10 Best Z270 Motherboards In 2021

The importance of gaming computers having a solid motherboard needs not to be stressed since it is widely understood to be the main component that determines how everything else runs. The motherboard decides what memory can be used in your computer or what storage one can connect in. Consequently, after considering various factors such as brand, overclocked speed, motherboard audio, networking options, these are the 20 best Z270 motherboards in 2020 designed to provide a solid foundation for modern-day computing.

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From the Intel’s 200-Series Chipsets, the consumer-oriented Z270 motherboard is increasingly gaining popularity among those looking for a gaming system build guaranteed to deliver an enhanced performance and experience. With the Z270 motherboard, you do not have to worry about lag, disrupted connections, and lackluster graphics. That is possible because of the improvement in features and styles, including refinements for overclocking and PCIe lanes dual-GPU configurations.

Best Z270 Motherboards

1. ASUS Maximus IX Hero

The ASUS Maximus IX Hero is considered the overall best Z270 motherboard if you consider its features or performances. This motherboard performs better when compared to even other motherboards that cost almost twice. The Z270 motherboard was built for the 7th generation Intel Core processors to maximize speed and connectivity with front panel USB 3.1, Intel’s Optane Memory compatibility, and Dual M.2.

There are plenty of features to play around with if you happen to be a hardware hobbyist. There are buttons for memory reset, power, system reboot, and BIOS entry finely integrated along the board edges on the upper-right and lower. Moreover, this motherboard is equipped with fan headers, which are extensive and well-placed, supported by features including a flow tachometer designed for water cooling loops. Also, with FanXpert 4 and Auto-Tuning, these features are crucial for automatically tailoring overclocking profiles per your unique build for achieving dynamic system cooling and maximum OC performance.

On the back I/O panel, there are ten USB ports, meaning that external connectors are available in plenty. However, there is a limit of internal USB headers to just three for each generation. Other important features include onboard illumination and metal framing, 3x crossfire / 2x SLI, LGA1151 socket, and ATX form factor. Some of the top features to remember include:

  1. Wide range of performance and cosmetic additions, including AURA Sync and 5-way optimization.
  2. Onboard illumination and metal framing
  3. Maximized connectivity and speed with front panel USB 3.1, Dual M.2, etc.


  • Good price
  • Best overclocking and memory scores
  • Mild or wild depending on how the lights are tuned


  • No incorporation of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • More board than needed for a usual PC

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2. ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula is, without a doubt, one of the best motherboards for gamers designed for 7th generation Kaby Lake processors. The motherboard appears aesthetically pleasing as its predecessor in the form of Maximus VIII Formula. The board comes with numerous features and improvements, making its users opt for this particular upgrade. Some of the improvements added consist of dedicated motherboard headers important for enhanced water cooling support, an extra M.2 slot, and even 3D templates for enabling advanced customization options.

Besides, the CrossChill EK II waterblock has been redesigned, enabling cooling with air or water and features larger, thinner fins beneficial in terms of delivering quieter operation and increased heat dissipation. Maximus IX Formula also features the innovative Water-Cooling Zone by ROG, which allows a user to monitor every part of his/her cooling system. The creative Water-Cooling Zone is equipped with dual water-temperature headers for monitoring the water temperature going into and out of the system. With the help of the water flow tachometer, one can check the system’s water flow rate.

Another exciting feature that this particular motherboard has is the AURA Sync RGB lighting. This feature provides you with full customization of the board colors. The strategically positioned in-built RGB LEDs together with the RGB strips allow a user to choose between numerous lighting schemes able to function in perfect synchronization. Below is a summary of some of the best top features of this board.

  1. Built-in EK waterblock support having internal modifications for lowering temperatures
  2. Integrated I/O shield for streamlined installation
  3. Maximized connectivity and speed with onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi, etc.


