14 Best Wireless Mouse for Mac

The wireless technology, minimalistic design, portability, and compatibility are trending elements you are going to see in many devices. Your computer desk setup isn’t going to be complete without talking about the wireless mouse. This tiny device powers much of the action on your laptop or computer. In addition, you also have the liberty to customize the way you are going to execute your workflow. If you are working for many hours, you may find that trackpad doesn’t come handy, so you need to get an external mouse for your Mac that allows comfort and a fast mouse tracking experience. That’s where the wireless Bluetooth connected mouse pieces fit in. Your palms are going to enjoy the ergonomically designed wireless mouse for Mac. So, let look at the 14 best wireless mouse for Mac.

1. TeckNet 

If you want a mouse that is sporty with a nice grip, you can think of TeckNet. It has an ergonomic design supported by rubberized sides to offer precise control. Using TruWave technology, the mouse ensures that a user has a seamless tracking experience. TeckNet has a battery life of up to 24 months ensuring that you have plenty of time to use it before you can feed it with more charge.

A battery indicator light also helps you know how charged it is. The sleep mode helps you manage battery consumption so that you don’t necessarily take up battery power when you are not using the mouse. 

In addition, the mouse has an On/Off button that you can use to power on and power off the mouse to save the battery life. Besides, TeckNet is available in five colors, which are grey, red, purple, black and blue. 

Thumb up: Ergonomic design, rubberized sides 

2. Jelly Comb

If you are excited by colorful design, then Jelly Comb is a nice pick to help revamp your computer desk look as you use your devices. The mouse has an impressive color range of 33 variants with attractive patterns. You have a lot of options to sample out; probably you can’t miss a piece that compliments the design and look of your computer. Among the Jelly Comb designs, you will come across are such as – the white/gold, hamster, American flag, and others. In addition to the color variants, the mouse features a compact design. The scroll wheel along with the three responsive buttons allows you to work through your activities fast. 

Thumb Up: Many colors variants

3. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse 

Yet again Amazon proves that technology doesn’t come by the change in their portfolio. The company’s AmazonBasics comes with many electronic designs. AmazonBasics wireless mouse for Mac is a unique piece. It comes with a contoured design to make it easy to hold on the palm. The optical three-buttons comprising a nano receiver allow a user to work reliably. A user can scroll, click, as well as track at their own pace. Another great feature is that the mouse can work with not only Mac devices but also Windows PC. It has a six-color selection panel to help you choose from sliver to purple, to blue. 

Thump Up: Contoured design

4. Tsmine Wireless Mouse 

The Tsmine wireless mouth is able to connect directly to your Mac without needing to use a nano receiver. The seamless connection is complemented by a noiseless clicking experience meaning your colleagues won’t be annoyed when going along with your business. A slim, comfortable design lets you use this mouse for an extended period without complaining of palm fatigue. The symmetrically designed mouse fits both your left and right hand. Its three adjustable DPI levels ensure that you adjust the speed of the mouse as desired. You can also use the mouse on many surfaces without needing to place a mouse pad. 

Thump Up: 3 adjustable DPI levels 

5. Pasonomi 

Another impressive wireless mouse you can use is Pasonomi, it is designed to stand up the tracking business on your screen. With a simple design and look, Pasonomi also features an anti-fingerprint finish – no those unsightly fingerprint marks on the shiny surface. A non-slip rubber-coated scroll wheel ensures that you don’t lose grip on the mouse. Pasonomi mouse offers a silent click and is highly responsive. With a 450mAh lithium battery, you can recharge it when it drains the charge. The recharged battery has a cycle life of up to 500 hours. The sleep mode ensures that you further boost the life of the battery.

Thump Up: Anti-fingerprint finish

6. Logitech M535 

Logitech doesn’t only come first in designing keyboards; it also makes its appearance in the world of mouse technologies. The Logitech M535 comes with a curved shape design along with a rubberized grip to make sure that your palms control it precisely. A laser-grade optical sensor allows you to work effectively on most surfaces. The tilt wheel and navigation button allow you to better control the mouse.

Thump Up: The curved shape design

7. Apple Magic Mouse 2 

If your pocket isn’t dry and you are willing to get a premium mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great pick that’s worth the look. The aesthetic design is really attractive and evident on the entire surface. The mouse is very lightweight allowing a user to carry along with his or her business with ease and flair. The neat foot and bottom shell design allow the mouse to move easily and smoothly on the desk. A multi-surface feature allows you to perform gestures easily. The chargeable battery lasts about a month.

Thump Up: Aesthetic design


If you want a wireless mouse that eliminates the need to use AAA battery, you can consider PEIBO. It features a rechargeable battery that is easy to charge. A point to note is that when charging the battery, ensure you put the power button on. PEIBO is a highly compatible mouse with the compatibility of over 99.9 percent of Bluetooth devices. Another notable feature is the sleeping mode that helps save energy and reduces unnecessary power consumption for extended battery life. When your Mac laptop shuts down, the mouse automatically switches off. The li-polymer batteries used in PEIBO are considered to have a high life cycle.

