9 Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor in 2023

For gaming enthusiasts, nothing is more satisfying than getting the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor in 2023. If you were shopping for a PC for gamers, one important specification to keep an eye out is its refresh rate. If you were going to choose from 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz, a monitor of 144Hz is generally a reliable option for gamers. The 144Hz ensures that there is smooth gameplay with no screen tearing.

ASUSASUS VG278Q 27 inch Full HD 1080p 144Hz Gaming MonitorCheck Price on Amazon
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Furthermore, you will need PC monitors for gaming at 1080p. This means that your GPU will have a greater processing power to provide fluid and beautiful graphics.

But the thing here is that people often choose their PC display units based on the types of games they enjoy and their personal preferences.

The following are our top recommendations for the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors for 2020.

1) ASUS VG278Q 27 inch Full HD 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Asus has provided everything you need with this monster for PC gamers. Purchase this monitor for PC gamers and get a sleek-looking PC screens for games on your desk. Additionally, gamers get to enjoy sleek gaming with this computer screen. While this may not be heavy in terms of speakers and sound, they are super convenient and sound great.

This gaming PC is a 27 inch full HD monitor with a 1920×1080 resolution. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz and a 1-minute response time. It has a TN panel type and a pair of 2W speakers. Furthermore, it is fully equipped with the ASUS eye care technology. It helps adapt the display brightness not to damage the eyes. With this device, gamers get to enjoy both the Game plus and GameVisual functions.

It has an adaptive sync/free function with a refresh rate of 144Hz. If you are a passionate gamer, this is a fully equipped gaming screen. It holds its own against some of the strongest brands out there. If you choose this ASUS VG278Q, you will be saving lots of money on the price.

The price lets you get a fantastic gaming display at an excellent deal. One good thing about this 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor is that it is not a budget option, but it still offers excellent money value. Gamers will enjoy the 144Hz refresh rate of this machine. The screen allows you to play at 1080p, which will provide you a great gaming time at a silky-smooth display frame rate.

For the sake of enjoying your games, you shall need a gaming screen with a quick response time. This option has a 1-minute response time. This means that victory is only just a click away. The 1080p 144Hz is fully equipped with loads of Game worthy featured. It is ergonomically designed to help players quickly adjust it for multiple viewing angles.

The computer screen also has a stand that ensures that your work desk isn’t cluttered. The Adaptive-Sync/AMD FreeSync ensures that the screen is capable of providing added performance. It does this with the AMD graphics card. Additionally, the computer screen will also work excellently with the Nvidia GPU.

If you have a thing for gaming, this Asus product comes highly recommended. The 27-inch monitor is laced with an excellent resolution to help give an immersive gaming. Lastly, it offers one of the best crisp and smooth displays for its price range.

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2) ViewSonic XG2401 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors

ViewSonic may not be one of the biggest PC  manufacturers out there. But with this XG2401, it is safe to say that they delivered a classic device with this Pc screen. The screen was specially designed for gamers to have an immersive gaming. The monitor gives gamers the edge as it packs some of the best gaming screen features to help you thrash your enemies into smithereens. If you are a die-hard gaming enthusiast, you need to check out some of this gaming screen’s features.

ViewSonic XG2401 comes with a decent 144Hz monitor, which boasts of an excellent refresh rate. The refresh rate helps in blur elimination in the quickest moving images. Furthermore, it is safe to say that the gaming screen comes with a super-fast 1-minute response rate. This helps it offer some of the smoothest moving images.

The monitor for gaming possesses the exclusive ViewSonic Black Stabilisation feature. This helps in enhancing screen visibility and offers more gaming details over your competitor’s gaming screen. It gives you the advantage to easily dominate the competition.

This gaming screen has ports that make it easy for you to connect to numerous components to give you the best gaming performance. The monitor comes with a hook for headphones, a USB (3.0), and a DisplayPort HDMI. The USB port allows for easy connection with Macs, PCs, and laptops.

The XG2401 makes all the difference. The Full HD 1080p resolution offers gaming, which comes with the brightest dynamic images.

The exciting refresh rate helps reduce moving images with the fastest action. It has a super-fast one-minute response time, which helps deliver the best images without ghosting or blurring.