  • Hybrid air and liquid cooling made possible through the CrossChill EK II waterblock feature
  • Aura Lighting Control software, providing up to nine different lighting schemes
  • Close monitoring of water flow and temperature made possible because of the enhanced water cooling system.
  • Top-shelf performance


  • Among the Z270 motherboards, it is one of the most expensive
  • Access to some connectors and ports may be impeded by armor

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3. MSI Z270 Tomahawk

The MSI Z270 Tomahawk is considered as one of the relatively affordable models of the Z270 motherboard. While the Z270 motherboard offers plenty of features and enhanced performance, one of its main drawbacks is the required extra dollars for buy-in. The MSI Z270 Tomahawk costs just a few more bucks compared to the average cost of an entry-level Z270 motherboard. However, even if it is affordable, it should be noted that this board still manages to deliver an impressive build quality and various features.

Included in the color scheme of dark grey and red is a built-in I/O enveloped with an illuminated logo, a Printed circuit board screened pattern, and red backlighting. The result is striking, and if you are worried about potential clashes of component color choice, understand there is the availability of an arctic version looking even more sublime for matching any style.

While CPU speeds or top-shelf memory performance is not delivered as expected with this relatively cheaper board, note that gaming performance is not affected much.

One of the main disadvantages worth mentioning about this motherboard is its incorporation of the outdated Realtek ALC 892 audio codec. While the onboard audio may be perfect for standard duties, most of the other motherboards provided here have the new ALC 1220, incorporating over five years of audio enhancements and advancement. Fortunately for you, the codec implementation is sound and, therefore, does not entirely exist as a deal-breaker. Alternatively, you can always look for another board option if you require a cutting edge sound. Below is a summary of the top features of the MSI Z270 Tomahawk.

  1. 16 GB capacity
  2. Speed: DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz
  3. PCB print effects in addition to onboard illumination
  4. Gaming LAN, Audio Boost, Twin Turbo M.2


  • Excellent price
  • Intel Ethernet
  • Stylish design with in-built LED backlighting and I/O cover


  • Poor overclocking results
  • Ancient Realtek ALC892 audio

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The ASUS PRIME Z270-A is also one of the best Z270 motherboards available. The motherboard comes with all the important features needed for building a system of high-performance with high-grade acceleration. Still, the board ensures that it does not have a lot of extra features, which could have seriously increased its price.

Intel motherboards have been known for incorporating incremental enhancements rather than implementing larger sweeping changes, and the Prime Z270-A continues on that path. While many of the specs and features of the board are similar to previous models, note that they are relatively faster, bigger, and better than ever.

The A270-A Prime has two M.2 ports, and this is beneficial for the reason that M.2 drives are now the go-to option for storage. Having two ports available makes sense since the fastest possible speeds are allowed without making use of RAID. There are also two rear USB 3.1 ports available.

The motherboard is equipped with 5-Way Optimization certain to make your PC dynamic. The most vital parts of your system are automatically optimized, depending on real-time usage. The result is that you benefit from a CPU performance that is efficient and reliable. The feature incorporated also manages to deliver a combined stable digital power as well as cool, quieter fans, with optimized settings for audio and network for your apps. For that reason, your PC will perform reliably for entertainment, gaming, etc. Below is a summary of the best features of this Z270 motherboard.

  1. Fan Xpert 4 is a complete fan control, configured from the UEFI BIOS or standalone app.
  2. Multiple temperature sensors for ensuring all parts of the board are monitored.
  3. Quiet mode, which is vital for decreasing all fan speeds.
  4. Dual Patent-pending Safe Slots
  5. AURA Sync RGB lighting
  6. Maximized connectivity and speeds with Intel Optane Memory compatibility, integrated Dual M.2, Intel Thunderbolt 3 support, and USB 3.1 Type A and Type C connections.
  7. On-board 3D-printing mounts facilitate unique design creation on a customized build.


  • Good looking solid board available for a reasonable price
  • Support for dual M.2 devices and SATA ports
  • Customized overclocking because of the 5-way optimization feature


  • Is not equipped with any truly exceptional feature, which to be fair is not a crime

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5. Asus Prime Z270-P

Looking at the Asus Prime Z270-P, you will agree with us that it is a work of art. The motherboard offers an impressive computing experience at a relatively affordable price. The motherboard boasts numerous powerful features such as 5X Protection III Hardware, FanXpert 2 Core, and On-board 3D-printing mounts.

