8 Best TRX40 Motherboards For AMD Threadripper CPUs

AMD’s impressive Threadripper is one of the best processors you are going to get in this 2020 if you’re looking for optimum performance. With the launch of the brand new Threadripper 300 series, there are now newly manufactured TRX40 motherboards that match the performance of these processors.

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Since these new Threadrippers run up to 32 cores, you will need an equally strong motherboard to meet up to their power. Fortunately, some TRX40 motherboards are equal to the tasks.

Choosing the Best TRX40 Motherboards

Buying a new motherboard for your Threadripper processor can be a challenging task, especially with a plethora of options available. You need to choose the model with the right features for such an optimum performance. And the difference between these motherboards lies in the features, especially because they are built with the new sTRXs CPU sockets.

Our experience and extensive research have led us to discover 8 of the Best TRX40 Motherboards in the market right now. Let’s take you through the list so you can decide which one is right for your system build.

Best TRX40 Motherboards For AMD Threadripper CPUs

1) ASUS ROG Zenith II sTRX4 EATX Motherboard

For many years, ASUS has been a leader in the motherboard market with lots of top-performing boards to its name. The brand has always had an impressive track record in the high-end segment of the motherboard. This ASUS ROG Zenith II board represents everything ASUS is built for – quality, toughness, and superior performance.

It comes with a lot of nice features, including the 4 PCIe x 16 slots for graphics cards, 8 RAM slots, and at least five M.2 PCIe storage slots, making it one of the best trx40 motherboards when it comes to features.

When it comes to connectivity, you will have a lot of options. There is Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6 port, 1 Gbps LAN port, and an Aquantia ACQ-107 Ethernet port. The 16-phase VRM is always equal to the task to power the new Threaddripper. It will be enough even for the upcoming 64 cores 2990X Threadripper that’s not been released yet.

While this is still one of the most demanded motherboards for gamers, it’s a great way to spend time when the cores are on rendering duty. The RGB feature allows you to sync the lighting with other RGB products such as peripherals and graphics.

It’s compatible with different types of systems, but it will suit an ASUS product perfectly.

This unit comes with robust power delivery with microfine alloy chokes, ProCool II power connectors, and optimized power solution with 16 Infineon power stages.

Additionally, the USB3.2 Gen2x2 offers maximum speed and connectivity through the M.2 drives.

With two addressable headers and two additional headers, you will always have unmatched OLED display and personalization with RGB lighting.

Although it’s a bit more expensive than some other TRX40 motherboards, this is unarguably one of the Best TRX40 Motherboards you will get in the market.

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2) Asus Rog Zenith Extreme Alpha Motherboard

If you are looking to buy a 70X Threadripper or Ryzen 3960 for gaming, you will always need a good motherboard that will go with such a powerful option. Fortunately, the ASUS ROG Zenith Alpha is a perfect match. There are many reasons for that.

It’s a high-end gaming-focused motherboard, so you will always have an immersive gaming experience with this one. Also, this is a very stylish motherboard with a lot of options to choose from, giving you the chance to customize it to your taste.

This motherboard is built with Gamefirst V Network control software, allowing you to make changes and prioritize any application you are running.

Besides, there is a built-in color OLED LiveDash display that shows everything from BIOS update status, to fan speeds, to the CPU temperature, and even customizable graphics.

It makes use of the Aura Sync application with eight different lighting effects. Additionally, there are addressable Gen2 headers which easily tailor the lighting effects to each specific device.

When it comes to slots and VRM, there may not be a better motherboard. It is equipped with impressive 5 PCIe 4.0 M.2 sockets, 8 SATA 6Gbps slots, and a 16-phase configuration with TDA21490 A power stages.

There are lots of connectivity options as well, including the 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 and Aquantia AQC-107C chipset, which provides space for 10GBps Lan speeds.

If you’re looking for the best trx40 motherboards for your system build, we highly recommend this board for its toughness and superior performance.

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3) ASRock MB TRX40 Creator

ASRock has always set the pace in the motherboard market. This time, the brand has continued the trend with yet another wonderful TRX40 motherboard for AMD Ryzen Threadripper. This ASROCK motherboard has a professional look even though it still has a simple appearance.

This is a high-end motherboard that’s relatively affordable with lots of modern features and top-quality components.

It comes with an impressive aluminum alloy heatsink, which offers a great cooling solution and pushes the temperature a bit down for the system. An effective cooling system is an integral part of every good motherboard. Fortunately, this motherboard has one of the best cooling systems among other motherboards.

Like other best trx40 motherboards listed here, ASROCK MB motherboard comes with the next-generation LAN technology by Aquantia AQ-107, which delivers extremely fast transfer speed. Also, it is equipped with Bluetooth 5 and Intel Wi-Fi6 802.11x port for a super-fast Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi6 is the latest available Wi-Fi connection available for the best trx40 motherboards, and it’s good that this motherboard comes with the feature.

In addition, the board is built with the high-quality Realtek ALC4050H codec, offering the best audio quality available. There are lots of connectivity features too, including USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, triple M.2 NVMe, and 8 x SATA 6Gbbbb/s slots.

However, there is no Thunderbolt 3 header. That’s the only absence we’ve noticed on the motherboard. Apart from that, everything about this motherboard represents quality. And since it comes at a more affordable price, there may be no better option that would give you the best value for money.

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Gigabyte is an exceptional motherboard that can be paired with the 3rd generation Threadripper to provide an impressive gaming performance. This Gigabyte TRX40 is just the right motherboard to house the beast of a processor, but it comes at a higher price.

