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How To Fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issue

Google Chrome Black Screen

Google Chrome is considered to be one of the most used web browsers nowadays. But despite that, there have been reports of Google Chrome Black Screen issue from Windows users. A black screen issue occurs whenever Google Chrome is launch or the window of Chrome suddenly goes black. You might find this annoying especially at

How To Remove Kovter Malware Using Windows Defender

Remove Kovter Malware Using Windows Defender

To Remove Kovter Malware Using Windows Defender, your anti-virus must be updated. Updating your virus definition can be done by checking for Windows update from the settings of your compute then do a full scan to detect it and eventually remove Trojan:Wind32/Kovter Malware. How does Kovter Malware works Its usual mode of entry is via

How To Remove Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

Remove Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

In order to remove Clop Malware from your computer using Windows Defender, you have to make sure that it is up to date by checking for Windows update from the Settings Menu of your Windows Computer. Remove Clop Malware from Windows 10 Clop is a type of ransomware designed to encrypt data and files and

How to fix slow performance or internet connection issues in your Chromebook

Chromebook is a very convenient computing option nowadays. It’s lightweight, durable, reliable, and affordable too. In fact, #Chromebook has even overtaken Macbooks already in terms of sales in the US since last year. It’s a testament to its usefulness. Chromebooks does not offer much in terms of versatility compared to conventional PCs and Macs since

How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

If you want an expanded offer for your streaming service, in many ways, better than your average TV internet service, then the Fire TV Stick from Amazon is an excellent option. Hooking this small device to the HDMI slot does not only let you connect to the internet, but it also lets you access your

How to know if motherboard is bad and how to fix it [troubleshooting guide]

Many people usually blames bad motherboard if they experience problems with their computer. But how do you make certain it’s a motherboard issue and not any other component? The thing is, there are other issues caused by a specific component that may be misconstrued as a motherboard failure. To avoid misdiagnosing a problem, make sure

Easy steps to fix MacBook Pro Black Screen issue [troubleshooting guide]

We only rarely encounter MacBook Pros having a Black Screen issue but if this is exactly what you’re in at this time, read on. This brief troubleshooting guide will walk you through the things that you can try on your end when faced with a non-booting MacBook. Laptop display problems are usually caused by these