The 5X Protection III Hardware feature is vital for providing component reliability and longevity and lightning-fast storage speeds. For the FanXpert 2 Core, an advanced fan control feature is delivered for dynamic cooling. In terms of the onboard 3D-printing mounts, this feature is essential in the creation of unique designs on the customized build. Other important specifications and features include:

  1. 2x crossfire
  2. Liquid cooling and hardware safeguards options
  3. Black and silver design, with no onboard illumination
  4. LGA1151 socket
  5. ATX form factor


  • Excellent UEFI BIOS design
  • Rapid application performance
  • Relatively affordable price
  • An array of features


  • No real high-end features incorporated
  • Middling games results
  • Lack of UEFI RGB LED configuration

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6. ASRock Z270 Extreme4

The ASRock Z270 Extreme4 is a mainstream motherboard priced between relatively cheaper and relatively expensive Z270 boards. The motherboard does not possess an array of fancy features that usually you may not even need anyway. Instead, the board is armed with the right features needed to do its job nicely and at an affordable price.

For the reason that this board is one of the relatively cheaper Z270 boards available, it is commendable the board has all the adequate features for gaming. The appearance of the motherboard is attractive, and the board has customizable RGB LEDs for lighting up the motherboard. Remember that if you do not want your motherboard to be lit up, ASRock made it possible for turning them off through the BIOS instead of loading up software.

Besides, the board also has a dedicated water-pump header supporting a maximum power of 1.5A. It is possible to adjust the voltage to receive lower noise output and better performance. Also, with the addition of the Purity Sound 4 system, the audio is decent, and crisp sound effects are delivered.

In terms of storage, there are plenty of options, such as three PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots, two USB 3.1 slots, and dual M.2 slots. Check out the summary of the essential features below.

  1. Optimized CPU OC Settings
  2. Supports Triple Monitor
  3. 4 x DDR4 up to 64 GB, dual-channel
  4. Customizable RGB LEDs
  5. Realtek ALC1220 audio codec
  6. Black and white design
  7. VR-ready gaming Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboard


  • Aesthetically pleasing and solid motherboard
  • USB 3.1 TypeC and TypeA and Dual M.2 ports
  • Great, easy overclocking
  • Better connections and less interference because of the reinforced steel PCIe slots


  • No integrated Wi-Fi

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The ASUS ROG STRIX is a micro motherboard that has been brought back in the limelight due to various reasons. Some of the possible reasons include the game streaming evolution and Intel’s NUC initiative success. Smaller motherboards often provide you with more features when compared with ATX boards that are similarly priced. The smaller boards are hence a perfect option for those builders not concerned with limited options for expansion down the road.

While the new Strix products by ASUS are entry-level for ROG (Republic Of Gamers), the ASUS ROG STRIX Z270 feels like premium compared with a top product, for instance, the Maximus motherboards. The board shares the same brushed metal heatsinks, dark grey, and thick PCB like the big motherboards making it feel like a bargain.

The board is also furnished with Aura lighting, an arrangement of LEDs and an RGB header, external lighting strips. There is the provision of Wi-Fi by way of 2T2R Atheros wireless, and the hardware also ably manages Bluetooth 4.1 duties. In terms of audio, the new ALC 1220A CODEC by Realtek is relied upon, and together with an updated program layer, its case for living room media use is strengthened. Here is a summary of the top features of this motherboard.

