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Difference Between I9-10900x and I9-10900k

I9-10900x And I9-10900k

The Intel 10th generation processors are finally out, as they promise superior performance and top speed levels for high-intensity computing tasks. But there are two offerings from this series that have drawn our attention – the i9-10900K and i9-10900X series. Both of them offer similar features with the same cores and threads. Admittedly, the new

AMD RX 5600 XT vs RX 5700 Fastest Graphics Card in 2020

Fastest Graphics Card

If you’re in the market to buy the right graphics card for your PC build, there are lots of options available. With AMD’s recent surge in the computer hardware market, more users are paying particular attention.  When AMD’s Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card was launched, many people were wondering whether the graphics card will

8 Best Thin Bezel Laptop in 2020

Thin Bezel Laptop

There has always been a push for lighter and thinner laptop models ever since the evolution of laptops. And these days, the emphasis is to make laptops as thin as possible. Thin bezel laptops are the latest laptop models and the demand for this type of laptop has increased tremendously. Not only are they sleek

Asus ROG Swift vs Strix Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor in 2020

Gaming Monitor

Extended color and HDR are two of the major considerations to make when buying the right gaming monitor. But speed and adaptive sync are the two most important criteria. If the response isn’t quick and motion isn’t smooth, you may likely not have the best gaming experience. These two features are present in abundance in

Difference Between 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen Processors

AMD Ryzen Processors

When the second-generation Ryzen CPUs were launched, they still offered decent performance gains over the first generation Ryzen CPUs.  But the Ryzen 3rd generation processors bring a whole lot of improvements. Ryzen jumped from 12nm to 7 nm with IPC improvement almost 4 times greater. In the power and performance requirements sector, the new 3rd

Best Gaming CPU In 2020

Best Gaming CPU

The processor is arguably the most important part of the computer since it controls every program and activities of the PC. That means all activities must pass through the CPU before they are executed. In that case, it’s always a great idea to have the best gaming CPU when building a gaming PC. If you

5 Best Laptop Without Bloatware in 2020

Laptop Without Bloatware

One of the reasons why a laptop does not run as fast as it should is because of unnecessary bloatware installed by the manufacturer. The preinstalled software could reduce the performance of your system and even violate your privacy. That’s why some users try to remove the software once they’ve purchased their system. In some

8 Best Chromebooks for Zoom to Work from Home

Chromebooks for Zoom to Work from Home

Teachers, students, and workers who are working from home need a Chromebook laptop due to its exceptional built for research and office work. Another interesting area where a Chromebook will come in handy is for video conferencing. Everyone needs a Chromebook, with the increased popularity of the Zoom app as more people are working from

8 Best Laptop without Fan in 2020

Laptop without Fan

One main reason why you would want a laptop without fan is the fact that it’s going to be noiseless. This will be more important if you’re working in a quiet environment or if you sometimes work at night when other people are sleeping. Although having a fanless laptop does come with its disadvantages, it

6 Best Motherboard for Bitcoin Mining in 2020

Motherboard for Bitcoin Mining

New gamers often overlook the importance of a good motherboard when building their first mining rig. As a result, they face the risk of buying a motherboard that doesn’t support a high amount of GPU configurations in the BIOS. To avoid making that mistake, you need to consider the best types of motherboards that are

6 Best CPU for Bitcoin Mining in 2020

CPU for Bitcoin mining

The advance of video cards in mining has drastically improved Bitcoin mining activities using the computer. Although many people don’t bother about the technical aspect of mining, those who care to know about the best gear for mining. And talking about the best mining gear, the CPU is something you have to seriously consider. As

Best Gaming Motherboards In 2020

Gaming Motherboards

One of the most important decisions you will take during your PC build is choosing a motherboard. Although many PC builders pay more attention to graphic cards and processors, a wrong motherboard can have a devastating effect on your entire system build. So, a motherboard is as equally as important as other components. If you’re

10 Best Motherboard for Photoshop in 2020

Motherboard for Photoshop

The advent of computer systems coincided with the enhancement of photography. Now, photo editing has become an integral part of photography, and you will be doing the wrong things if you choose the wrong computer system. In the same line, building the right type of system for photoshop and photography requires a powerful motherboard and

9 Best Motherboard for Premiere Pro in 2020

Motherboard for Premiere Pro

For most people, the motherboard may not be as significant as the processor when it comes to building a solid system for video editing. But if you choose the wrong motherboard, it can affect performance to a great extent. It’s vital to invest in a good motherboard even when the cost is much. But the

8 Best CPU for Premiere Pro in 2020

CPU for Premiere Pro

For those looking to build a video editing PC, the processor is one of the most important components they should have. Almost all types of video editing software, including Premiere Pro, depend heavily on a good CPU to work very well. So, you cannot run away from getting a nice CPU that’s packed with enough power