How to Earn Money on Twitch Playing Video Games

So you want to make money off of playing video games, aye? Twitch is a great place to start. There is a multitude of gamers worldwide that stream two to three times a week, and that pays their bills and puts food on their tables. In this article I will show you multiple ways that could earn you a decent amount of pocket cash off of a platform like Twitch.

How to Earn Money on Twitch Playing Video Games

Ask for Donations

Believe it or not, if you ask for donations, many people may actually give a small donation of $5  or $10, just for playing a video game they take interest in. While no donation is guaranteed by any means, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. You would be surprised how many people are actually eager to support something like this, if it really interests them.

Collecting Bits

Bits are wondrous things. Bits are given through cheering, and cheering is a great way for someone to show you they are pleased with an action you completed. An example would be something like scoring that hard to get no-scope headshot, that you would get in a game like Call of Duty Black Ops III or Counter Strike Global Offense. Someone would give you bits to show you they thought what you did was awesome or incredible. Each Bit is worth one penny so if someone gave you One-thousand bits that would be worth $10. You could easily earn these Bits by accomplishing great feats of awesomeness (or just things that your audience really enjoys).

Collecting Subscribers

A great way to earn subscribers is through Youtube. With Youtube, you can make promotional videos to promote your channel on Twitch. Believe it or not, a good way to earn subscribers is with your personality. No one has your exact personality or humor, and if it is natural, it will draw people in. The key point there is “natural,” because if your humor is forced or you’re  trying too hard, it’ll just look awfully  strange (just like that one guy who’s always trying to get people laughing, but he’s trying too hard so he comes across as creepy). That will drive people away, while just being yourself will draw them into whatever you’re doing.

Earn Ad Revenue

You have a chance at earning even more money from Twitch! All you need is a steady growing audience, a regular broadcast schedule of at least 3 times a week, and content that follows their Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct, and DMCA Guidelines. Then you can apply for a partnership right here, so you’ll be able to  start earning even more money from Twitch. Acquiring a partnership with Twitch also has a nice feature that allows you to decide how long the ads on your stream run for. While the longer the ad, the more money you make from said ad, bear in mind that people don’t typically enjoy ads, so longer ads could possibly drive people away. It’s kind of like a catch twenty-two; you have the potential to earn more money, but you could lose subscribers due to the longer ads, and less subscribers means less money for you. The best way to go about it is to find a happy medium, and maybe even see how short other people’s ads need to be in order to keep you interested and coming back.

Top Twitch Earners

Lots of people do earn money from Twitch, so we wanted to give you a couple of real-life examples.

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert

Jordan Gilbert, or better known as “n0thing,” is a competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive player/streamer who is the captain of the famous and renowned Cloud9 team. Gilbert makes a comfortable 6 figures playing CSGO. He earned 1st place in an eSports tournament back in October of 2016, so we can see why people not only really admire him, but also want to glean from his skills.


Castro1021 is a more renowned FIFA player who streams weekly, and he’s rumored to make 6 figures easily. With all the charity he does, we know for sure brings in quite a bit of revenue from everyone watching him play, on top of all the donations he gets. It’s amazing that from this revenue, he’s been able to help so many people through his charitable donations to research and hospitals.


SovietWomble is another famous Twitch streamer. He streams many different video game genres such as fps, horror, simulation, and so on. This particular streamer is mostly known for being humorous or silly while playing these different games which makes his content that much more enjoyable. While he’s not a bad player by any means, SovietWomble is an example that you don’t have to be fantastic at the games themselves. People like to laugh, and it’s really his humor that they keep coming back for.

Our Take

The financial success each of these streamers have garnered from Twitch alone is honestly pretty inspiring. If they could do it, then surely you can, too. And of course, if you’re interested in learning more about them or other successful Twitch users, take some time to do some research. Not only will you learn more about their stories, but hopefully you’ll take away some encouragement to get started on Twitch yourself.

How much money you will actually end up earning depends on your audience. Having a YouTube channel can help you build that audience significantly while earning money at the same time. Getting a partnership with Twitch is also advisable, seeing as you get different features that are uniquely customizable to your stream.

The most important part of all, though, is to make sure to stick with it! Building any online presence can be hard at first, but chances are, if you stay with it and continually work at it, eventually you’re going to grow, and you’ll be able to start earning money doing what you really enjoy. Thousands, if not millions, of people have had the opportunity to earn money online, and you could be next if you set your mind to it.