  1. LGA1151 socket for 6th and 7th Gen Intel Core desktop processors
  2. M.2 heatsinks and double-decker PCH design delivering optimal gaming performance and heat dissipation
  3. Aura 4-pin RGB header and Aura Sync RGB LEDs for ultimate customizability
  4. 5-Way Optimization, one-click system-wide overclocking


  • Dual M.2, with a topside slot one-easy access
  • Well-built and stylish
  • Relatively cheaper/inexpensive


  • During tight installs, sharp corners bite
  • No USB 2.0 headers on board
  • Other Z270 motherboards have Thunderbolt 3

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8. MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

There is a reason why the new version of the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon is considered one of the best Z270 motherboards. The board adds more USB 3.1 ports, doubles the M.2 slots, offers improved board layout, and with the Realtek’s ALC 1220 codec you are guaranteed of boosted audio.

With wide-ranging hardware support, the DDR4 slots can be filled with favorite memory, and keeping rig at the optimum operating temperature is possible thanks to the availability of support for air and liquid cooling.

The carbon series neutral color is retained and includes a refreshed board shield, new heatsinks, and reinforced DRAM slots. What is more, the incorporated I/O shroud has been integrated into the more balanced, updated implementation of LED Mystic Light.

Building with the motherboard has become satisfying because the unused PCB area, previously along the right-edge, has been populated with components, and thus, the right layout has been considerably relaxed. Components such as the 1151 socket power, CPU fan, and system fan have helped greatly in improving access.

For the sacrifices made, it generally involves substituting or removing legacy ports, which is a sin that can be forgiven. The number of the back panel USB 2.0 connectors has been reduced from four to two, making way for extra USB 3.1.  Some of the features of the board to remember include:

  1. Multiple graphics cards (Mystic Light Sync and M.2 shield ) supported
  2. Carbon fiber design with appropriate onboard illumination
  3. LGA1151 socket
  4. ATX/Mini ATX form factor


  • Great CPU overclocking
  • Slick looks
  • Board layout improvements


  • Few legacy ports
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

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9. Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X

The Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X  comes packed with a strong specifications list and numerous fashionable features. This Z270 motherboard model features an 11-phase design of CPU power. The board is fortified with three reinforced steel slots (PCI-E 3.0 x16) and supports 2-way SLI or 3-way CrossFireX. The board also features several SATA 6 GB/s ports, PCI-E 3.0 x 1 slot, one U.2 port, etc. In terms of USB, you are provided with USB 3.1 ports (Type-A port and Type-C port) and several USB 2.0 ports, and a couple of USB 3.0 ports.

This Z270 motherboard has an excellent LED light implementation making it stick out among other similar boards. The RGB LEDs are located under the audio section, underneath the chipset cooler, and of course, between the CPU socket and PCI-E slots. The RGB Fusion application makes it possible for the creation of cool effects like fade on and off.

The motherboard model features three auto overclocking types. Two types are software-based, while one overclocking type is BIOS-based.  For you to access the auto-tune feature and OC presets, you are required to rely on the EasyTune application.

Generally, the Z270X-Gaming 5 by AORUS looks excellent, considering the detailed attention given in the lighting array. In terms of audio quality and overclocking ability, the Z270X Gaming 5 overachieves. As a result, it is one of the top mid-level range motherboards for you to use. Other notable features include:

  1. Killer E2500 Gaming Network- For users who want to access large files faster, load games in a flash, and boot OS faster.
  2. Supports 7th and 6th Generation Intel Core Processors
  3. Intel USB3.1 Gen2 with Type-C USB
  4. Temperature Sensors and hybrid fan headers


  • LED lighting complete customization allowed through the RGB Fusion system
  • Strong overclocking capabilities
  • Onboard temperature sensors (6) and temperature sensor headers (2)


  • No DVI-D port

10. ASRock Fatal1ty Motherboard Z270 Gaming K6

ASRock Fatal1ty K6 is one of the best Z270 motherboards when it comes to speed. The gaming board designed for speed comes with enhanced Vcore Voltage guaranteed to deliver responsive and efficient CPU power with potential for high overclocking. When it comes to memory, the motherboard supports 64GB of RAM, and together with the 4x DDR4 memory slots, optimal performance is certain. What is more, when it comes to this motherboard, you do not have to worry about longevity. The board is equipped with premium heatsinks important for keeping the rig protected and cool in the long run.