If you are serious about getting the perfect match for your Threadripper CPU, that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Gigabyte made sure this motherboard is packed with a top-end cooling system that can keep the temperature in check at all times. It is equipped with an impressive heatsink with an extremely nice design.

There are different features you are going to look forward to, including the Gen4 A/C Adaptor, 4 M.2 NVMe with a thermal guard, as well as 10 SATA 6Gb/s connectors.

Additionally, there are complete 4x PCIe x 16 slots that provide support for graphics cards.

The audio implementation of the motherboard is simply out of this world. That’s one of the special features of the board. Also, its Realtek ALC4050H codec provides the best analog and digital result.

Gigabyte also provided an option that will take care of the fast internet connection we have today. That is why the board comes with Intel W-Fi 6 802.11ax and pre-installed Intel X550-AT2 for dual 10 GbE.

There is also a Bluetooth 5 feature, plus a 2X Aurois antenna. You will not see this WiFi 6 feature on many other motherboards. It’s the fastest Wi-Fi connectivity right now.

Besides, there are lots of USB Gen2 connections. There are 7 x Type-A back panel and both rear and front USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C ports.

You will also love the Thunderbolt 3 header, which is one of the most important improvements in this board. If you are looking for the best trx40 motherboards, we are sure this one will serve the right purpose for you.

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5) MSI Creator TRX40

MSI creator is another MSI motherboard designed particularly with gamers in mind. It features Mystic Light that supports about 16.8 million colors and 29 effects. So, you have lots of options to customize your system the way you want using the RGB lighting.

The RGB lighting may just be an aesthetic feature, but many gamers care about this feature a lot.

Like other best trx40 motherboards we have listed here, MSI Creator comes with PCI Express slots, allowing you to expand your system the way you want.

It is equipped with enhanced thermal solution, including Heatpipe, extended heatsink, as well as frozr heatsink.

Also, there are lots of connecting ports such as USB 3.2 Gen2x2, which offers the fastest speeds with stability.

The aluminum heatsink with black finish may be too large. That’s understandable, considering the loads of features it accommodates. To improve heat dissipation, the heat-pipe connects the CPU heatsink to the main heatsink.

When it comes to overall performance, this is the type of TRX40 motherboard for Threadripper CPUs you should be investing your money.

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6) MSI TRX40 PRO 10G Motherboard

MSI TRX40 is one of the most affordable options you will have among the best TRX40 motherboards in this list. But despite the budget-friendly nature, it still comes loaded with lots of features.

The powerful heatsink offers better cooling than a wide array of motherboards. That’s one of the reasons it’s highly rated in the industry. So, with this motherboard, you don’t have to be worried about pushing your system to the extreme because the cooling system is capable.

It utilizes 3 phase for SoC and 6×2 phase 90A ISL99390 power stages, which is exceptional for 3rd Gen Threadripper. Even those doing extreme overclocking will not have issues with this motherboard, as it’s designed to deliver all-round performance.

MSI TRX40 motherboard has a 10G Super LAN card with customized dual Intel I211AT LAN ports. However, it doesn’t come with a built-in wireless onboard.

There is a core boost with fully digital power design and a premium layout for improved performance.

Other features include one USB 3.2 Gen2 header, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, 2 M.2 slots, and 8 x SATA 6Gb/sports. The SATA ports installed here to offer exceptional connecting and transfer speeds.

On the whole, this MSI motherboard is ideal for gamers and content creators looking for high-end motherboards with all the necessary features.

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7) Gigabyte TRX40 WiFi Motherboard

Here is another Gigabyte Aorus motherboard for AMD Threadripper CPUs. Auros Extreme is a high-end motherboard with lots of features, including the M.2 slots and chipsets.

The look and design may not impress someone who loves something more compact to fit properly. But the motherboard doesn’t have any issues with compatibility. The design is sophisticated and sleek, compared to more gaming-oriented motherboards. It is most likely going to be compatible with the rest of your workstation.

This one comes with a 16+3 power design, making it perfect for the latest Threadripper series. Additionally, the motherboard has 10 SATA 6Gbps ports, 4 M.2 slots, 4 PCIe x 16 slots, and 8 RAM slots. These ports are enough for multiple connections at the same time.

The back of the motherboard is also packed with lots of connections as well. There is the RGB lighting that can be synchronized with other peripherals. The RAM slots and PCIe slots are reinforced for durability and improved GPU support.

It’s always a nice thing to have a motherboard that responds effectively for gaming and other complex purposes, especially when dealing with a Threadripper CPU.  Thankfully, this Gigabyte Aorus WiFi motherboard is one of the best trx40 motherboards for AMD Threadripper CPUs in the market right now.

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8) ASRock MB TRX40 Taichi Motherboard

We are talking about another ASROCK MB TRX40 motherboard. This Taichi model is the ultimate solution if you’re looking for the perfect gaming gear. With this, your system build will be far superior to any other system you’ve built in the past.

You stand to gain plenty from this motherboard. It comes with stylish appearance, has stable operation, four M.2 slots, and a high-performance cooling system.

The only flaw we have noticed with Taichi is the poorly placed fan headers and CPU-power which can make it more stressful to plug in the power cable.

It offers support for about six M.2 key-M solid-state drives. One very important feature is the impressive thermal solution that gives the motherboard and the system extreme cooling performance. This keeps the system in its best performance levels for any type of high-end use.

Overall, the motherboard is one of the best trx40 motherboards in the market if you consider the cooling performance and solidly built.

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