to bring your laptop at the eye level.

This function is also perfect for the home desk for people who love to work after work in the comfort of their homes. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops. It is excellent among DJ laptop stands. As a mobile Disc Jockey, the angling function can be manoeuvred to suit any purpose. The Crane stand pro for the modern Disc Jockey is handy for exceptionally tight and limited spaces like dorm parties and other options.

Therefore, people looking to mount their laptop, controller, or projector will easily fit into a venue where space is at a premium. You have to love the general design, and the aesthetics of the Crane stand pro. This function includes its custom finishes such as the sleek or graphite white. One thing to do to help prevent the beautiful casing of the stand to not to be scratched is that you will have to get the handy carrying case bag to help protect the stand.

The height can be adjusted. More importantly, the Crane stand comes with a unique function. It is the Z-position capability that delivers maximum stability. Also, the C position helps bring the stand to its highest level. You can quickly and reliably assemble the Crane stand. It features the lever set, the aluminium tensioning knob mechanismand the steel frame comes with a powder coated finishing.


  • Has a fair price.
  • It comes with excellent color finish options
  • The stand is perfect restricted and limited spaces
  • Has a powder coated steel frame.


  • This DJ stand works well with computers and not keyboards 

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 27

7). Hercules Laptop Stand

 This DJ laptop stand is one of the best DJ laptop stands due to its very compact design. It is highly suitable for mobile DJs who are on the road touring and need a stand that easily folds away for storage. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops. This Hercules stand for laptop is a heavy duty supporting stand as it can support any laptop that is as heavy as 22 pounds.

It is equipped with extra back legs for additional support. This stand for the laptop of the mobile Disc Jockey is known as one of the best and strongest you can get in the market. Pretty much like other DJ laptop stands, this Hercules stand for the Disc Jockey set laptop is adjustable both in its height and its angle of inclination to present the best plane for the Disc Jockey.

The stand for the mobile laptop is just a single piece build, which means that it is easily assembled and can be quickly taken down. It is preferred by the travelling presenter, the graphic artist, or the mobile Disc Jockey. The height can be adjusted.

We love this stand for the DJ laptop because it is suitable for small spaces and the office. This heavy duty Hercules laptop stand for the Disc Jockey can support different laptop sizes with the 13 inches and 15 inches laptop devices included. This Hercules stand for the laptop will be among your favourite gear accessories when you take it on tour.

You can simply fold the stand to become flat for easy packing. Furthermore, there is an accompanying carry case which makes storage pretty easy to use.


• This rugged stand design can hold about 22 lbs

• The device is durable and made of lightweight material.

• The stand can stack

• The stand is an excellent option for desk set-ups also.


• This stand is known to wobble

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 28

8). UltimateSupport Hyperstation

This is the best DJ laptop stand that offers several mounting choices. The ultimate support Hyperstation QR is known in the market for several reasons. The laptop stands cater to all the needs of the average DJ equipment. Furthermore, we fell in love with the cool look of this support system for computers and keyboard items. It is the right choice.

It comes with two tiers which are used to support gear such as an external hard drive, the laptop, an MP3 player plus every other DJ accessories, devices and items.  Perhaps something we love about the ultimate support Hyperstation QR is the fact that is easily mounted to any given mic stand. It is suitable for midi controllers. It is a good entry on this list.

It is fully equipped with the angle-adjustable arms for support which helps to lock in the laptop into place. With this function, a wobbly gear will be a thing of the past. If you need to use lighting controllers or drum pads during your set, it has the height adjustment second-tier function, which is very reliable to adjust the height. It is a must have for a DJ booth.

At the end of your gig, you can just fold out this Ultimate Support Hyperstation can be quickly folded down to become flat, and the platform perfectly fits into any backpack or a gear bag. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops. It is among the best DJ laptop stands in the market; the unit is as powerful as it is compact to offer an excellent mobile PC platform fancied by DJs all over the world. It has an excellent adjustable height feature.


• It is highly portable

• Includes a useful second tier to adjust the height

• It is collapsible and lightweight.


• The plastic which connects the collar is fragile

• There are no color alternatives to choose from –just black

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 29

9). Crane Stand Classic 

If you need a DJ stand for laptop, the Crane Stand is one excellent option for you. It is such a classic as it has a tray that can support a laptop size of close to 15 inches. This stand can virtually support any computer. It comes with a function which allows the user to bring up the laptop to a height that is between 4 and 13 inches. It is the right choice.

This enables the user to have better visibility to whatever is going on the platform. This Crane stand excellently folds flat to become about one and a half-inch high. This is why we love it because it is easy to use as well as transport. It is a good entry on this list.

Pretty much like every other Crane laptop stands, you can easily set this platform into the Z or C configuration. With this function, you can easily set up the workspace however you want or be able to put the stand into any given space. Furthermore, the Crane comes with various beautiful color alternatives such as the purple, navy blue, and forest green variants.

It is made from solid steel, making the stand to hold its own for several years. This is indeed an investment that you can trust. The height can be adjusted.


• It comes in different color variants.

• It has such a robust steel construction and different from other brands.

• It is sturdy, reliable and portable


• The stand is suitable for laptops alone and not useful for keyboards.

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10 Best DJ Laptop Stand in 2024 30

10). UDG U6010bl Creator

The UDG U6010bl Creator is the best DJ laptop which comes with the removable tray. If you need a reliable mobile DJ gear to help complement your laptop set-up, the UDG U6010bl creator laptop stand is one reliable device. This laptop stand is best suited for the musician, the music producer, and the Disc Jockey since it has a small form factor to offer the perfect stand for the mobile Disc Jockey. It is among the most excellent stands for laptops.

This stand for the laptop computer comes with a solid casing and user-friendly features. this best stand for the laptop device comes with an exclusive airflow construction which is used to prevent your laptop device from becoming overheated during intense use. This means that your computer will give a topnotch performance while you get busy trying to belt out those crowd-pleasing mix or beats!

Every Disc Jockey will love the fact that this UDG stand is produced with the neoprene sleeve. This makes it weigh less which is an excellent function for the mobile Disc Jockey who is always on the on a busy tour. The stand is made from a strong aircraft grade aluminium compound.

The stand can be easily adjusted up to 42 inches high with the use of its rotating levers which are user-friendly. With this UDG stand for the DJ laptop, users also get the sub tray for sound cards, and other little digital accessories.


• This stand has a second removable tray

• The stand is ergonomically built to prevent overheating of the laptop

• Can support up to an 18” laptop

• The stand has a Neoprene stand carry case


• We are not impressed with its limited color design options

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