How To Insert QR Code in Word

QR codes are those little boxes that we often see on ads that needs to be scanned using the camera of your smartphone. It is common nowadays which allow users to scan those codes for means of downloading an app or find relevant information from website. But how do we really insert a QR code in Microsoft Word?

Create using Add-ins on Word

You might be wondering why do you ever want to insert a QR code to your Word document. Most of the time, looking into a URL address takes a long time for readers to type it on their web browsers that might seemed like a lot of work. At times they might type in the wrong URL address and might not lead to the complete website that you want them to go to. Instead what you can do is to simply show them a QR code by inserting it to your Word Document. This way, URL address can be easily navigated. Inserting a QR code into a word document is pretty simple as it just looks like an image. You can also paste it into any document and other Microsoft office products such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Although QR codes are not readily available that is why in here we are going to teach you how to insert them in Microsoft Word by using an add in. Read on below for a step by step guide on how to do that.

Insert QR Code Using Add-in in Microsoft Word

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step-by-step Guide to insert a QR code in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word

    Make sure your Microsoft Word supports add-ins.
    QR Code in Microsoft Word

  2. Click on the File you want to add QR code

    If you already have a word document on file, you can click to open it or you can create a new word document by clicking blank document.


  3. Click Insert

    Located at the upper left corner of the Word screen. This is where you will find the Add-in.
    insert Qr code

  4. Click on Get Add-ins

    If you have not added the QR code Add-in, select and click Get Add-ins. But if you already have added it beforehand. you can click on My Add-ins located just beneath it and search for the QR add-in.
    Insert QR Codes

  5. Type QR4Office and Click Add

    At the search bar, type in QR4Office then press Enter. When QR4Office Add-in appears, click on the Add tab.

    insert QR code in Microsoft Word

  6. Click on Continue

    Click on Continue to Agree and confirm to its license and privacy terms. QR code section appears afterwards.
    License and Privacy Policy

  7. Copy URL code

    If the URL address you want to make a QR code with is on the existing word document, you can copy it. However, if it is located elsewhere you may need to copy it from there too.
    insert URL

  8. Paste URL address

    At the QR4Office section located at the right side of the screen, paste or type the URL address that you want to create a QR code. You can modify the color and size of the QR code according to your own preference.

    insert QR code in Microsoft Word

  9. Click on Insert

    After modifying your QR code’s size and color, click on Insert. The QR code will now be inserted as an image into to your Word Document.
    insert QR code in Microsoft Word

After following the steps mentioned above, you have successfully inserted a QR code in Microsoft Word. Once QR code is inserted to your Word, the URL address can be navigated by using the camera of your smartphone and point it directly to the QR code which will lead you to open the URL address on that code.

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