How To Convert Wired USB Printer Into A Wireless Wi-Fi Printer

Most of the modern printers available in the market today have a wireless capability making it easier for consumers to do their printing tasks. If you have an older generation printer that only has a USB port and no wireless capabilities you can still make it a wireless printer by following the simple hacks listed below.

How To Convert Wired USB Printer Into A Wireless Wi-Fi Printer

Get a wireless print server

A wireless print server is a device which you connect to the USB port of your printer and configure to connect to your Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to use the printer using any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This device usually sells for around $50-$100. If you plan on getting one just make sure that it is compatible with your current printer. The main advantage of getting this device is that you don’t need to connect your computer or laptop to your printer.

Share your printer

You can share your printer to several computers on your network. To do this just go to the Control Panel of the computer your printer is connected to then enable the setting that allows the printer to be shared to the network. One downside to this solution though is that if the host computer is turned off then the printer can’t be used by other devices.

The above solutions are the best way to convert wired USB printer into a wireless Wi-Fi printer.

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