5 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Keyloggers get a lot of bad rap because they are often used by malicious hackers to capture login credentials of unsuspecting victims, who have no idea that they are being spied on. But there are actually several legitimate reasons why you may want to use one of the top 5 best free keyloggers for Windows. For example, you may want to monitor online activity of your young child, or you may want to make sure that your employees are not wasting the company’s time and money watching YouTube clips and browsing Facebook.

Best Free Keylogger

The name doesn’t lie: Best Free Keylogger is really the best keylogging solution for Windows. This modern and easy-to-use keylogger can record all keystrokes typed on the keyboard, remotely capture screenshots, deliver log files via several delivery methods, and work automatically, undetected in the background. There’s also a Pro version of Best Free Keylogger, which costs $39 and gives you access to a few advanced keylogging features as well as premium tech support.


KidLogger is a simplified keylogger intended to help parents monitor children’s activity. In addition to Windows, it also runs on Android, Mac, and iOS. With KidLogger, you can know exactly how much time your child spends on their computer, which app they use, which websites they visit, with whom they communicate, and what they write. KidLogger supports all major web browsers and storage devices, ensuring comprehensive monitoring without any hassle. The free version of KidLogger can monitor 5 devices and keep log history for up to 9 days. If you need more, you can pay for either the Standard or the Professional version.

Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger is an award-winning keylogger for Windows and Mac. The app can capture usernames and passwords typed, including email and social network logins and deliver the recorded information via multiple delivery methods, including email and FTP. Elite Keylogger can also capture screenshots at regular intervals for complete activity monitoring. All of this can be done without the monitored user even knowing that Elite Keylogger is installed on the computer.


PyKeylogger, also known as Simple Python Keylogger, is a straightforward keylogger that runs on Windows and Linux and is designed mainly for backup purposes. Unlike other keyloggers on this list, PyKeylogger likely won’t go undetected by most anti-malware solutions, but that’s not a problem. This keylogger is for people who do a lot of typing and hate when they lose their work because of a system crass or an application error. By having PyKeylogger running in the background, you can have a handy copy of everything you’ve ever typed on the keyboard, including your passwords.

REFOG Free Keylogger

This free and easy-to-use keylogger can keep track of chat conversations, website logins, and all other user activity without any configuration. Unlike hardware keyloggers, REFOG Free Keylogger delivers a human-readable report, with words properly separated with spaces and punctuation and special characters made noticeable to not scramble the original message. The free version of this popular keylogger supports keystrokes logging, URL monitoring, apps monitoring, screenshot capture, invisible mode, and chat interception.