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11 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-9700k In 2019

It goes without saying, the i7-9700k is an excellent processor that will be able to handle essentially anything you throw at it. High-end gaming? No problem. Doing some video editing? Not an issue for the prowess of the i7-9700k. However, do keep in mind that heat is one of the enemies processors, which can quickly

11 Best Air CPU Coolers For i9-9900k In 2019

The i9-9900k is a top performer in octa- (eight) core processors. If you’re looking for top end performance for high-end gaming, video editing, programming, and other demanding uses, this is the processor for you. Sheer power. However, al of that extra power does equal more heat output, and if you don’t have the right cooling

11 Best Air CPU Coolers For i5-9600k In 2019

So you’ve picked out your motherboard, your i5-9600k processor, and your PC case, but now you need some components to keep your processor and CPU socket safe from heat output. To do that, we usually use an air CPU cooler. Most on the market right now will work for all Intel and AMD sockets, but

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-8700k In 2019

So you’re building your own PC — you’ve picked out an awesome i7-8700k processor as well as a sweet motherboard; however, you need to make sure that your processor stays cool. Processors output a lot of heat, especially when they’re under a heavy load, and as you might’ve guessed: heat is a processor’s worst enemy.

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i5-8600k In 2019

There’s a lot to think about when you’re building your own PC, especially when it comes to compatibility between hardware components. You need to especially make sure that your processor and motherboard combination work together — if you don’t, you’re breaking pins, and that CPU just isn’t going to work. But, once you get that

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i3-8350k In 2019

A lot of work and research goes into building your own PC, but one of the most important aspects into a project like that is making sure you have the right parts to keep your processor cool — heat is the enemy of processors, and can easily destroy the CPU and even the motherboard. That’s