The monitor possesses the AMD FreeSync Technology that helps in delivering pictures with dynamic refresh rates. This further helps ensure that no stuttering and image are tearing to help deliver a smooth game. It has multiple ports that offer flexible connectivity to a wide range of devices. It comes with a TN panel system and a fast response to input command.

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3) Asus 24 inch VG248QE 144Hz/1ms LED-Lit Monitor

This is another best 1080p monitor for gaming from Asus. The giant PC makers made no mistake with the device by ensuring that it contains some of the best specifications for gamers.

The 24 inch full HD 1920 x 1080p from Asus had a pretty fast response time of 1 minute. This essentially means that there are no video smearing or zero motion blur.

This gaming monitor comes with very excellent features making it an excellent option for a gaming monitor. The screen enables a smooth connection with a wide range of computer devices.

The gaming monitor comes with a GamePlus Hotkey that is only found on Asus gaming components. This monitor is ergonomically designed to swivel, tilt, and pivot for gamers to get their best viewing angles. Alternatively, if there are no spaces left on your desk, you could mount the monitor on a wall to give you a more panoramic view.

It is equipped with Flicker-Free technology, which reduced flicker. This feature ensures that you get the most comfortable gaming time. Also, the Ultra-low Blue Light technology minimizes the amount of blue light that gets into the gamer’s eyes.

For the price, this Asus gaming screen comes with the most excellent feature anyone can find in a gaming device, whether this be its refresh rate, the VA panel, its gaming performance, the IPS panel, display, g sync, and so on.

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4) BenQ Zowie XL2412p 24 inch gaming monitor

This device from BenQ is one of the best options out there for gamers. The best gamers always choose the best gaming monitors, and the BenQ Zowie comes off as a decent choice.

The 144Hz rate function ensures that the monitor delivers gaming at high frame rates. This ensures that there are no graphics tearing as well as blues due to moving images. Furthermore, the type of va panel gaming screen works best with its 1-minute response time. This feature means that there is no ghosting as well as lagging in providing a fast gaming action.

It offers ZeroFlicker technique, which helps reduce possible damages to the eyes. The screen can also be adjusted to provide multiple viewing angles. Some of this 1080p 144Hz monitor’s best features are its  g sync, 144Hz monitor, display, response time, and gaming capabilities. 

BenQ Zowie is such an excellent choice among the best gaming monitors due to some of its features. It has the display port function, which ensures that it gets 144Hz rates and a clear display.

Such gaming monitor like this deliver great 144Hz refresh rates and 1080p resolution to offer high gaming images and blur-free motions. It has a super-fast one-minute fast response time, eliminating lagging or ghosting and giving the gamer a competitive edge over the competition.

The gaming screen also comes with color vibrance configurations to enable gamers to set the in-game and game visibility. As one of the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors, the system comes with a type TN panel. The monitor comes with some of the best properties for a gaming monitor. You can find such features as g sync, IPS panel, a decent display, 144Hz monitor, quick screen response time, decent refresh rates, and excellent performance for a gaming screen.

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5) Samsung CFG7 LED-Lit Curved Monitor

Curved monitors offer some of the best immersive gaming experiences. They give you the best chance to spot your opponent’s coming from multiple viewing angles without changing the screen’s orientation. Samsung has decided to produce the best monitors gaming ever with this product. It offers the best gaming thanks to its QLED gaming screen adapted to offer the best gaming monitor gaming.

The Samsung gamer screen comes with an excellent screen display function, a 144Hz refresh rate, G sync function, IPS panel, etc. Since it has a relatively rapid response rate, the PC screen allows gamers to become immersed in a remarkable gamer technology that stands out as the best in 2023.

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6) Acer GN24HL

The Acer GN24HL series is one of the best 1080p PC screen that caters to gamers’ needs. The 1080p PC screen is a decent gamer alternative among the best 1080p monitors. The price is not an issue in this Acer series because it is the best pocket-friendly gamers option.

If you are a gamer looking to take your gamer passion to the next level, look no further than this fantastic 1080p PC screen with an impressive 144Hz refresh rate. When this gamer screen might seem a lot smaller than its peers, it delivers in every sense of the word. Rather than a 27″ display, this little monster screen is fitted with a 24 inch. 

