12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024

Laptops have become extremely important for our home daily chores, and your search best laptop for everyday use shouldn’t be a daunting task, we will help you. Surely, there are several areas a laptop can come in handy at home. That’s why it’s important to select the right one for your needs. With a plethora of options, it may be a bit confusing to pick out the right one for your home use.

12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 12MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface ProCheck Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 13AppleNew Apple MacBook Pro 16-inchCheck Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 14acerAcer Aspire E 15Check Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 15ASUSASUS ZenBook UX305UA 13.3-Inch LaptopCheck Price on Amazon

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There are several features to consider, from the memory capacity to the performance level and to the design. When selecting the best laptop for everyday use, you should consider certain features properly before parting with your money.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Everyday Use

As we mentioned earlier, the best laptop for everyday use should have enough features and memory capacity to help you accomplish whatever you are doing on time. It should be fast enough and strong for multitasking.

If you’re going to buy a laptop for everyday use, it’s necessary to get the one that will provide all the features you will need. Make sure the laptop can do simple tasks as well as complex tasks.

Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for the best option for you, we will carry you along. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the 12 best laptops for everyday use. Read on to find out which one is your favorite.

best laptop for everyday use

1) Microsoft Surface Pro

Since it was introduced into the market, Microsoft Surface Pro has become one of the keenly demanded laptops because of its unique design and top features. It’s the type of laptop that would be great for everyday use. The laptop comes with top features, such as 8GB RAM, 256GB of storage, and a 13.5 hours battery life. The Intel i5 core processor in the laptop provides top performance for all types of tasks, whether designing, gaming, or just word processing.

The 13.5 hours battery power is definitely an improved version of the previous model. You have no need to carry your charger as the long battery strength will be enough to complete whatever task you may have outside.

Another important feature of this laptop is the relatively lightweight feature. At 1.69 lbs, it is one of the most portable laptops you can get.

There are lots of connectivity features for this laptop, including wireless 4.1 Bluetooth technology and wireless 802.11 It uses Intel HD graphics 620 and can run at a speed of up to 3.5 GHz. That’s quite enough to accomplish whatever task you may have.

When it comes to design, Microsoft Surface Pro is up also top in class. It has a sleek design and solid features that can preserve the lifespan of the laptop for a very long time. And the Full HD display provides the best video and picture quality you can ever find. With 8MP camera resolution, your Webcam will be very clear and bright. There are so many likable features about this laptop. It’s highly recommended for those looking for the best laptop for everyday use.

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best laptop for everyday use

2) New Apple MacBook Pro

If you’re been waiting for the new improved version of Macbook that inculcates all the impressive features, your wait is over. This is the brand new Macbook Pro people have been waiting for. And Apple did not disappoint the teaming users who have been eagerly waiting for such an improved version.

The Apple Macbook Pro is a top-performing laptop that is portable but equipped with lots of features. Just like the Microsoft Surface Pro, this model is designed with Intel UHD graphics 630, which offers good speed and high-level of performance. It also comes with Ultrafast SSD, Touch ID and Touch Bar, and Retina display technology for HDD image experience.

The key travels if the laptop’s keyboard is now 1mm, which is more responsive. It makes typing less stressful as you would be able to type faster and more accurately.

It also comes with 64GB of memory RAM, which is enough space for whatever you are working on. This makes it perfect for graphic design, office tools, picture editing, as well as gaming. And with 8TB of SSD storage, you are surely going to have a monster of a computer with a storage capacity that can accommodate more graphics and files.

If you’re looking for the best laptop for everyday use, there are very few models that can be compared with this one in terms of features and overall power.

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best laptop for everyday use

3) ASUS ZenBook 13.3-Inch Laptop

ASUS Zenbook is another portable option for those looking for the best laptop for everyday use. It comes with 256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and a host of connecting features.

The connecting features include 1X AC Adapter, 1 micro HDMI, USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and one combo audio jack.

When it comes to the wireless connection, you can utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 feature or via its integrated 802.11 ac Wi-Fi.

ASUS Zenbook laptop has a strong battery that can power the laptop for up to 10 hours. This means that you can do a whole lot even when there is no external power supply to the system. The all-aluminum body keeps the laptop safe and durable.

