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How to fix Windows 10 Ethernet connection that keeps dropping [Troubleshooting Guide]

The internet has become one of our essential tools to help us gather information. For example for students, answering assignments is easy, getting ideas about school projects is abundant and many more. In short, internet is an unlimited source of information. But many of Windows 10 users are having issues connecting to the internet and

How to fix your Windows 10 PC with “application.exe stopped working” error message [Troubleshooting Guide]

There are common error messages that Windows user experienced, errors like “application.exe has stopped working” and “explorer.exe stopped working”. These issues has been going on in years, and there is no apparent reason how these issues started because it’s not the same with previous OS and it keeps on changing every now and then. We’ve

How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen of Death before and after login [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Windows operating system is not new to this kind of issue in fact, all of the previous Windows versions had experienced it and now, Windows 10 users are complaining of the same thing. There’s only two scenarios that might trigger this; first, turning on the PC and can’t enter the username and password; second,

How to fix your Windows 10 PC that’s having the black screen issue [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Windows 10 is the newest addition of Microsoft to their operating systems. It has proven it’s reliability but like its predecessors, it has its own issues that may occur unexpectedly. The most common issue that you might encounter is the black screen which is considered a complex issue since you can’t see any error

How to fix Windows 10 “You may experience problems with the display” error message and other issues. [Troubleshooting guide]

There are many Windows 10 users who experienced the error message “You may experience problems with the  display” pop up on their screens. They may encounter poor graphics rendering, frequent flashing of screen, images and videos are pixelated, etc. The most common causes of this issue is broken graphics adapter or out of date drivers.

How to fix Windows 10 that won’t activate after changing the settings [Troubleshooting Guide]

When you make significant hardware changes such as replacing the motherboard or hard drive, Windows 10 won’t be able to identify your computer correctly and as a result, the operating system won’t activate. If your installation of Windows 10 lost its activation due to a hardware change, you would have to go through the tedious