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Gigabyte GTX 1050

6 Best GTX 1070 card in 2020

MSI Performance Gaming Intel Motherboard

GTX 1070 is surely a great mid to high-end GTX card, which has enough power to take care of any gaming needs. Whatever system requirements your game needs, this graphics card is built for performance. It’s also very affordable because it’s been more than three years since the graphics card was first introduced. If you

NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti vs. GTX 1060: Which should You Buy?


With the introduction of the latest generation of GPUs that bear the Nvidia GeForce Pascal name, laptops can now compete with their fellow desktop counterparts when it comes to gaming. Laptop gaming is now taking a new leap of fresh air because of the recent addition of the GPU with better capabilities. If you’re not

Cheap Computer Hardware Build To Play PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One of the hottest games that’s popular among PC gamers today is PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a battle royale style multiplayer game where players parachute out of an airplane to an island where they scavenge for weapons to use in their aim to become the last man standing. While the map area is