Also, it’s eye-catchy design makes it look like a Macbook. So, if you want a slim and sleek laptop and you don’t want the features of a Macbook, you can consider this one. You are also going to get an impressive audio experience because of the built-in ICEpower feature that provides ultra-HD audio and video experience. In addition, Zenbook’s AudioWizard feature provides a plethora of options to optimize sound. Those who just cannot do without music will love the sound output. It’s not the loudest but the laptop provides an immersive and rich audio experience.

ASUS is even offering a 1-year warranty on the laptop in case there is damage to any component. The coverage also offers protection against accidental drops and spills. Many brands do not offer this sought of protection.

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best laptop for everyday use

4) Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6″ Laptop

Acer is a renowned name in the industry. The company has some of the best laptop models, and this Acer Aspire E15 is another impressive model from the brand.

It is equipped with an 8th generation i3 Intel Core processor that can reach speed levels of up to 3.2 GHz. Acer Aspire has 8xDVD, 1TB HDD, 6GB Dual Channel Memory, widescreen LED-lit Display, as well as a battery that lasts for up to 13.5 hours.

With the memory capacity above, there is no task you can’t accomplish with the system. Again the best laptop for everyday use has to be strong and durable. And when it comes to durability, this Acer model is incomparable.

In fact, the sleek and durable design is what makes it an impressive laptop. Acer Aspire E15 may not be the lightest in the world. This is understandable considering the bevy of ports and features the laptop has. It comes with 802.11ac WIFI for fast internet connectivity, USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, as well as Ethernet port. For those looking for a strong affordable gaming laptop, there may be no better option than this model.

The strong memory and storage capacity makes it perfect for high intensive tasks. You will also have a smooth ride even when involved in heavy 3D and designing tasks. The laptop is relatively fast and equipped enough to stand the test of time. However, the Acer Aspire E15 does not come with a touch screen, which may not be a big deal if you are not after may fanciful features. Overall, this laptop is relatively affordable and comes with al the feature for your everyday tasks.

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best laptop for everyday use

5) Acer 14-inch Chromebook

Here is another Acer model that offers superior performance and great features. However, this model is cheaper, slimmer, and more portable. And as a Chromebook, you will have less to worry about viruses and other security threats. The system has built-in virus protection that updates regularly. Another nice thing about this system is the fact that it doesn’t take much time to boot. Actually, that is one special feature with most Chromebooks. Within 5 seconds, your system is ready to go.

If you are a lover of Google apps, a Chromebook like this is all you need. It gives you the ability to download, edit, or convert Microsoft Office files to slides, sheets, and google docs.

The Google Play Store offers access to a wide range of books, magazines, TV, movies, music, games, and apps.

The laptop has 4GB RAM capacity and 32GB eMMC for hard drive storage. With a battery life of 12 years, you have no need to carry a charger along wherever you go. The battery is strong enough to carry the system throughout working hours,

Another good thing about this Chromebook is portable and slim design. It is relatively lightweight and very portable. You can easily tuck it into our bag and go wherever you want without feeling much weight.

Acer 14-inch Chromebook also has rich connection features, including HDMI and USB ports. However, it doesn’t come with the SD card slot. Even though the laptop is one of the most affordable it comes packed with lots of impressive features. If you’re looking for the best laptop for everyday use, this Acer Chromebook could be the right one for you.

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best laptop for everyday use

6) Google Pixelbook Go M3 Chromebook

Google Pixelbook provides 12 hours of uninterrupted use without any external power source. With this feature, there is no need to carry your charger along. Also, the charging time is pretty quick. Under 2.5 hours, the system will be completely charged.

Google Pixelbook weighs only 2 pounds, which is arguably one of the lightest laptops in the market. The 13mm thin body makes it a lot easier to carry.

Unlike Windows laptops, Chromebooks boots quickly, which means you will enjoy quick startups with the system.

It comes pre-installed with anti-virus software and Titan C security chip which keeps your system safe. You don’t need to worry about the virus attack due to vulnerability because of the constant automatic Chrome OS updates.

The high keys and backlit keyboard makes it very comfortable to use Pixelbook. And unlike some other laptops, this one comes with touchpad for more comfort and ease of use.

It also comes with lots of connecting features such as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 ports, as well as 802.11a Wi-Fi. It is highly recommended for those looking for an affordable laptop with enough power for top performance.

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7) ASUS VivoBook Portable Laptop

ASUS VivoBook has comprehensive connecting features, which include HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, as well as USB 3.1. It features a slim NanoEdge bezel, lightweight frame, 8th generation quad-core processor, as well as a brushed metal finish for durability. With an aluminum cover, the laptop is protected against accidental drops and spills. This model is super tough when it comes to performance. It features 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD and an additional HDD storage of 1TB.

