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How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

If you want an expanded offer for your streaming service, in many ways, better than your average TV internet service, then the Fire TV Stick from Amazon is an excellent option. Hooking this small device to the HDMI slot does not only let you connect to the internet, but it also lets you access your

5 Ways To Get Free Internet

Internet is more accessible than ever these days, but sometimes, that Internet isn’t always high-speed. Besides that, surprising as it might be, there are some places in even the US where Internet isn’t accessible — the more rural areas and communities, of course. So, with a society that views information as so central, how do

6 Best 4G LTE Cellular Connected Laptop in 2020

There used to be a time — not so long ago, either — when you could only access the internet from your own home. This was still a different era when desktops were all you had, and you had to like it. Then, laptops came to be, and people started carrying their computers around. Soon

5 Best WiFi Routers for Streaming in 2020

5 Best WiFi Routers for Streaming in 2019

WiFi routers are mainly created to send internet signals around a particular area, supporting a number of devices, with speeds that are consistent to what your internet service is providing. However, there are routers that have the capability to stream 4K or HD videos, while distributing bandwidth to other gadgets, computers, or tablets, depending on

Pros and Cons of Using a Free VPN in 2020

If you have been researching methods of protecting yourself online and ended up at the topic of Pros and Cons of Free VPN — well done, you have found the right solution. However, you may have also found that there are free VPNs out there that you might use, as opposed to premium services, and