5 Ways To Get Free Internet

Internet is more accessible than ever these days, but sometimes, that Internet isn’t always high-speed. Besides that, surprising as it might be, there are some places in even the US where Internet isn’t accessible — the more rural areas and communities, of course. So, with a society that views information as so central, how do you share that? How do you get on the Internet to upload assignments, or to send an e-mail to a faraway friend? There are thousands of reasons why you need Internet access, and if it isn’t accessible, there are still ways to get it. Here are five ways you can get access to Internet for free.

Ways To Get Free Internet

Ways To Get Free Internet

1. FreedomPop

The first and best way to get free Internet access is through a service called FreedomPop. The company started in 2012 to make sure that everyone had access to Internet. Aside from providing WiFi, they also offer programs for free cell phone service for Android and iOS devices, too.

The way this works is that you head to FreedomPop’s website, create an account, and order an access point. Access points are free, but still require a deposit down. With a deposit, FreedomPop will give you an access point for a year so you can get free Internet access. If you don’t return it within the year, you won’t get your deposit back. Using FreedomPop’s access point is as simple as turning it on, connecting a device to it, and browsing the Web for as long as you want.

It’s totally free — you just need that money down to get the hardware, essentially making sure that FreedomPop doesn’t get the bad end of the deal (losing their hardware), and going bankrupt.

Get Started: FreedomPop

Ways To Get Free Internet

2. Public Library

The next place you can get free WiFi at is a library. Libraries will have free, high-speed Internet that you can use. Depending on the library, you may or may not need to be a member of that library/have a library card. Still, most public libraries do offer free, high-speed WiFi that you can use for an allotted amount of time — usually a minimum of one hour. Here, you’ll be able to browse the Web, though that’s about it, as you generally aren’t allowed to install programs on their computers, such as a game like World of Warcraft. It’s basically there to get the necessities you need done on the ‘net.

5 Ways To Get Free Internet 2

3. Free WiFi Spots

You can also be on the lookout for free WiFi spots. Many businesses these days are offering free, high-speed WiFi spots in order to attract more customers. It’s freely accessible, though usually you’re encouraged to buy something from the establishment. Still, places that are more casual about it — such as Starbucks or Tim Hortons — you can just go in and hook your laptop, phone, tablet, or any device up to their free WiFi, and start doing your work!

Ways To Get Free Internet

4. Mobile Hotspot

You might not have Internet access at home, but did you know that your phone can act as a router for your devices? Depending on the phone plan you’re on, using the Mobile Hotspot is free, allowing you to connect up your laptop to your phone’s Internet. Keep in mind that, in most cases, you will use your phone’s data plan up quite quickly, depending on what you’re doing with it and how much you’re using it.

It’s also worth noting that, sometimes, there is a small charge for Mobile Hotspots. Like we said, normal plans have them available for free, but if you’re on, say, an unlimited Mobile Share plan, there’s a small monthly fee, just so that the carrier can cover costs from folks abusing it (i.e. someone hooking up a laptop to their phone, and downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data a month).

Ways To Get Free Internet

5. EveryoneOn

Last up, you can consider using EveryoneOn. This is part of a government program championed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), allowing low-income families to get free Internet, or sometimes, very cheap Internet. The idea is to bring Internet to disadvantaged communities, so that everyone has an opportunity to access education, employment, and even improve health.

You can see what EveryoneOn has to offer in your area by clicking here. EveryoneOn will also connect eligible participants to cheap computers as well.

Ways To Get Free Internet Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get access to free Internet. We listed just five ways you can do that here, but there are plenty of other options out there. Internet is becoming more and more accessible as the years go by, there’s no doubt about it.

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