It comes with a fingerprint sensor and a backlit keyboard for convenience. ASUS VivaBook combines both high storage capacities and blistering transfer speed, which makes it one of the best laptops for everyday use. You can easily install games and apps and utilize the HDD to store large files such as photo albums, music libraries, and movies.

The laptop offers other benefits, including hybrid storage, physical data protection, fast boot-up times, read/write speeds, as well as improved system performance. The ergonomic backlit keyboard makes it ideal for the low light environment. And the strong single-piece keyboard with 1.4mm key travel provides a comfortable typing experience.

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi offers up to 865Mbs, which is 5 times faster than the previous 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. With the improved speed and performance, you can complete virtually all your tasks in record time.

When it comes to portability, ASUS VivoBook may not be up there as the best laptop for everyday use. It weighs about 3.7 lbs, which is relatively lightweight but heavier than some Chromebook models.

However, it’s still portable and can fit easily into the bag. In terms of performance and power, the ASUS VivaBook stands out as one of the best you can get in the market.

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best laptop for everyday use

8) Lenovo Yoga 920 Laptop

Lenovo Yoga offers immersive entertainment, impressive design, and world-class performance. It is equipped with power and speed to streamline daily typing, designing, and gaming activities. It is sleeker than most types of laptops and comes with additional features that are rare to find in other systems. For instance, the voice-activated support offers a convenient way to send your messages across without typing too much. Also, there is a touch-screen display that offers improved convenience while working on the system.

The laptop is a convertible laptop, which means you can easily turn it into a tablet by utilizing its 360 degrees rotational functionality.

Although Lenovo great for design, it also comes with impressive features. The storage capacity of 265 GB SSD and 8GB RAM is enough for most types of tasks with the computer. And as the system is powered by the 8th Gen. Intel i5 core processor, you will enjoy faster data transfer speeds and improved performance.

It is strong enough to withstand accidental drops and water or coffee spills. The touchpad, keyboard, and touchscreen are accurate and responsive. However, it is slightly heavy at 3.02 pounds, but with the long list of features, anyone could understand why.

Lenovo Yoga has one of the most impressive battery performances among all types of laptops. At a battery power of 14 hours on a full charge. You have no need to carry the charger wherever you go. It’s one of the main reasons for its popularity in the market.

There are several connecting features you will enjoy as well. There is 3.5mm audio jack, USB C ports/2 Thunderbolt, as well as USB 3.0.

If you are in search of the durable and high-performing laptop for your daily use, the Lenovo Yoga will serve you well.

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9) HP Omen Gaming Laptop

For those looking for a laptop with top performance for gaming, here is a laptop I would like you to consider. It comes packed with impressive features that will be great for all types of gaming needs.

HP Omen Gaming laptop has Thunderbolt feature, 256 GB PCIe, an impressive 16 GB DDR SDRAM, and an Intel 17 processor that offers a minimum of 2.2GHz and a maximum of 4.1 GHz. These features should be enough for all your high-end gaming activities.

Those involved in intense video editing and graphics design will not have issues with the performance of this laptop. The laptop also comes with a complete backlit keyboard with numeric keypads that are very responsive. Also, there are lots of connecting features, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, as well as the HDMI feature.

The NVIDIA GeForce 1060 graphics will provide the needed power you need for all types of games. And when it comes to durability, the HP Omen laptop is a beast in its own right. The aluminum-coated design offers protection against spills and accidental drops. The Li-ion battery can last for 12 hours on a full charge.

The battery capacity is more than the average level of 9 hours for even the most durable Chromebook laptops. So, despite the heavy graphics and top features, you still get to enjoy the battery life for a long time.

For connecting options, there are both Bluetooth and 802.11ac features for fast connectivity. If you are in need of the best laptop for everyday use, we are sure you will find this model very impressive. Those looking for a gaming laptop will appreciate the overall features of the HP Omen laptop.

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10) ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

ASUS C302 Chromebook should be your priority if you want a lightweight and affordable laptop with a battery that lasts long. Just like other laptops, we have explained here, this model comes with the Intel Core processor. Of course, an Intel processor is always better and more powerful than an AMD processor. So, you will be getting an impressive system with top performance when you settle for this model.

