What is CS:GO Skin Betting and How Do You Get Started?

So you’re probably wondering, “What is this ‘skin betting,’ and how do I get into it?” Skin betting is actually quite interesting (at least we think so!), and can really add to your gaming experience in CS:GO. But I won’t give too much away, because today, we’ll answer all of those burning questions, and more.

What is Skin Betting

CS:GO skin betting is just like betting on your favorite sports game or the like, but with less moolah and more skins (accessories of sorts that make your gun or dagger look cool). Think of CS:GO betting the same way you think about betting on sports; except while you use cash for your regular, every day bet, in this case, you’re using skins. By doing this, you can earn quite a bit more skins if the team you’re supporting wins.

How To Bet With CS:GO Skins

First, you probably want some skins, since you need them in order to bet. You can acquire skins from special events, gameplay, and/or you can get them from the Steam market. Now, how do you bet skins you have acquired? Well, betting skins has been made very simple, so anyone can do it. To bet, you go to any trusted betting website, and there should be a matches or games tab where you can choose which match or game you want to bet on. You’ll put some “skin” into the game so to speak, and then wait and see if the person or team you bet on wins or not.

Is CS:GO Skin Betting Legal?

Whether skin betting is legal or not varies between countries and states, so you’ll need to do your research first, but typically here in the great U.S. of A, it’s legal (depending on your state) if you’re 18 or older, so you can enjoy this form of sharing skins as much or as little as you want to. That being said, if you’re not sure whether you live in a country where skin betting is frowned upon or not, it’s very easy to do a quick search to find those answers.

How Will This Benefit You?

In-game, there are no damage or armor benefits or anything, as skins are purely cosmetic. The skins are just there to give a fresher look to your standard weapons that you already love to use in-game. Now if you constantly win these bets, you can earn a lot  of skins that you can easily turn in for gems (which let you buy more skins), or you can sell them on the Steam market for Steam currency, which is used solely for buying more games or skins on Steam.

Why Bet With CS:GO

Betting with CS:GO skins can be very profitable, plus you may be able to get some awesome skins that you’ve always wanted, whether to sell or to keep. You can sell, breakdown, and trade any skins you have, but although you can earn money by selling skins, keep in mind that it’s only Steam currency to be used toward a videogame or more skins to bet or trade with.

Our Take

Betting skins for CS:GO is actually really fun, because who knows what you’ll end up with next? While there’s not really a benefit beyond the aesthetics, you might find that you really enjoy doing it. And, although it may take some effort, you really can earn Steam currency, which is awesome if you’re looking at some new games that you’re not wanting to a pay a ton for. Skin betting really just adds another intriguing element to CS:GO. So get out there, and start betting and earning more skins. See what you end up with next!