  1. 4 x DDR4 up to 64 GB, Dual-Channel
  2. Socket LGA1151 support 6th and 7th Intel Core
  3. ATX form factor
  4. Black and red design, no onboard illumination
  5. LGA1151 socket


  • Great DRAM overclocking
  • Two extra SATA ports
  • Sleek design
  • Great audio performance
  • Extensive BIOS menu


  • The motherboard companion software is pretty unimpressive
  • RAM slots location can lead to unpleasant consequences in a situation where a massive cooler gets used

Understanding a Motherboard

A motherboard is the mother of the computer. She is tasked with ensuring that everyone works together in harmony. In terms of a more specific understanding of what a motherboard is, cognizing that it is a designed, a printed circuit board for electrical components connection via conduction. The motherboard is special for the reason that it is designed with the complete electronic construct in mind.

It is also vital that you recognize the fact that there are different motherboard types meant for different purposes, which means that the production of motherboards depends on a particular purpose or task in mind and so configured appropriately. For instance, modern motherboards are exceptionally designed for connecting and communicating with drives, microprocessors, chipsets, etc.  A chipset is simply part of the computer motherboard components, and it serves the function of regulating the information flow between different components like input/output devices, memory, processor, and peripherals. The Z270 is a term used for referring to the assemblage of one pre-configured chipset and motherboard.

Z270 Motherboards

Intel designed the Z270 Motherboard, and it is unique because it possesses distinctive chipset specifications. Because the motherboard was designed with performance in mind, it provides a solid foundation.

When it comes to gaming, the Z270 motherboard is the best for the reason that it has far superior graphics and processing capabilities. The motherboard features impressive overclocking abilities and integration with the best available gaming processors such as Intel Core i5-6500. Still, the motherboard supports multiple SATA ports, Intel Optane Memory, and numerous high-end features and specifications including:

  • Powerful Graphics Displays
  • Proprietary Intel Optane Technology-It is expected that Optane SSDs will provide from between five to ten times performance improvement compared with standard SSDs.
  • USB 3.0 and Versatile I/O Panel
  • Integrated LAN
  • Intel 200 Series Chipset
  • LGA1151 Sockets
  • DDR4 and Optane Memory
  • Thunderbolt 3 native support
  • More storage options. The use of extra high bandwidth connections including graphics cards or USB 3.1 has been allowed as a consequence of increased PCI-E 3.0 lanes

The Z270 Motherboard is built to work with the latest Kaby Lake and Skylake processors. The best Z270 motherboards reviewed here delivers increased overall performance with optane memory compatibility and extra PCI-E 3.0 lanes. These motherboards are powerful and versatile, and that is made possible because they possess enhanced features and are competitively priced.

The chipset changes that have been introduced with every new release usually only involve minor changes. Because of that, one can save a lot of money when using a motherboard belonging in a past generation without having to sacrifice a lot of features. However, it should be stressed that the newest motherboards are preferred because they are relatively more powerful and updated according to the prevailing industry standards.

In conclusion, the best Z270 motherboards provide a powerful foundation for building your gaming rig. Apart from its improved performance and versatility, the Z270 motherboard is generally relatively affordable.  If you are searching for the best gaming motherboard, then the Z270 represents an excellent choice because of numerous reasons already explained including being able to work alongside Kaby Lake and Skylake Processors. Before buying any of the motherboards, ensure that you go through the comprehensive buying guide provided. Hopefully, we have enabled you to purchase the Best Z270 Motherboards for you to enjoy gaming.

ASUSASUS MAXIMUS IX FORMULA LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 Z270 ATX MotherboardCheck Price on Amazon
ASUSASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 ATX MotherboardCheck Price on Amazon
parts-quick16GB Memory for MSI Motherboard Z270 TOMAHAWKCheck Price on Amazon
ASUSASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 Z270 ATX MotherboardCheck Price on Amazon
ASUSASUS PRIME Z270-P LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.0 Z270 ATX Motherboard PRIME Z270-PCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.