Thump Up: Compatibility with almost every Bluetooth device 

9. PHILIPS Mouse

For users looking for a wireless mouse with pragmatic design, PHILIPS comes first with a skin grind texture to provide a comfortable hold. The mouse has noiseless clicks to ensure that you don’t disturb other people when going about your business. Equipped with a great optical tracking sensor, the mouse gives a high-precision tracking experience. Moreover, PHILIPS is designed to function swiftly on different surfaces including cloth, tabletop, paper, and others. A power-saving mode allows you to reduce unnecessary power consumption. 

Thump Up: Skin grind texture

10. VicTsing MM057 

A highly rated mouse, the VicTsing MM057 has obtained a 4.5-star rating from a whopping 17000 customer reviews. A great mouse, the VicTsing MM057 comes with five DPI levels, which you can adjust to attain better control in tracking. It has a smooth scroll wheel along with rubberized sides to offer improved grip. The grip enhancement features to ensure that you hold the piece comfortably. Another feature that comes with the mouse is an option for changing the cursor sensitivity depending on the type of activity. VicTsing MM057 is also available in different colors- it has nine nicely looking colors including silver, black, and grey.

Thump Up: Sweat-resistant

11. Logitech MX Ergo

This wireless trackball mouse works pretty well with Mac devices. It features a sleek and ergonomic designer look. The presence of an adjustable hinge gives you an easy time in customizing the trackball angle. A user can adjust the angle from 0 to 20 degrees to get a more stress-free palm hand position. The trackball minimizes the effects of hand fatigue. Besides, the MX Ergo has a cross-computer control that helps you access and navigate a duet computer setup and even transfer documents and images between the laptops or computers.

MX Ergo uses a Bluetooth or USB port to connect to your Mac or PC, so it can work in both wireless and wired connections. With 8 customizable buttons, the trackball mouse allows you to make adjustments easily and select interfaces quickly. For example, you can adjust the accuracy and speed of the cursor by pressing a button. An internal rechargeable battery can hold up to four months when on a full charge. MX Ergo though doesn’t come with a left-handed version and the tilt seems to be limited.

Thump Up: Multi-connections 

12. Lekvey Wireless Mouse

A vertical mouse designed for Mac as well as Windows, Lekvey Wireless Mouse has a really creative, ergonomic design. Its design reduces strain on hands; users can use it in the typical handshake position, which makes it easier to move along the pad. The handshake grip position also ensures a good response in tracking. In addition to the design, Lekvey has six multifunctional buttons including one for the backward and forward switch, adjuster, and DPI.

The DPI compatibility is placed at 1600, which can be adjusted to reach 800. Lekvey Wireless Mouse comes with a rechargeable battery having 700mAh. A USB adapter allows you to connect the mouse to your PC. Something to mention about the battery is that it is efficient and allows a good time usage.

Thump Up: Handshake handgrip position

13.  Logitech MX Vertical

Another one from Logitech, the MX Vertical has a vertical design that is blended taking innovation into account. The design has been set is such a way that when you place hands, it feels like you are holding it in a handshake position. A vertical inclination angle set at 57 degrees allows the handshake position to be achieved. The vertical inclination helps reduce hand fatigue as well as muscular strain. A user can connect the mouse to their Mac computer using Bluetooth technology for wireless or using cables, or even using the wireless USB receiver. A cross-computer control function allows you to control or manage activities in up to three computers.

Logitech MX Vertical comes with 4000 DPI accuracy sensors to provide you the point of accuracy you need. The sensors help reduce the number of hand movements you employ when compared to the traditional trackballs. There are customizable buttons patched on the sides of the mouse. You can adjust the cursor speed if you feel it’s high or low by pressing a button on the side. The internal battery can last for about 4 months when on full charge. 

Thump Up: Vertical Inclination for handshake grip

14.  Inphic Wireless Mouse

A standard portable mouse, the Inphic wireless mouse uses Bluetooth for connectivity. It offers a data transfer of 2.4GHz and performs well within a radius of 10m. With this device, you Plug and Play meaning you don’t need to have external drivers. A 1600 DPI helps make adjustments in three stages. A user can adjust the sensitivity from 1000 to 1200 or 1600 depending on their tracking needs. If you are using your computer for gaming, the DPI adjustment feature allows you to get a good experience.

Inphic has a slim design and is designed to suit both right and left hands. In addition, a rechargeable internal battery helps you recharge power when it drains. When you charge to brim, it is able to give you up to 2000 hours of tracking experience. 

Thumb Up: Plug n’ Play technology.


When you are choosing a wireless mouse for Mac you need to evaluate your needs. You need to choose one that resonates with your computer use. For example, if you need it for gaming, you should make sure that the mouse has a design to take up the beating it’s like to face if you are a hardcore gamer. The grip position, as well as DPI adjustments, are other features to examine. For example, the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 features Apple’s Force Touch technology meaning that it is able to detect the amount of force or pressure you’re applying to help trigger different actions. The price is also another thing you may want to consider in addition to compatibility levels. The battery charge will also determine how many times you will need recharging the battery in a specific period.