9 Best External USB CD/DVD Drives for PC in 2023

With the advancement of technology, optical media devices are currently being phased out. Most modern personal computers do not have internal DVD drives. With the current technology wave, no portable external DVD drives are connecting to a system easily through USB.

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Most external CD drives connect to a PC through a USB. This USB connection makes file transfer faster and effortless. If you like me that prefer an external CD drive over the conventional ones, you are in luck. This post will highlight some of the best external DVD drives that can be used to read and write on files.

If you are uncertain about some of the best external DVD drives in the market, do not worry. Our list has you covered with reliable options.

Features for best external DVD drive in 2023

How you can choose the best external DVD drive for your system.

We try to consider various conditions and specifications to produce this definitive guide to CD external drive. The following selection of best external DVD drive are ideal for any PC or laptop device.

It contains detailed information and specifications about any top range external DVD drive that fits your budget and workstyle. If you require one of these devices and have no clue how to go about your search, we have you covered with this comprehensive list. If you were considering purchasing an external DVD drive, you should consider the following things.


If you were to purchase a drive, you should consider the speed of the device. If you have a device with a fast read and write speed, then the job gets done faster. Irrespective of your needs, the device’s speed is one of the best specifications you should consider when looking to buy the best drives for your PC.

USB Compatibility

When purchasing your device, you should understand that it has to come with a USB cord. The thing here is that most drives come with either the USB3.0 interface or the USB2.0. The best thing here is to choose the USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 comes with numerous benefits; however, one of its most advantages is its better power efficiency and faster data transfer rate.

Compatibility with Operating System

One thing that can be awful about purchasing drives is buying it and finding out that it does not work with your computer. The thing here is that you should check the compatibility of the device to your system’s operating system.


If you are going to purchase an external DVD drive, it has to look good indeed. Certainly, while there are no practical benefits of the design, the aim here is to purchase something you want.

External DVD drives are typically created in smaller forms now. You do not need bigger sizes. Modern-day devices are now designed in sizes that can fit into your notebook bag for easy portability. Whether you need a DVD drive for your Mac or Windows, you must check the design of the DVD drive.


Most DVD drives are designed to work silently; however, some still work with relatively more noise. You want a Blu-ray DVD drive that works with speed and noiselessly. Apart from the noise, it has to be a USB drive compatible with both Windows and Mac. The best external DVD drives always come with these features. The silent working condition is one of the best ways of choosing a high-quality external DVD drive.

Build Quality

If you were going to buy a suitable device, you should consider one with the excellent build quality. While not all external DVD drive needs to come with the superb build quality, the best external DVD drives have excellent build quality.

Haven listed some of the qualities you want to check out for in a DVD drives, the following drives are the best external DVD drives for 2020.

1). Dell DW316

The Dell DW316 is one of the best external DVD drives that give you a quality drive on a budget. If you need something that works with both Windows and Mac operating systems, you want this external DVD drive. It is minimally designed and comes with the right working speed for effective functioning.

The DVD drive uses a power source that connects to your Mac or Windows computer’s USB port. You can use this DVD drive both when on the move and when you are in the house. As a compatible drive for both Windows and Mac operating systems, you get the best external drive that money can buy.

It is equipped with the CyberLink Media Suite Software. This caters for effortless CD/DVD burning and reading. It comes with a good write speed that most users will find satisfactory. The drive connects through USB with its USB 3.0 feature.

While the device does not come with external Blu-ray functionality, it is an excellent option for users looking for performance in a drive. Some of the good features of this DVD drive is its lightweight, usage simplicity, its great price, and it’s the CyberLink Media Suite, which comes preloaded.

The Dell DVD device comes with one of the most excellent build qualities on this list. Its USB 2.0 compatibility allows it to be able to connect to a PC without much fuss. The Dell is one of the most excellent choices for smooth connectivity with a PC with the USB 2.0 feature.

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2). Pioneer BDR-XU03

This device is a long-lasting external Blu-ray burner that has the right speed and functionality. The device is super durable and durable. It is made from magnesium and has the USB 3.0 feature, which works with guaranteed speed. It comes with a decent write speed. The device can be found in variants of the single and disks with double layers and triple and four-layered disks. The drive is compatible with CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. The device is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

The device works in a silent mode and has the PowerRead Smooth feature. It is also equipped with the PureRead 2 Smarter Media Playback features that allow damaged and smeared disks to play audio and movie files smoothly without any problems. The device is a great external file reader that comes with a quality build and numerous features.

If you need a high-performance device, then you should seriously give this option a thought. However, the price may put you off, but the device is still worth the investment. Some of this device’s good points include its compact build, USB connectivity, noiseless operation, speed, and high compatibility.