The flexible 360-degree hinge gives it an extra edge over other models because you can actually use it either in a laptop mode or a tablet mode.

At 2.65 pounds, you are getting a very portable and lightweight system you can easily carry around with ease. And when it comes to durability, the system is well protected with a sleek aluminum and metal body.

And because it’s a Chromebook, the laptop starts within seconds, which means you don’t have to delay and wait for a long time before starting off with your task. ASUS C302 comes with 4GB RAM for efficient and fast performance.

And when it comes to the graphics cards, there is an integrated card that is strong enough to stream videos and play games. With the hard drive storage of 64GB, you will have all the memory you need for multitasking.

And if you want to increase the speed, you can raise the level to 2.2GHz, which will aid you o complete your tasks at home and have extra time to do other things. Since it is a Chromebook, Google offers support for updates and security against viruses and other external attacks. If you are looking for the best laptop for everyday use, we are certain you will find this system a great option.

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12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 17


11) HP Spectre TouchScreen Laptop

HP Spectre is a complete definition of quality and performance. It’s another premium quality laptop that provides everything you need for all your activities, whether you are designing, editing, using office tools, or gaming. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive than other models, but the impressive features surely make up for the price. It runs on a high-powered Intel Core i7 processor and a Turbo boost technology that speeds up performance. It is a quad-core processor with speeds that reach a maximum of 4GHz, 16GB DDR SDRAM, 512 GB PCIe, as well as 16GB RAM.

This model uses the impressive Intel Kaby Lake G Series, which makes it even more powerful to handle virtually all types of tasks at home and in the office.

And when it comes to connectivity, there is HDMI port, as well as 2 thunderbolt ports. This system also has an SD memory card slot and USB 3.0 ports for fast connections and responsiveness for your external devices.

If you will ever need to use the laptop in a low light environment, that’s not a problem. The keyboard uses the WLED backlit technology which brims light in a poorly lit environment. We can go on and on to talk about the various impressive features of the HP Spectre because it has a lot to offer. The high cost of the laptop has not deterred people from choosing it because they know they are getting the best laptop for everyday use when it comes to superior performance.

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12) Dell Inspiron FHD Laptop

Dell Inspiron may be the last on the least here, but that does not make it the least important by any means. If you are looking for a premium quality laptop but don’t want a product from HP, this should be your next alternative. The impressive aluminum-coated design keeps it from damages as a result of accidental spills.

This laptop comes with an 8GB SSD drive, plus 1TB HDD for more storage options for your heavy files. It uses the NVIDIA GeForce graphics, which makes it an excellent choice for high-intensity tasks that require more power. And the backlit keyboard also offers enough visibility in low light conditions.

Intel Quad-Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Processor; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5

We all know that Dell does not disappoint with its products. And this model follows the long line of impressive products the brand has released into the market.

The SSD is similar to the flash-based memory that comes with USB memory devices. They don’t have any moving parts, which makes them less likely to fail compared to standard hard drives. It offers faster load times and impressive speed for all types of tasks.

Also, the state-of-the-art cooling mechanism always keeps the system cool even when its heavy use. You don’t have to be worried about the hotness or failure of the system because of the high temperature. The cooling system with 240 thermal wings keeps the laptop relatively cool throughout. These features will come handy if you are a gaming enthusiast. They will also be needed for multitasking, graphics design, and photo and video editing.

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12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 12MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface ProCheck Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 13AppleNew Apple MacBook Pro 16-inchCheck Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 14acerAcer Aspire E 15Check Price on Amazon
12 Best Laptop for Everyday Use in 2024 15ASUSASUS ZenBook UX305UA 13.3-Inch LaptopCheck Price on Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most common questions about the best laptop for everyday use

Which laptop is the best for home use?

There are great options that are affordable and impressive for performance. These include Acer Aspire E15, Google PixelBook, Lenovo Yoga, as well as Microsoft surface pro

How long can a laptop last?

With normal use, some laptops can last for that long. But the replacement of come components can start from 4 years.

Which laptop has the best battery capacity?

If you are looking for a laptop with a battery that lasts very long, you should consider Chromebook models like Google Pixelbook or ASUS Chromebook flip. These have the best battery strength for everyday use.

Which laptop is the best for gaming?

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, you can consider Dell Inspirion FHD, HP Spectre, or HP Omen gaming laptop. They are some of the best laptop for everyday use to consider.

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