5 Best Laptop for Programming

A reliable laptop is any coder’s best friend. With an external monitor and peripherals, it can fully replace a desktop computer, saving you money and making everything more convenient. Many coders spend as much as 12 hours per day on a laptop, so it’s paramount to select one that meets your criteria. What to Look

How to know if a processor is failing and how to fix it [troubleshooting guide]

The Central Processing Unit (CPU), also known simply as the processor, is considered the heart of a computer system. Despite what the title of this post says, a CPU very seldom fails and if it does, there’s nothing much that an average user can do about it, in a sense anyway. This post is intended

How to know if motherboard is bad and how to fix it [troubleshooting guide]

Many people usually blames bad motherboard if they experience problems with their computer. But how do you make certain it’s a motherboard issue and not any other component? The thing is, there are other issues caused by a specific component that may be misconstrued as a motherboard failure. To avoid misdiagnosing a problem, make sure

How to fix your Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One that stopped responding or frozen [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One computer dominated its niche not only because of its sleek design but also because of its impressive technical specifications and crushed competition by a wide margin. However, it’s a machine, it’s not perfect nor free from issues.   There were reports from owners who have encountered a problem or

5 Best Motherboards For GeForce RTX 2070

So you’re looking at picking yourself up a GeForce RTX 2070, or already have. Not quite as powerful as its bigger brother, the GeForce RTC 2080, but so much more affordable. It’s an excellent Quad HD video card, but you still need to make sure that you have an excellent motherboard to go with it,

5 Best Motherboards for i5-8600K in 2019

The i5-8600K is arguably the best CPU for budget-minded gamers Intel currently offers. Like its more expensive sibling, the i7-8700K, the Core i5-8600K sports six physical cores and can be overclocked to over 5 GHz without much effort—provided you have a Z370 motherboard with solid overclocking performance. Since the release of the 8th generation of

5 Best Laptops For Writers in 2019

Tired of messing around with laptops that aren’t meant for the freelance writing life? It’s important to purchase a tool that will help you achieve success, and for your line of work, a good computer is a tool you need to think about. So, are you ready to pick up a brand laptop that will

Easy steps to mirror your Windows 10 screen to your TV using Chromecast [tutorial]

Sharing your computer’s screen to a TV has become easier right now than ever before. Sure, you still can do the old school wired connection via HDMI but this option can become inconvenient or impractical since you’ll be limited by the length of the wire. A better option is by using Chromecast. With Google Chromecast,

5 Best Small Desktop PCs in 2019

Large, noisy, and often overly expensive desktop PCs are going out of fashion because abundant processing power has become available in much more appealing and convenient form factors. Small desktop PCs squeeze all the components of a regular desktop PC inside an elegant case that’s often not much larger than the average set-top box. Unlike

How to fix slow performance or internet connection issues in your Chromebook

Chromebook is a very convenient computing option nowadays. It’s lightweight, durable, reliable, and affordable too. In fact, #Chromebook has even overtaken Macbooks already in terms of sales in the US since last year. It’s a testament to its usefulness. Chromebooks does not offer much in terms of versatility compared to conventional PCs and Macs since

5 Best ASUS Laptops in 2019

ASUS is among the most prolific laptop manufacturers in the world, and a year doesn’t go by without a few ASUS laptops hitting the best-seller lists of major retailers such as Amazon. Looking at the company’s current line-up, it’s safe to say that the next year won’t be any different. Below are out 5 picks