What to do if your files and data are held hostage by WannaCry ransomware?

Security firms and researchers have found some ways to stop the WannaCry ransomware that hit thousands of computers across the globe and thanks to them, the spread of the malware is on a decline. That’s good news for all PC owners that haven’t been affected yet, however, for users whose data and files have already

Tips and best practices on how to maintain your PC

Keeping your PC in top shape can be a chore but unless you can afford to buy a new one every time one cranks out, you really have no choice but to do something about. For most of us, a computer is not only a tool but also a repository of something more valuable so

Solutions to a PC that won’t turn on issue

Boot problems, usually described by users as PC not turning on, can take a number of forms depending on the cause. We will try to discuss all the common boot problems in this post. If your computer fails to turn on, it may be due to either a hardware malfunction or a software issue. Hardware

How to run old apps on Windows 10 using Compatibility Mode [tutorial]

Are you trying to run an old application in your Windows 10 PC? Most likely, you’ll not encounter any compatibility problem but if you do, no need for despair. Microsoft anticipated such an issue so each iteration of Windows are equipped with a system to eliminate or minimize compatibility issues. In Windows 10, its built-in

Easy ways to create your own Windows 10 theme [tutorial]

Ever wonder how to change the default Windows 10 theme? You’re in luck. Today, we provide the steps on how to create your own unique Windows 10 theme. The steps are easy and self-explanatory so anybody who knows how to read should be able to do them. To add more fun, Microsoft even allows you