8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024

Computers have been becoming smaller and smaller ever since they were invented, and eventually, they found a middle ground between the full computer and the phone, which is how tablets were born. Today’s market is filled with tablets, especially when it comes to Windows-supporting devices. Obviously, that means that there are a lot of bad ones out there, which somehow manage to survive because buyers don’t always make educated choices. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, here are our recommendations for some of the best windows 10 tablets in 2024.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 25MicrosoftNEW Microsoft Surface GoCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 26LenovoLenovo Miix 520Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 27MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Pro 6Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 28LenovoLenovo ThinkPad X1 TabletCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 29CHUWIChuwi HI10 AIR TabletCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 30MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Book 2Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 31acerAcer Switch 3Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 32NUVISIONNuVision 8-inch Full HDCheck Price on Amazon

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8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 33

1. Surface Go

The first on our list, and our top choice overall is Surface Go. Now, this model is an improvement on Surface 3, which came out in 2015. The new model comes with a lot of new benefits and improvements over the old one, featuring a 10-inch HQ display, but keeping the same magnesium chassis. Meanwhile, the design is also a bit more rounded than the previous model, which makes it look better, in our opinion.

If we take a look under the hood, this model uses Intel Pentium GOLD CPU, and it comes with as much as 8GB RAM, which guarantees excellent processing speed. Meanwhile, it is also very quiet when running, which is always a big plus. And, if you wish more storage, there is also a higher-end model which should give you what you need. Also, the tablet has a microSD card expansion slot so that you can fix the problem of small storage that way, as well.

One of this tablet’s greatest selling points, however, is its display. It is truly stunning and responsive, especially when you use a digital pen that comes as part of the package.

In terms of price, the model is pretty cheap, especially when you put it against other Surface models out there. This comes as a surprise, but a pleasant one, as this is still one of the best tablets that you can find, and it could easily cost a lot more than this. Of course, the price will increase if you wish to get some more accessories.

Finally, in terms of battery life, this tablet can last for about 6-7 hours, which is not too great, but also not too bad, either. It should be enough for you to manage through your working day, although it won’t do more than that. This is due to the fact that its Intel processor is not that battery-efficient, so it drains it quite a bit.

Even so, we consider this model to be one of the best. It looks good, has a small form factor, it comes with a great Surface Pen, and it is very affordable when compared to other Surface products. The battery issue is its only real disadvantage, but we don’t consider it a deal-breaker.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 34

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Next on the list, we have Microsoft Surface Pro 6, which is a pretty great and popular model, and definitely one of the best ones from the series. It is part of the line that has been leading the 2-in-1 detachable computer market for a long time, and the latest models continue that tradition.

Surface Pro 6 comes with smaller changes when compared to the previous versions, but those are still pretty significant. Besides, the tablet is a work of art, with a beautiful 12.3-inch screen, their resolution (2736×1824), strong brightness, and more. The component that saw the biggest and most important improvement is its CPU, which is Intel’s 8th-gen processor, and there are two versions that come with Core i5 or i7 for those who want them.

The processor and screen are both good enough to put this tablet in the lead among most of the competition. They make it faster, more beautiful, and increase its performance more than ever. This time, we also get a very long-lasting battery, too. In fact, the battery is so good that it can easily last you for about 13.5 hours, which is great for work, travel, studying, or casual use throughout the day.

Another big change is the fact that this model now comes in traditional platinum, but also in a black variant, for those who wish to change the aesthetics for a bit. However, those who wish to acquire the Type Cover accessory will still have to get it separately, as it does not come with the tablet. This is a bit unfortunate, especially since its backlit keyboard is amazing, and one of the best ones that you can get in the industry.

Another reason why this is not that great is the fact that Type Cover is necessary in order to get the most out of this model. And, while we are at getting the most out of it, you might also want to consider getting the Surface Pen, which is also sold separately. However, while it might cost a little extra to get separate accessories, they definitely complete this tablet and provide you with an excellent, practical, and efficient device that will serve you well throughout your day.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 35

3. Lenovo MIIX 520

If you are looking for an alternative to the Surface Pro 6, we can suggest trying out Lenovo MIIX 520. This is an excellent model that is one of our top choices when it comes to increased performance, and it still comes at a relatively approachable price. The design is more than decent, too, although some may prefer Surface Pro 6 over it.

Still, Lenovo’s model comes with a full metal body, which makes it very sturdy, but still pretty light and easy to carry around with you. It also features a pretty similar kickstand, as well as all of the important connectors that you could ever want on a tablet.

