13 Best Business Laptops with LTE in 2019

All laptops promise productivity not limited by portability, but, in reality, only a handful deliver on their promise. With more and more software applications being entirely web-based and unusable without a strong and stable internet connection, business users are now looking for laptops with built-in LTE connectivity. Such laptops have a built-in LTE modem and

11 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-9700k In 2019

It goes without saying, the i7-9700k is an excellent processor that will be able to handle essentially anything you throw at it. High-end gaming? No problem. Doing some video editing? Not an issue for the prowess of the i7-9700k. However, do keep in mind that heat is one of the enemies processors, which can quickly

10 Best Laptop for Email and Web Surfing in 2019

The web has become surprisingly hardware demanding. The emergence of technologies such as high-definition online video, interactive web applications, and the cloud means that you can’t simply dust off any old laptop from your high-school or college days and use it as a dedicated email and web machine. It might work, but the experience would

11 Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2019

Building your own PC for the first time? Then you’ve probably got things like the video card, power supply, hard drive, SSD, and accessories sorted out, but you don’t necessarily know what to do about the motherboard. You’ve likely heard that there are specific motherboards that work with specific processor types, but haven’t looked into

11 Best Frameless Thin Bezel PC Monitors in 2019

During the past decade, we used to poke fun at bulky, headache-inducing CRT monitors. Now, frameless PC monitors are making regular LCD monitors look clunky and obsolete. As the technology improves, specifications are becoming increasingly less relevant and aesthetics are gaining on importance. We want monitors that perform great and look even better, and we

Forward Gmail To Another Email Address Automatically

How To Forward Gmail To Another Email Address Automatically

Gmail’s web interface makes it easy for people to access their emails. There are however some people who would like to access their Gmail email from a different email address. If you want to access your email from other web based email services such as Yahoo Mail then you can forward all of your emails

11 Best Motherboards for i9-9900K in 2019

Intel has finally unleashed its 9th generation of Core i processors, introducing eight-core CPUs with stable clock speeds of up to 5 GHz to the mainstream. The most powerful CPU from Intel’s new line-up is the i9-9900K, which not only supports hyperthreading but also has enormous overclocking potential. The new processor is designed to work

13 Best Soundbar for PC Gaming in 2019

Launch your favorite game and turn off the sound. Notice the lack of depth and immersion—almost as if the game has lost one dimension. As you’ve just experienced, sound plays a critical role in modern gaming. Competitive gamers rely on accurate sound reproduction to sense incoming enemies before they place their crosshairs on them, and

13 Best Single Board Computers in 2019

Single board computers, also known as SBCs, have come a long way since the days of the first Raspberry Pi. There’s now a single board computer for nearly every occasion. Some are tiny and less expensive than most domestic shipping options, while others are surprisingly powerful and suitable for use as home entertainment systems. Of

YouTube Playlist

How To Share A YouTube Playlist

YouTube has become a popular source of entertainment and information for people who have access to the Internet. Almost anything under the sun can be found here from sports, news, tutorials, music, the list goes on. Google has made things easy to access videos you are interested in by allowing users to create their own

How To Access Saved Passwords On Chrome

How To Access Saved Passwords On Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best if not the best browser that you can use to access different websites on the Internet. It has a lot of features that not only makes going online easy but also secure. One nifty feature that this browser has is securely storing the passwords of the various websites

How To Convert Wired USB Printer Into A Wireless Wi-Fi Printer

How To Convert Wired USB Printer Into A Wireless Wi-Fi Printer

Most of the modern printers available in the market today have a wireless capability making it easier for consumers to do their printing tasks. If you have an older generation printer that only has a USB port and no wireless capabilities you can still make it a wireless printer by following the simple hacks listed

How To Disable Touchpad On Laptop

How To Disable Touchpad On Laptop

The touchpad is a popular input tool that is included in almost all laptops. Most people find this quite useful while others would prefer using a mouse instead. This doesn’t come as a surprise since most laptop models don’t offer a good touchpad experience. If you are one of the people who would rather use

9 Best Network Server Racks for Small Business in 2019

Small businesses today can’t afford to neglect their IT infrastructure. While many go with various cloud-hosted solutions, some choose the in-house approach, often to save money or enjoy better security. If you’re thinking about building your own in-house information technology infrastructure, a network server rack is the right piece of equipment to start with. We’ve

7 Best Fanless Graphics Card In 2019

Computers can make a substantial amount of noise, particularly when they’re under heavy load and fans are at full blast This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can simply be annoying. That said, you might want to find solutions on how to quiet your machine down. One of those popular ones is liquid cooling,