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How to fix slow performance or internet connection issues in your Chromebook

Chromebook is a very convenient computing option nowadays. It’s lightweight, durable, reliable, and affordable too. In fact, #Chromebook has even overtaken Macbooks already in terms of sales in the US since last year. It’s a testament to its usefulness. Chromebooks does not offer much in terms of versatility compared to conventional PCs and Macs since

How to fix Chromebook not powering on issue [troubleshooting guide]

Chromebooks may be unconventional in our traditional understanding of how a computer should be but it’s not immune to the same issues plaguing electronic in general. For instance, it can still succumb to one of the most common problems in any computer or smartphone — not powering on issue. In today’s #Chromebook troubleshooting article, we

Fix Chromebook issues: How to reinstall (or recover) your Chromebook OS [tutorial]

Under normal circumstances, you don’t really need to recover your #Chromebook. This guide therefore presumes that you either have encountered a problem with the current setup, or that you’re doing it for curiosity’s sake. We only recommend that you recovery your Chromebook under these situations: when you’re getting an error message saying “Chrome OS is

Fix Chromebook issues: How to factory reset your Chromebook [tutorial]

There can be reasons why you will want to factory reset your #Chromebook. If you happen to: have problems that persists after exhausting other software solutions, or suspect that there’s hardware malfunction see the message “Reset this Chrome device” encounter problems with your user profile or settings restart your Chromebook and it continues to show