In terms of the keyboard cover, the Lenovo model features almost an identical one, so you won’t be missing out on anything there. Furthermore, this model also comes with Lenovo Active Pen 2 stylus, so you don’t have to spend extra money to obtain it separately, which is also greatly appreciated. And, while we are at extra features, it should be noted that this model also comes with a fingerprint scanner, which is great for extra security and easy access

The model’s screen is 12.2 inches, with 1920×1200 resolution, which is not as good as Surface Pro 6, but still Full HD, so we don’t expect that this will be taken as a huge downside by many. On the other hand, the hardware that the model uses is pretty much the same, with 8th generation Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs,

It also comes with different-sized RAMs, where you can choose between 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB. Meanwhile, the tablet storage goes up to 1TB SSD, meaning that storage space should not be a problem at any point. All in all, it is a great tablet, which is likely the best alternative to Surface Pro 6, with only a few aspects being somewhat of lesser quality, while the majority of the components are just as good as what the other one has to offer.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 36

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet

Next on the list, we have Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1, a 3rd generation model that comes from a company that has always been one of the top choices when it comes to technology purchases. While Lenovo has mostly directed its attention to creating top-quality laptops, it did expand a bit into a tablet sector, as well. As a result, it came up with models such as ThinkPad X1, which is a slightly more expensive solution than what we have listed so far.

However, this model is aimed at business owners, as well as their employees, meaning that it will have some expected advantages that those who are constantly on the go might make use of.

The first thing to note about this tablet is that it is a 13-inch model with an edge-to-edge screen, which is one of its most interesting features. It definitely captured the attention of everyone pretty quickly. Furthermore, this is a 2-in-1 tablet, which features a full touch screen, and it weighs around 3 pounds, while its dimensions are 11.96×8.88×0.35 inches.

The size of the screen allows users to read any text or document with ease, and it makes doing pretty much anything quite enjoyable. Furthermore, the tablet itself is very strong and sturdy, while it also features protection from drops, spills, and similar things. It is even resistant to dust, and it comes with Corning Gorilla glasses, which can protect its screen from damage.

The model comes with Intel Core i7 CPU, which can go from 1.90GHz to 4.20GHz, as well with Intel UHD 620 in terms of graphics. Its resolution is 3000×2000 QHD+, it features 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB SSD storage. It also comes with a front camera (2MP) and one at the rear (8MP).

As mentioned, the model is a full touch screen, which is why it also comes with a very useful pen that makes things simpler when it comes to providing signatures or taking notes without the keyboard involved. Another thing to note is that it is Thunderbolt 3-enabled, meaning that it is very fast and efficient when you connect it to other devices via the USB.

It also has a pretty decent battery life of around 9.5 hours, which is not the longest out there, but it should still let you go through the entire workday, even if you use it constantly.

All in all, this tablet is so rich with high-end features that it can actually be considered a laptop at this point, especially when it comes to ram, storage, and its processor. Top-quality components definitely make it a must-have model for any serious business owner, although it can also be useful for personal use if you require massive storage for your files and a fast CPU.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 37


If all of these solutions seem a bit too expensive for you, and you wish to get a capable tablet that still won’t drain your account completely, we can recommend CHUWI HI10 AIR as one of our top choices. This is a very good budget-friendly tablet that comes as an all-metal model, which still makes it feel like a premium solution in hand. It also has a decently large display, featuring 10.1 inches.

The display is also Full HD, which is quite a welcome surprise for this kind of money, and it will provide you with an excellent user experience. In addition to that, CHUWI HI10 AIR also supports a detachable keyboard cover, and even a pen, although sold separately. Even so, the accessories are not that expensive, and as we have mentioned already — the tablet itself is quite cheap.

Furthermore, connecting a keyboard to it turns it into quite a productive device, especially when it comes to writing. It is handy for work or personal use, it can easily be carried around with you at all times, and it comes with a relatively small but sufficient 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. At the same time, it features a 2.4 GHz Atom Z8350 Intel processor.

Obviously, this tablet is not appreciated for its excessive power. However, it is very much appreciated when it comes to price and convenience. It is perfect for web browsing, social media, email, writing, and alike.

Of course, you won’t find it very useful for editing videos, or even photos, or some other types of heavy work. But, those who want a convenient Windows 10-supporting tablet that can be with them at all times will certainly find it more than adequate. However, it should be noted that its battery life is not that impressive, although it should last for a solid 4 or 5 hours.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 38

6. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Back to more expensive and advanced solutions, we have Microsoft’s Surface Book 2. Now, when it comes to this model, it is so powerful that you can actually consider it a gaming tablet. This is quite rare and unusual for tablets, which are typically extremely limited, as they don’t have the appropriate hardware, which would make gaming a possibility. However, that is not the case with Surface Book 2-in-1, which comes with more than enough power, although it has its own downsides, as well.