This Pioneer DVD device works to be one of the most excellent portable and minimally device on the list. However, it is unfortunate that it is not a practical option on the aesthetic side. This means that the Pioneer device is not your average stylish device. However, this does not imply a decline in performance, though.

What the Pioneer lacks in terms of looks, it overcompensates for this with features and performance.

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3). Apple USB Superdrive

The Apple device is the best external drive for users of Mac PCs. Apple purposely makes it for users of its devices. If you have an Apple device and you need to connect an external drive to it, then the Apple Superdrive is your best option in this regard. The Apple USB Superdrive is delivered in a modern and sleek design that will convince Apple products’ worst skeptic.

The device comes with an excellent performance, which any fan of Apple products will approve of. The device is about 17mm thick, 139mm wide, and minimally deep. The device weighs 335 grams. It uses an external power through its USB connector. The device has a minimalistic design. This means that it does not have external parts that move.

It is a device that is good for people who prefer to work out of mobile stations. It is good to know that this Apple Superdrive is very compatible with Apple devices like Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air, and the MacBook. It can be used to read and write on files. It has a decent write speed.

In terms of the device’s economy, it may not come at a pocket-friendly price; however, if you need something that offers the reliability and quality that Apple is known for, then this device is the way to go. The device is highly compact, works without any noise, and does not need any external power.

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4). Samsung SE-218CB/RSBS

If you need a silent and compact external PC device that will cater to your needs, this device is your best option. This device from a familiar brand offers both a reliable and a basic solution. It is 148mm deep, 144mm wide, and 14mm thick.

The device is among the most minimal DVD drives that you will find available in the market. It comes with a high-quality build, works silently, and has a great write speed. The device can be used for both DVDs and CDs. The Samsung SE device is used by everyone from students to professionals. Nobody ever uses this device and feels unsatisfied.

The device has different technologies that are used to enhance the experience of the user. This includes Speed Adjustment (which is used to correct the speed based on media). It also has the Double OPC (which ensures proper recording) and the Buffer Under Run Free features.

The Samsung device comes with the Tilt Actuator Compensation. This allows the device to write on media that has been deformed slightly deformed. For this device, there is no problem with compatibility with both Mac and Windows, because it can work with both OS technologies.

These specifications all come with the right amount, pretty much like any other device with Samsung. The drive is best for both home and professional usage. It also has an excellent multimedia upgrade for both PCs for office work or gaming purposes. Some of the device’s advantages include its compact build, speed, and ability to be used as a booting device.

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5). Transcend TS8XDVDS-W

The Transcend external budget device is a reliable device that will give you durable and dependable performance. Transcend is a big name in the world of external drives and devices. The drive is both affordable and is of high quality. It is an external optical drive that has excellent performance while coming at a reasonable price.

It has the USB interface; it also supports both DVD and CD media types. The Transcend device works well with Windows and Mac. It offers an excellent write speed. The device comes with a discrete design and an ultra-slim build. It has all the features that a regular external optical drive user would need. It doesn’t have all the necessary specifications, which would increase its costs unreasonably.

The Transcend device will work flawlessly to ensure that you get the best out of your device. It connects with external power and needs no power source.  The device allows people to show off with a fancy package. Transcend is a big name in the world of ext. CD drive and have a rich range of reliable devices. If you need a rugged and trustworthy device, this TS8XDVDS-W will effectively do the job.

Some of this device’s positive points include its slim design, excellent compatibility, reliability, and other great features.

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6). LG Electronics GP65NB60 8X

When it comes to LG, the brand is a well-known name for every electronics and hardware type. Similarly, they are recognized as having the best external DVD drives. With an excellent write speed, you may want to give this device from LG a try. The drive comes with an incredible transfer speed, the Cyberlink Media suite, external Blu-ray technology, Mac OS support, and exceptional durability.

People will like the LG GP65NB60 8X is the excellent value it renders at a great price. The LG external PC drive has a slim build and can be used for traveling purposes. Users should note that the device is not a fashionable one. LG has a sterile and unattractive appearance. It features the USB 2.0 interface and works well with USB 3.0. the device comes with the Cyberlink media suite to ensure quality playback.

If you were familiar with digital devices, you will like the M-Disc external optical drive technology that LG has added to this device. The device also features the single inorganic DVD recording layer application. This feature can extend the M-Disc media’s lifespan to a period of 1,000 years. As a rare feature, the M-Disc media is something that can hardly be obtained nowadays. The tool is excellent for the archiving of useful data.

In terms of the noiseless feature, we have the Silent Play feature from LG to thank for that. This external writing device from LG does not work with noise. Even though it needs to read and write at an incredible speed, the device still does not make much noise. It has a buffer of 0.75MB. this helps the drives to handle any writing or reading difficulties which is temporary.

