i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024

The CPU industry is booming with lots of new products offering promising options to system builders and gamers. And the impressive growth of some popular brands has made the industry a lot more interesting. One of the most important hardware in the PC industry is the processor.

i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 7IntelIntel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.7GHz TurboCheck Price on Amazon
i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 8IntelIntel Core i7-9700KCheck Price on Amazon

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The type of processor in your computer could have a heavy influence on the overall performance of your PC. So, it’s important to select the ideal one. Right now, our major concern is two of the best processors Intel has every produced – Core i7-8700k and i7-9700k.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Is i7-8700k better than i7-9700k?

    In terms of performance, the i7-9700k is slightly better than i7-8700k. That is because of the higher number of cores. However, for other features like hyperthreading and cooling fans, you will see them with i7-8700k but not in i7-9700k.

  2. Is i7 9700k future proof?

    Yes, the high number of cores it possesses makes it more future proof than previous processors.

  3. Is the 9700k hyperthreading?

    Unfortunately, despite all the good improvement features of the i7-9700k, one flaw is the fact it doesn’t have hyperthreading, making it the only i7 processor to lack hyperthreading.

  4. Is the i7-8700k good for gaming?

    Yes, with 6 cores and 12 threads, the i7-8700k can play virtually all types of games.

  5. Does i7-9700k last long?

    The i7-9700k processor is strong and can stand the test of time. The only problem with the processor is the fact that it runs hot. This can impact on its lifespan when it happens often. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a fan, so you have to get a good fan. With the right cooling fan, it can last for many years.

Comparing i7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming

If you are looking to make a big decision about i7-8700k and i7-9700k to build your PC, you are in the right place. We are going to look at the differences between these two processors, to help you make an informed buying decision.

i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 9

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i7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – Features

Although both processors are manufactured in the same period and designed similarly, there are some differences in the features.

Intel Core i7-8700k is a top-performing processor that’s based on Coffee Lake architecture. It comes with six cores and can reach a frequency level of 3.7 GHz and up to 4.7 GHz on turbo boost.

The hyperthreading feature makes it easy to execute 12 threads simultaneously. Additionally, the unclocked multiplier in i7-8700k makes it easy to overclock.

Intel Core i7-9700k is also a top-performing processor with 8 cores, which is higher than its i7-8700k counterpart.

But just like the i7-8700k processor, i7-9700k is based on the Coffee Lake architecture. The open multiplicator allows for easy overclocking. However, there is no hyperthreading for this one.

Also, it has 8 threads, which is four threads lower than what i7-8700k has. In terms of memory speed, i7-9700k can be clocked at 3.6 GHz, with an improved clock speed at 4.9 GHz on turbo boost technology.

Its performance in multi-threaded applications is much faster and better than i7-8700k, thanks to its two extra cores. This CPU is perfect for most high-end applications and gaming tasks, including 3D gaming.

Both the i7-8700k and i7-9700k are manufactured using 14nm++ technology.

i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 10

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I7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – performance

In terms of performance, the i7-9700k is much better than its i7-8700k counterpart mainly because of the two additional cores. Although the latter has more threads than the former, it still doesn’t count much in terms of performance.

There is a reason why the increased core drives performance higher than anything else in the processor. If you are an experienced desktop user who has built a system before, you will understand that processors are considered good if they have more cores.

The majority of the computers or laptops come with 2 cores for multitasking.

But if the computer has 4 cores, it can work on a wide range of tasks without slowing down. Computers with 4 cores are considered good for multitasking. But when you go a step further with 6 cores, it means you can play most high-end games. Taking it to 8 cores is even better because then you can play all types of games and do all sorts of HD quality graphics without any lag.

So, although both processors have impressive cores, the i7-9700k stands above i7-8700k in terms of performance because of its additional 2 cores.