The biggest one is that this is more of a heavy-duty laptop than a real tablet. It comes in two variants, one of which is a 13.5-inch screen (3000×2000) while the other one is 15-inch (3240×2160). The larger model’s weight is about 4.2 pounds, including the 1.8-pound tablet and the keyboard, which can be disconnected quite easily, simply by pressing a button.

Under the hood, this tablet features an 8th generation Intel Core i7 CPU, and as much as 16GB of RAM, which will ensure that you have some serious performance capabilities at your disposal.

One thing to note is that the tablet, when detached, does not benefit all that much from its graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060). In other words, while you can handle HD gaming as easily and smoothly on your tablet as on any gaming laptops, that will only work properly once you attach it to the keyboard. Furthermore, since this is a Windows 10-supporting tablet, you can play pretty much any PC game, and you don’t have to depend on mobile games like most other tablets.

And, if you are not into gaming all that much (or at all), this tablet is powerful enough for a number of different performance-heavy purposes. You can use it as a drawing table, or even do professional graphics work. You can edit videos, or run Photoshop on it. Finally, it has an amazing battery life of 17 hours, meaning that you can charge it while you sleep, and then use it for an entire day until you go to sleep again. It is definitely one of the best tablets around, and definitely the top choice for those who need a gaming tablet, so make sure to give it a go if you need a powerful solution that is easy to carry around at all times.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 39

7. Acer Switch 3

Then, there is Acer Switch 3, which acts as a 2-in-1 device that you can buy and instantly get all of its full-laptop potentials. Best of all, you can do it at a pretty reasonable price, with no additional upgrades or necessary accessories.

This Windows 10-running tablet’s hardware does not include high-end components, which is something that should be clear to you straight away. It offers 64GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, as well as 1.1GHz Intel Pentium N4200 CPU, which means that this model won’t be nearly as useful for things like gaming, graphics, or heavy multitasking as our previous entry.

However, it also features a 12.2-inch 1920×1080 IPS screen, which is simply perfect for everyday use. It is very bright, rich in color, and an excellent choice for media consumption or casual browsing. It is somewhat reflective, however, so that might be a bit of an issue in the sun, although that probably won’t be too big of a deal for most people.

The model is also very sturdy, and it includes a cover/keyboard, which is actually full-sized and very comfortable to use. In other words, it is great for writing, as well, and you can simply attach the tablet by using a metal hinge and a U-shaped fold.

The battery is not quite impressive, with only around 8 hours of battery life, but it is still more than good considering the price. In other words, this is another pretty decent budget tablet, which won’t do you much good for heavy operations, but if you need a cheap mini-laptop for browsing the web, Acer Switch 3 tablet is the perfect fit.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 40

8. NuVision 8-Inch Touchscreen Tablet

Finally, we have NuVision’s 8″ Touchscreen tablet, which is quite common when it comes to Android-running models. However, you won’t see many of those with Windows 10 OS installed. This model has it, and it fits perfectly well between a full-tablet sized and smartphone-sized devices.

It is also very affordable, and surprisingly enough, it comes with an excellent design and component quality. It includes an IPS screen with 1920×1200 in terms of resolution, as well as 10 points of touch. There is even a Windows button on the lower side of the display, which further emphasizes the Windows integration, indicating that this model was created for this system specifically. Pressing the button brings up the Start screen and wakes the device, should you let it rest in sleep mode.

Of course, its reduced size does affect its performance a bit, which is why this model has to use Intel’s 1.33GHz Atom CPU, and why it only comes with 2GB of RAM. This will make it good enough for browsing, emails, even watching movies and running some basic apps. However, multitasking is not its specialty. Not only that, but the small screen size is not a good match for using Microsoft Office, meaning that this tablet might be more of a large smartphone than a small laptop, so keep that in mind if you are planning to buy.


With that, we will conclude this list of some of the best Windows 10-running tablets out there. We have listed all of the top devices, from higher-end, expensive solutions to budget ones, and not-so-capable ones, which means that this list likely has something for everyone.

All you need to do now is check out all of these different models and pick the one you like the most. They will bring you greater capabilities than what your phone does, and they are quite handy for business purposes, media consumption, and even gaming, in some rare cases.

8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 25MicrosoftNEW Microsoft Surface GoCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 26LenovoLenovo Miix 520Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 27MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Pro 6Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 28LenovoLenovo ThinkPad X1 TabletCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 29CHUWIChuwi HI10 AIR TabletCheck Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 30MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Book 2Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 31acerAcer Switch 3Check Price on Amazon
8 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2024 32NUVISIONNuVision 8-inch Full HDCheck Price on Amazon

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