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ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard Review

ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard

Professional gamers looking to have a good playing system know that performance is the key. And nothing determines performance more than the motherboard. If you have a good motherboard along with a nice PC, you can enjoy your favorite games. The ASUS brand of motherboards has featured some of the best motherboard models in the

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard Review

Asus Rog Maximus Xi Hero Gaming Motherboard

Okay, so you already have your high-end PC with an equally matching Intel 9th generation CPU in readiness for your gaming setup. So, what’s still left out of the picture? Yes, you’re right – a top-performing motherboard that will rightly do justice to your impressive assemble of gaming gadgets. And there’s no better option than

Acer R13 vs ASUS Flip C302 Best Chromebook with Android Apps in 2020

The Acer R13 and the ASUS Flip C302 exemplify the direction Chrome OS and Chromebooks, in general, are heading. Both machines have much greater aspirations than being glorified web browsers, causing us to pause and think about who should buy a Chromebook. When they first appeared on the market, Chromebooks were advertised as simple computers

Acer Aspire E15 vs Dell Inspiron 15 Budget Laptop Comparison

The Acer Aspire E15 and the Dell Inspiron 15 are both great laptops, but which one is the better bang for your buck? Today we’re going compare the two so you can find out which one will work best for what you need without hurting your wallet. Acer Aspire E15 vs Dell Inspiron 15 Comparison

7 Best Intel Core i9 Processor Laptops in 2020

5 Best Intel Core i9 Processor Laptops in 2019

We have seen generations pass with the i3, the i5, and the i7 processors from Intel addressing speed need a system, a chipset, a GPU at a time. But with the growing specifications needed in modern-day games come a need to satiate the gap that expanded from a question if there’s more to gaming than

5 Best X570 Motherboards for AMD Ryzen in 2020

5 Best X570 Motherboards for AMD Ryzen in 2019

The AMD Ryzen has created some of the most advanced processors we know, and it has made a reputation in the world of computing and gaming. AMD has recently developed its 3000 Series of processors that are known for precision boosting features, as well as great performance for graphics-heavy video games and RAM-demanding projects in

7 Best Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard in 2020

7 Best Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard in 2019

Chromebooks, though not as mainstream as Windows or Apple, they are growing to be crowd favorites due to the level of accessibility and availability of its applications, the majority of which are free via download over Google Play. And the laptops that support Chromebooks are getting more and more robust with better processors, larger screens,

Asus vs Acer Best Laptops for Students in 2020

Asus vs Acer Best Laptops for Students in 2019

When spending for a reputable laptop becomes a challenge, students opt to look for cheaper but quality alternatives. With Asus and Acer being brands that gives both factors justice, it can be daunting to choose as to which models are best in the market. Let’s check on user reviews, design, innovation, and support in appreciating

7 Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2020

7 Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2019

When it comes to working with graphics design, it is a major requirement that tools and equipment used are of sound quality, as well as durable performance that doesn’t leave artists hanging especially when working on tedious and demanding tasks. With that in mind, they would be needing a laptop that does not only come

9 Best Sound Cards in 2020

9 Best Sound Cards in 2019

Using your computer is just not the same without sound. In this case, finding the best sound card is necessary for you to make the most of your viewing, gaming, and using experience. Sure, you may have a legacy sound chip installed in your purchased motherboard or laptop, but it does not always make the

5 Best 1440p Monitors in 2020

5 Best 1440p Monitors in 2019

Though many monitors offer options that enhance image quality, sometimes the default resolution doesn’t make the cut for sharper details or true-to-life colors. This is why 1440p monitors were invented, to provide a heightened, multiplied, viewing experience. Designed to not just please the image savvy, but also professionals when working on demanding projects, these huge

5 Best Laptop Stands In 2020

5 Best Laptop Stands In 2019

Laptop stands are different from laptop tables or lap desks in a way that such accessories are created to give your laptop extra height from the desk surface. Usually considering ergonomics as the basis of design, functionality coming in as second, these stands become a must-buy, especially to those who have neck and back problems.

5 Best Portable Monitor in 2020

5 Best Portable Monitor in 2019

There are instances when one monitor is not enough to give you the view you need to have. When you need to work on a document and view how your stocks perform, or when you are working on projects while doing something else at the same time, just one screen won’t do, especially when you