7 Fastest GPU For Gaming Under $1000

Finding an awesome graphics card for under $1000 can be hard, especially nowadays with the bitcoin mining. But not to worry; we’ve put together a list of five great graphics cards under $1000, that will get you that 4k gaming with 60+ fps. Also, there are so many different brands for the GeForce GTX 1080

7 Best Small Desktop PCs in 2019

Large, noisy, and often overly expensive desktop PCs are going out of fashion because abundant processing power has become available in much more appealing and convenient form factors. Small desktop PCs squeeze all the components of a regular desktop PC inside an elegant case that’s often not much larger than the average set-top box. Unlike

7 Best Laptops For Sims 4 In 2019

Do you need a new laptop to play the next title in your favorite game series? Games these days are getting more and more demanding and require a whole lot more power, after all. Or, maybe you just need a laptop that will run smoother while watching movies or working. You might even just need

How To Remove Thermal Paste

It’s finally time to remove that old CPU and upgrade to a new one. Your PC has been slowing down for months now, and now you finally have a processor that can hold its own. But, if you’re planning on reusing your old CPU cooler, you’re going to run into trouble — the old, hard

9 Best Small Portable Printer in 2019 for Your Laptop

Let’s face it: regular printers aren’t the best solution for laptops. If you own one, we don’t need to tell you how unproductive it is to always get up and walk right up to your printer just to print a document or photo. What’s more, wired printers tend to be too bulky and too heavy

How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

How to Mirror Laptop PC to Firestick

If you want an expanded offer for your streaming service, in many ways better than your average TV internet service, then the Fire TV Stick from Amazon is an excellent option. Hooking this small device to the HDMI slot does not only let you connect to the internet, it also lets you access your favorite

5 Best WiFi Antenna For PC

Got a wireless problem with your PC? Or maybe your PC doesn’t have WiFi at all, whether because something broke or another underlying software problem. While it’s much better to get your PC checked out to make sure the stock wireless adapter is working, you can do a temporary workaround with a WiFi antenna or

9 Best Motherboards for i5-7600K in 2019

So you’re building a massive, powerful personal computer, and you want to put the even more impressive Intel Core i5-7600K quad core processor inside of it. That’s some some serious power right there — you’ll be able to handle just about any application or video game with this; however, you need a properly equipped motherboard to go with

7 Best Motherboards For i3-8350K In 2019

So you’re in the process of building your computer,  because that’s what people do. Unless you’re prepared to spend thousands of dollars to buy a pre-built machine with top of the line processors, motherboards, and graphics cards – building your own machine gets you more bang for your buck.  Quad core processors are the best

11 Best Motherboards for i7-9700K in 2019

Intel’s latest generation of desktop processors is now available, and one processor in particular has been receiving a lot of attention lately, the i7-9700K. With its 8 cores and a maximum frequency of 4.90 GHz, it promises excellent performance when gaming, editing videos, or just browsing the web. To enjoy the i7-9700K, you need a

11 Best Laptops with Keypad and Full Size Keyboard in 2019

The humble keypad has been part of computer keyboards since the early days of personal computers. But over the last few years, finding a great laptop with a full-size keyboard with a keypad has become difficult. Most laptop users get by with just the number row to input the occasional telephone number, password, or date,

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop and Use Both Screens

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop and Use Both Screens

Because your laptop screen could only offer so much for your viewing, multi-tasking, or gaming enjoyment, just using one screen for everything doesn’t make the cut. In fact, there are many laptop savvies out there that opt to purchase an additional monitor for them to be able to have the optimum laptop-using experience by extending

What Does RAM Do For Gaming?

Curious what RAM and memory is all about? There are a lot of people that hear about it quite a bit, but don’t know exactly what it does. They at least don’t know these things until they start seeing errors like “This application has crashed unexpectedly” or “your computer is low on memory,” among many

Surface Pro 7 Release Date, Rumors, and News

Surface Pro 7 Release Date, Rumors, and News

Ever since the release of the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go, fans and enthusiasts alike are anticipating the announcement of the Surface Pro 7 with all the rumors materializing, from the patents, to the projections, and the expected additions. Jump in and see what the latest buzz is all about. Surface Pro 7

5 Best Motherboards For AMD RX 580

One of the many nice things about video cards in the current era is that they’re pretty similar between the years 2017 and 2018. That said, if you want to play a game on Extreme graphics or to do some 4K video rendering, you can use last year’s high-end video cards without a problem. There’s