How To Test Your Laptop Battery In Windows 10

If you have been constantly using your laptop for a couple of months then you may have noticed that its battery life does not last as long as it used to. This is because the Lithium Ion battery that is being used will not retain its out of the box performance when it is constantly being used. So how do you tell when your laptop battery has degraded in performance? In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will show you how to test your laptop battery in windows 10.

Check Your Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10

The battery report tool which is hidden in Windows 10 allows you to better understand your laptop battery health. With the data that you gather you can decide to either have the battery of your laptop replaced with a new one or leave it as it is.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Generate Battery Report in Command Prompt

  1. Type “command prompt” on the search bar.

    This is located on the lower left side of the screen just after the Start button.command prompt

  2. Click on the run as administrator option.

    This allows you to run the app as an administrator.command prompt run as administrator

  3. Type “powercfg /batteryreport” in the command prompt window.

    This will save the battery life report in C:\Windows\system32\battery-report.html.Check Your Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10

Understanding the Battery Report file

  • Review Recent Usage: The recent usage section takes note of each time the laptop ran on battery power or was attached to AC power. Every drain over the last three days is tracked in the battery usage section. You can also get a full history of the battery’s usage under the usage history section.
  • Battery capacity history: This is the section where you can see how the battery capacity has changed over time. On the right is Design Capacity, or how much the battery was designed to handle. On the left, you will see the current full-charge capacity of your laptop’s battery. This value will likely decrease over time the more you use your device.
  • Battery Life Estimates: On the right part you will see how long the battery should last based on design capacity. On the left, you will see how long the actual battery life lasts. A current, final battery life estimation will be at the very bottom of the report.

This is the best way to test your laptop battery in Windows 10.

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