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How to check why Google Chrome is slowing down your Windows 10 PC

While Mozilla Firefox has consistently been the top browser for years now, Google Chrome is the close second when it comes to usage. It’s even safe to say that Chrome may eventually take the top spot in the near future if usage trends continue. Needless to say, Google Chrome can be found in almost every

How to Disable Windows Firewall via Command on Windows 10

How to Disable Windows Firewall via Command on Windows 10

The Windows Firewall is an application that filters information from the Internet that comes to your Windows 10 computer and blocks potentially harmful programs from running. It’s actually very good in protecting your system and data from online threats. There are however instances when you will want to turn off the Windows Firewall from your

How To Disable OneDrive In Windows 10

How To Disable OneDrive In Windows 10

OneDrive is a free Microsoft storage service which allows Microsoft account holders to store files in the cloud. There are two versions of this service, Personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, both of which cater to different users. If you are using Windows 10 then you will notice that the OneDrive app automatically starts whenever

How to Increase Your Laptop Speaker Volume

There comes at a certain point in your laptop-using time when you feel like watching a great movie or immersing yourself with beats and melodies from your favorite tracks. However, especially if you’ve done this for quite a while, you may notice that your laptop’s speaker volume may not satiate the need for clear audio,

How to fix Dell Inspiron laptop won’t turn on

When it comes to computers, not turning on and not booting up are two different problems and it’s necessary that we distinguish one from the other in our troubleshooting so that we won’t cause confusion to our readers who are asking for our help. In this post, I will tackle an issue with the Dell

How to fix Game DVR problems in your Windows 10 PC

We’ve recently addressed some gaming topics in #Windows10 lately and this article is no different. Today, we add another troubleshooting article about Windows 10 Game DVR issues. While Game Mode is definitely a welcome improvement for Windows, most gamers are excited with Game DVR recording feature even more. This post covers some common problems one may

How to do driver update on your Windows PC [troubleshooting guide]

If you’ve been using a computer for some time, you must probably heard of drivers and the need to update them. But what exactly is a driver. Well, to put it in simple terms, a driver is a separate software component that makes communication between your Windows operating system and device to communicate. It’s like

How to troubleshoot Windows 10 auto-rotation problem

If your tablet or Windows 10 machine has mysteriously stopped changing screen rotation automatically, or if you are unable to even manually change screen rotation, it’s possible that you’re faced with auto-rotation problem. This issue is known to affect a lot of Windows 10 gadgets though fortunately, there are easy ways to fix it. If

How to avoid problems after installing Windows updates

Microsoft regularly releases patches or updates to its Windows operating system. We know that updates are as important as security programs themselves but sometimes, problems can appear out of the blue after installing them. Although users who experience severe problems after a system update would like to think Microsoft intentionally bricks their computers, it does

How To Fix 5 Common USB Flash Drive Problems

In the early days of computing carrying your data or computer files around requires that you have a floppy disk. You can only store a little over 1MB of data on these disks which is great for storing your spreadsheet or document files.   Today, you can easily carry around over 100GB of data with