Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming Experience Comparison

Have you ever wished you had a gaming system that would allow you to sprawl out on your bed or the couch and play, whereas the PC has you stuck at your desk when you want to go all couch-potato mode? The Nintendo Switch is perfect for just that and has some nice qualities (like 720p built-in screen resolution, and 1080p when plugged into a tv). However, The PC, depending on how much you put into it, can run 4k resolution, so games may look better on the PC rather than the Switch. While we think the PC and the Switch are both great systems, we also realize that sometimes, there’s only room for one in the house. So today, we’re going to give you a comparison of the two so you can decide which will win over.

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Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming Comparison


Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming: About The Switch

The Nintendo Switch has three modes available for use. TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode. Starting off with TV Mode, all you have to do is put the Switch in its docking station, then plug the little HDMI plug from the docking station to your TV, and boom, it’s all ready to go.

In Tabletop Mode, there’s a kickstand on the back of the Switch. Just pop that up, take the controllers off the Switch, and you’re all set to go.

Finally, in Handheld Mode, the “joy controllers” slide back into the sides of the Switch, giving it a look very similar to the beloved Gameboy Advance, and even more so to the Wii U. Pick it up, and you’re ready to play from absolutely anywhere.

As for the logistics, the Switch has 34.4 GB of space and a rather underwhelming 4 GB of memory, but there is hope. On the side of the Switch, there’s a USB port so that you can attach an external hard drive for more space. This console also may seem like it has an underwhelming amount of available games, but there is an app you can download that allows you to stream PC games, right to your console at 60FPS, which should increase your Switch gaming library by quite a bit.

Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming

Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming: Why The Switch?

The neat thing about the Switch is that it’s easily portable, even easier than packing up your gaming laptop. It also has excellent resolution, and you can play Zelda Breath of The Wild (let’s admit, gaming doesn’t get much better than that). I love the idea of being able to take this thing anywhere, and also getting to play without cables. If you and a couple of friends want to play, it’s simple to pack up and take to any place, like a friend’s house or even the park.

Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming: About The PC

Unlike the Switch, the PC is very modifiable. You may be stuck at a desk, but at least you can get 4k realistic, gorgeous graphics. Playing with a mouse and keyboard can also supply you far more accuracy with a first or third-person shooter game. And, if you hook your PC up to a TV with an Xbox controller, you can still get that couch potato thing going on. However, even though you can hook PC up to your TV (if they’re in the same general area!), it still lacks the mobility of the Switch. The Switch is grab-and-go, whereas you’ve got to be committed to spending time at your desk if you’re going to be sticking with your PC.

That being said, the logistics of the PC and the Switch poses a considerable difference. With the PC, you can have anywhere from 12 GB of memory to 30 or 60, and as previously mentioned, you have the option to play with 4k resolution for a more crisp image. You also have the option to have over 5 TB of space, so you have plenty of room for all of the video games you have accumulated over the years.

Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming: Why The PC?

As aforementioned, the PC is very modifiable, so you can get faster, clearer, and gorgeous pictures. With the mouse and keyboard, you also get deadly accuracy when it comes to games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or a newer title—Player Unknown’s Battleground. Another plus is that the competition is intensified when it comes to tournaments on the PC, whereas with something like the Nintendo Switch, you’ll find game, but most likely it’s not going to be nearly as intense.

Another advantage of having a PC rather than a Switch is that when you have a good one, they’re reliable. And even if it does stop running or hits a few bumps, it’s typically an easy fix, and an exceptional PC should last you a good ten years if you’re looking for lifespan. While the Switch is a fantastic console with diverse options in comparison to the PC, a couple of years from now, the next-best-thing is going to come out. Suddenly it’s going to be hard to find games for the Switch, let alone a place that can fix your console rather than offering you a piece of refurbished junk.

Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming Comparison Our Take

Both the PC and the Switch have a lot to offer. Rather than looking for the better option, it comes down to what’s important to you in a gaming console. If you’re looking for something portable that offers some pretty awesome ways to play, we recommend picking yourself up a Switch. But if you’re looking for something that’s going to last a long time, giving you amazing graphics and lots of space, then a classic PC may be the way to go. Either way, we hope you found some insight into both consoles, and thoroughly enjoy the one you end up choosing. Have fun, and game on!

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* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.