The tool helps ensure an error-free burning and smooth playback for users. Furthermore, it is essential to note that the CD ROM drive external is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is an external DVD device that needs no power source. It has the USB 3.0 and Blu-ray features.

In terms of the build of the device, it is shaped compactly to cater for easy compatibility. The device is sleek and ergonomically designed to perform without any issues. Its minimalistic appearance complements the aesthetics to offer a premium device with some of the best storage capabilities. This product from LG is equipped with some of the specifications and comes with unrivaled performance.

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7). Sea Tech Aluminium External CD/DVD Drive

This Sea Tech device is an incredible external optical drive that ensures smooth usage while offering users some of the best services they can get from a device. The device comes with numerous features. One striking thing about this device from Sea Tech Aluminum is that it comes with a pretty look and has been designed ergonomically to work with modern devices.

The device comes with a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility. This USB 3.0 feature enables that it connects straight to the PC as a power source. One thing with this external CD drive is the fact that it works well with both Windows and Mac OS. Furthermore, users get a USB cable shipped alongside this external CD device when delivered to them.

The device works well with every modern Mac and Windows Pc out there. It has been configured right out of the box, so users need not reconfigure it when they purchase it. The device comes fully protected with a thick and unibody encasement designed from an individual aluminum block.

You should note that Mac PCs do not run Blu-ray playback. This deficiency can be resolved if you install a third-party application that can decode Blu-ray films. Luckily, we have lots of software solutions which we can select from. Moreover, many of these solutions come free without charge.

Keep in mind that Mac computers don’t support Blu-ray playback unless you install some third-party software solution that can decode Blu-ray movies. The good news is that there are many such software solutions to choose from, and some of them are even completely free.

The material used in fabricating this device is purely Aluminum, as the device is predominantly white. This pristine nature of the device ensures that it complements the aesthetics of your PC. The device provides sleek portability and high performance.

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8). ASUS ZenDrive

Like the ZenFones and Zen Books from the same manufacturer, this ASUS Zen Drive comes with both fantastic and beautiful to look at. It has a thin form-factor with its 13mm thickness. This portable device is minimally designed to fit into a briefcase or bag.

It can provide a reliable backup as well as a playback solution. It supports different types of DVDs and CDs. It has a great write speed and is an external optical drive for users who prefer minimally and ergonomically designed drives.

The Cyberlink Media suite is included with the Asus Zen device. This is a burning suite that has lots of features and comes with an excellent user interface. The device performs a wide range of functions, such as mounting images from ripped discs to burning this on a new media. It also takes care of PC system backup as well as recovery.

The Cyberlink media suite will perform all the functions you need for users who do not need to produce Blu-ray films.

Furthermore, the ASUS ZenDrive also comes with excellent durability. It will never malfunction while in the middle of a crucial job. Despite when it has taken a significant impact, be rest assured that it will never damage.

The ZenDrive has been created with some of the most durable materials to ensure durability and long-term usage. It is the best external DVD drive in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics.

In terms of this device’s build, we would only say that it has high quality and unrivaled aesthetics like most Asus products. The device works in such a way that it complements its design. Therefore, users get a win-win with this device.

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9). Rioddas External CD Drive

If you need a much more stylish external CD drive, the Rioddas quickly passes as one of the best CD external drives. The Rioddas external CD drive comes with decent user-friendliness and uses the USB port as a connecting port.

You do not have to install additional software to use this device from Rioddas. The device comes with a plug and plays functionality. All you have to do is connect it to your PC, and the Pc will pick it up after recognizing the device.

The device has a fantastic write speed. Furthermore, it supports both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. It also works well with other systems; this makes it fast. It has a transfer speed of close to 5Gbps. It also keeps steady performance.

Because of the device’s excellent design, the tool comes with a stylish and fantastic feature. For people who prefer their workspaces to be uncluttered, the Rioddas External CD comes with its cable design embedded inside it.

The device also comes with an excellent eject technology since it comes with the regular disc ejection button. This facilitates easy ejection of discs. The feature automatically prompts the device to get the disc ejected.

What is more, the device is highly compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Notably, the Desktop Pc users will have to ensure device connectivity using USB ports connected from the rear part of the device. This enables it to be connected to the motherboard directly.

Some of the Rioddas external burning device’s best features are its ease of set-up, compatibility with most operating systems, rapid transfer of files, affordability, and excellent design.

This Rioddas device comes with a grainy and sturdy build designed to offer resistance to impact and dents. The device is ergonomically shaped to provide some of the best performances and functionalities.

It works with all types of CDs and DVDs. It has numerous other specifications that complement its sleek design. The Rioddan device is aptly shaped to offer premium performance without compromising the quality of the finished work.

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