I7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – Graphics and cooling system

Both of the processors utilize the Intel’s integrated UHD 630 graphics card, which complements the quality of the processor. While some other systems have HD quality GPUs, the higher quality UHD GPUs only mean an uptrend in performance along with the high-end processor.

According to Intel, both processors have a power consumption rate of 95 watts. That means if the processor is used in laptops, it will need a properly working cooling system to prevent lower clock speeds and throttling under sustained loads.

Moreover, the power consumption rate can even go as high as 200 watts when overclocking with the CPU. That means the processors share the same power consumption rate and would need bigger cooling systems.

While the 8700k processor comes with a cooling fan to keep the temperature under control, unfortunately, the 9700k comes without a cooling device. This is one of the areas where 8700k is better.

I7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – threading system

A good threading system is very important for the processor. Otherwise, the processor could become dead. Actually, the threading system works similarly to the core workings. Also, the threading system helps the processor to multi-task. If you want to get a high-end CPU, the thread should not be less than 4.

But the i7-8700k and i7-9700k each come with more than enough. While i7-8700k has 12 threads, i7-9700k has a smaller number with 8.

Some people think the lesser threads of 9700k means that the processor would not be great for hyperthreading. But the addition of cores to the processor has certainly made up for the loss of hyperthreading. This allows the 9700k to perform well in most high-end game environments.

However, there was a lower level of performance with Blender when additional threads were required, making 8700k to outperform 9700k in that regard.

So, in terms of strict gaming, i7-9700k is a step ahead, but if additional threads are needed for a particular type of game, you will be better off with i7-8700k.

I7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – Speed

All types of processors come with a smart catch bank, which works like a small RAM for storing and speeding up reoccurring data. Both processors have more than enough cache memory of 12 MB, which is bigger than most processors.

The frequency of the processors also has a lot to say when it comes to performance. Both processors have different frequencies, although one is not far from the other. Their frequencies are very high, which makes it easy for them to complete tasks quickly.

Intel Core i7-8700k comes with a 3.7 GHz base frequency, with a maximum turbo boost frequency of 4.7 GHz. On the other hand, i7-9700k has 3.6 GHz with turbo boost frequency level of up to 4.9 GHz. This makes both of them fast enough to complete simultaneous multiple tasks quickly and easily.

The exceptional speed allows for recording, editing, and good live streaming without any iota of throttle or lag.

I7-8700k vs i7-9700k for gaming – other specifications

Both processors will give you top-level performance and good speed. But where 9700k thumps 8700k is in the area of overclocking. This is because of the soldered integrated heat spreader (IHS) used in its design, which allows for better overclocks.

The HIS is a better technology than the thermal paste Intel used for 8700k. It seems to take in everything thrown at it and keeps the system running at an optimum level despite the workload.

Both of the processors can be easily comparable in terms of pricing as well. But 9700k is more expensive. That should be expected, considering its more impressive integrated heat spreader and additional cores, which improve performance.

So, if performance is your major reason to buy a CPU, both of the processors will serve well. However, to play some high-end and HD games, you could even need extra cores. That is where i7-9700k takes the lead.

Some people with i7-8700k have thought about upgrading to i7-9700k since its possible. After all, both processors are very similar but an upgrade can improve performance.

Yes, an upgrade to 9700k will indeed have a positive impact on performance. But, have you thought about the value of money?

I’m not sure whether the additional performance level you will compensate for the extra you have to pay to upgrade.

The choice to upgrade would most certainly depend on how you want to use the computer. As we have mentioned earlier, the i7-8700k will give you the desired level of performance you need for virtually all types of games. But if you want to top-up the system’s performance when money is not an issue, the i7-9700k will add more immersive experience to your games.

In essence, both of them are top-performing processors, but i7-9700k is a step ahead when you compare them side-by-side.

i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 7IntelIntel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.7GHz TurboCheck Price on Amazon
i7-8700k vs i7-9700k Best Gaming CPU in 2024 8IntelIntel Core i7-9700KCheck Price on Amazon

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