How to upgrade your PC to run Windows 10 operating system [Tutorial]

As of now, Windows 10 operating system is becoming more and more popular than ever before. It has millions of users around the world and still counting. We can say it’s a ‘rockstar’ OS since its release and a successor of a well-known Windows 8.1 OS. But still, there are a lot of PC owners

How to fix common wifi problems [troubleshooting guide]

More and more people rely on wifi networks at home, office, or even when sipping their morning coffee in their favorite cafes. The thing is, as wifi becomes almost as ubiquitous as smartphones and computers in our digital world, a lot of people are still overwhelmed when it comes to troubleshooting it if something goes

Three ways to reset your MacBook Pro [tutorial]

There are three resets that you can do on your MacBook Pro: resetting the NVRAM, resetting the battery or SMC, and factory reset. Each of them can be used to fix a particular problem. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you how to do these resets as well as when you can apply them. Before

How to create a hard drive partition on your Windows 10 PC [tutorial]

Today’s short tutorial will tell you how to partition your hard drive. If you haven’t tried this before, make sure to follow our suggestions below. Also, make sure that you create a backup of your irreplaceable files before doing it in case something goes wrong. Before we proceed to the main topic though, we would

What is hidden files and how to show them in Windows 10 [tutorial]

Some files and folders in Windows are not shown by default. Such files and folders are hidden as they are not usually that important for a user. Files and folders with a hidden attribute are often critical operating system files so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, moving or modifying them should be the

How to troubleshoot your Dell Inspiron notebook battery

If your #DellInspiron notebook appears to be showing some battery hiccups lately, our suggestions below may help. Today’s troubleshooting article provides solutions to common symptoms of Dell battery issues. We hope you’ll find our suggestions helpful. Before we proceed to the main topic, we would like to remind you that we accept requests for assistance

How to clean up your Windows 10 PC of viruses

There’s a simple and easy way to remove malware or viruses from your Windows machine. If you are new to computing, or if you don’t have any third party security software, you can use Microsoft’s Windows Defender program to keep your PC clean at all times.  Before we proceed to the main topic though, we

Ten easy ways to improve the performance of your Mac [tutorial]

All computers, whether Macs or Windows, tend to slow down as they age. For some, sluggishness may be a result of poor maintenance while others due to wear and tear. Macs are initially great — they run smoothly at first but they’ll eventually slow down a bit with each passing day. That’s not necessarily bad.

[Easy fix] How to troubleshoot a MacBook that won’t turn on

If you’re reading this post, you are probably looking for answers to your own MacBook problem. Well, hopefully your case is not that serious so as to require repair in the end. We know for a fact that Macs are marketed as generally hassle-free machines. But just like any other computer, they can sometimes encounter

When and how to use Safe Mode on Windows 8 or 10 PC

Safe mode is an alternate software environment that allows a Windows user to diagnose problems more easily compared to when the machine is booted to normal mode. Safe mode, also known as diagnostic mode, only allows basic programs and drivers to run. When to use safe mode? If you encounter problems with Windows, one of