The gamer screen employs the 144Hz refresh rate system and cones with short response time. You can connect this screen by using three different connection points. You can choose to use the HDMI, the FBI, or the VGA. For gamers who have no problem with a 24-inch display screen, they can opt for this cool gamer PC. It offers a bright and crisp LED screen that allows gamers to have multiple viewing angles.

In terms of some of the features that make this 1080p PC screen stand out are the best you would find in a gamer screen. It has a quick response time, an excellent refresh rate, the G sync feature, reasonable frame rates, a decent display, and an immersive gaming experience.

The Acer is an excellent monitor gamer enthusiast should buy. This gamer monitor comes with an excellent bonus, which is exceptionally ready to have the Nvidia 3D vision system. Therefore, if a gamer wants to make their gaming experience more immersive, they can get this option.

The Average has made a classic with one of the best 1080p PC screen. You will be thrilled with the quality of the image and its refresh rate. The monitor comes with a panel type TN, a 144Hz refresh rate, and the Nvidia 3D Lightfoot and Vision Ready technology.

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7) LG 34UC79-B 34 inch gaming Monitor

Gamers who are hardcore fans of wide screens will find this 34-inch LG screen merely the best gamer monitor. The ultra-versatile gamer screen comes with some of the best features to enhance the gaming experience. Features such as 144Hz monitor display size, refresh rate, aspect ratio, IPS panel, quick response time, G sync, price, and other features make this 1080p 144Hz a must-have monitor. The screen comes with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

Furthermore, gamers can get a 2560 x 1080 resolution when they buy this gamer monster. It comes with multiple viewing angles and decent color reproduction due to its IPS display panel. If you played any game on the LG34UC79-B, you will discover that the games are considerably smoother than would have been with the 75 or 65Hz monitors.

Moreover, the screen comes with numerous gamer features such as the Dynamic Action Sync feature and the crosshair overlay. The Dynamic Action Sync function offers a more fluid gaming experience with a total elimination of buffering during gameplay.

With the LG 34UC79G-B, gamers have a classic gamer screen because the large screen size takes the gaming experience differently. The device comes with the Quick Charge support function, the DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI connector, and three USB 3.0 ports. Furthermore, we have to state that this PC screen is rated as Energy Star-qualified.

This means that the system utilizes about 25 percent lower energy than the same monitors. When working in a normal condition, the PC uses just about a power of 50W. Some of the package’s accessories are the power cord, the cable holder, the HDMI cable, and a DisplayPort cable.

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8) Dell PC screen D2719HGF for gamers

With most PC manufacturers coming out with their gamer-optimized monitors, Dell has decided to provide gamers with one of the best gamer monitors. The screen from DELL comes with lots of display alternatives. Furthermore, this screen comes at different grades and price ranges. One monitor exists for mid-level gamer while still retaining the excellent 144Hz refresh rate specification. The system comes with a slight lag either, and the screen does get a fast response time of two minutes.

The screen comes with a giant 27-inch display; therefore, gamers will be able to play sorts of games and watch media on their screen. They can decide to use the screen form their business activities.

The Dell D2719HGF monitor for gamers is an all-embracing device that caters to so many tasks. The screen possesses a Full HD display, and an LED for users to get actual objects’ actual life colors. This is going to be doing your games some justice as the screen comes with game-color enhancing features.

The Dell comes with a bezel that has an extremely thin profile. This gives the screen a modern and excellent style.

While the D2719HGF may not have a relatively higher resolution, it does have a relatively stunning performance. The PC screen can be VESA mounted, and it supports the HDMI and DisplayPort visual formats.

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Our verdict on the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor

it is evident that there are numerous 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors with useful G sync function and refresh rates. We have listed just a few options of what you can find in the market. However, these monitors are top-notch gaming solutions and are highly recommended by gaming experts. Rest assured that you can pick any screen off this list and have a blast for the rest of your gamer life.

ASUSASUS VG278Q 27 inch Full HD 1080p 144Hz Gaming MonitorCheck Price on Amazon
ViewSonicViewSonic XG2401 1080p 144Hz Gaming MonitorsCheck Price on Amazon
ASUSAsus 24 inch VG248QE 144Hz/1ms LED-Lit MonitorCheck Price on Amazon
BenQBenQ Zowie XL2411P 24 inchCheck Price on Amazon
SAMSUNGSamsung CFG73 27" 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC27FG73FQNXZA)Check Price on Amazon

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