Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 in 2019

PC gaming typically is potentially a hobby that can be quite expensive at times, however, it shouldn’t be that way. PC gamers can have a tight budget as well as still be able to get the most out of their gaming components. Gaming components such as the keyboard tend to accentuate the special effects associated with most PC games, thereby making it possible for gamers to take in all the thrills. To get this full package, you could spend a lot of money, however that isn’t necessary. We put a price cap of $100 and chose the most excellent gaming keyboards at pocket friendly prices. These are the best gaming keyboards under $100 in 2019.

RazerBlackWidow Lite Mechanical Tenkeyless KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
havitMechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB BacklitCheck Price on Amazon
HyperXHyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
SteelSeriesSteelSeries Apex M400 Illuminated Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
CorsairCorsair K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
VicTsingVicTsing Gaming Keyboard Wired, Red LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch, 100% Anti-ghosting, Waterproof, Quiet Computer Keyboard with Detachable Ergonomic Wrist for Mac, PC GamerCheck Price on Amazon

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1. Razor Black Widow Lite

With a very popular name, this small Black widow keyboard is the perfect choice for PC gamers who are always on the road or gamers who are operating on a rather tight budget. Devoid of several features that are typical with the bigger keyboards, like the complete RGB lighting and media keys, but the most significant point here is that the keyboard is a good example of a black widow. Endowed with orange switches from Razor, gamers get that intriguing feel as well as a thrilling reaction sans the usual keyboard noise. The cable can be removed, and the builders even added a bag which comprises of O rings so as to ensure that the switches are more noiseless than expected.

The mechanical switch from Razor is among the key feature of this gaming keyboard. The switches are silent and they produce tactile feedback. This is ideal in typing functions so that for every key pressed, there is a unique sound. To further muffle the already silent sound made by using the keys on a keyboard, the Black widow has equipped with it the O-rings. In addition to minimizing typing fatigues that comes with the use of conventional keyboards, the O-rings also minimizes the distance of key travel.

As a compact device, the keyboard provides a vital control and convenience. Its cable which can be detached also ensures that it is convenient to pack up and be taken along if users are always on the move. Individually backlit keys will definitely bring out the fun for every key used in typing as well as gaming. With the inclusion of the global white LED backlighting system, keyboard keys will remain visible to users even in the darkest time of the day. Its brightness and visibility is a feature that can be controlled. Here users can control its brightness, turn it on or turn it off according to their gaming or typing preferences.

Another innovative feature of the mechanical gaming keyboard is the inclusion of the Razer Synapse 3. Users are granted access to well advanced options as well as granular control with the feature. Technically, the Razer Synapse 3 is a hardware configuration system which allows users to set up keyboard shortcuts, assign macros and an array of numerous other capabilities. With the requirements and expectations of PC gamers in mind, the Black widow Lite is engineered for durability. The switches are produced by the in-house engineers of the manufacturers, rather than outsourced to a third party producer. This guarantees a control production process as well as integrated quality assurance.

Strict requirements, as well as standards, are met every time that a switch is produced. The quality assurance team ensures that each production deliverable is subjected to several tests before they can make it past the quality control stage to further stages in the production process. Ultimately, these conditions result typically into a life span of approximately 80 million strokes of the key for the Black Widow Lite keyboard.

With its Macro support that are fully programmable, the Razer Hyper shift makes it possible for the remapping of all keys and key presses so as to execute very complex key commands. As a keyboard with a tournament and battle ready design feature, the tenkeyless layout of the gaming component with a USB cable that is detachable makes it easier for the keyboard to be used while on the go. Lastly, its durable construction which supports and sustains its durability comes with a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


To bring out the thrill out of this inexpensive keyboard, it works best when it functions primarily as a keyboard for typing on. The manufacturer decided to choose the unassuming Kailh Blue switches that resemble the Cherry MX Blue. Among its features are a shorter actuation and travel time – it gives you the feeling like you are using a high-end laptop. Additionally, it has proper gaming capabilities and also the tactile feedback as well as the audible that users receive after each press of the button, is exciting.

This mechanical keyboard from HAVIT has as part of its set up, the newest features in terms of the Kailh Blue switches. A great keyboard choice for the office as well as games, the mechanical keyboard has 104 standard keys including numeric keys. It also has6mm suspended keycaps which are ultra-thin, 3mm key travel as well as a response time distance of 1.4mm; it offers a travel distance that is pretty short, more accurate, with a precise delivery as well as a lighting speed performance. With the custom backlit keys which can be set into the RGB, users will definitely enjoy night typing as well as their gaming experience. The HAVIT HV-KB395L has a user friendly design, it is mainly a plug and play device, and it is portable and has a detachable USB to micro cable connection.

Naturally, the mechanical gaming keyboard package from HAVIT is equipped with the HV-KB395L mechanical keyboard, 1 piece of the USB to micro cable cord, a user manual as well as the HAVIT Happy Card. It is indeed a high-end piece of hardware and will come in handy to PC gamers, who need every trick in the book to outsmart and outplay their opponents. With a service life of 50million key operations, the HV-KB395L is completely compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Apple Mac as well as Linux.

3. Hyper X Alloy FBS Pro

With a steel design, the Hyper X Alloy can take all the impacts as well as hammerings of the gaming-related activities from PC gamers. Whereas the Cherry MX Red switches do a good job of providing that fantastic feel. The anti-ghosting feature is rated at 100, which implies that an important moment can never be missed. The FBS fans especially will definitely work with the optionally textured keycaps. This is made this way to avoid slippery or wandering hands during the course of a game. This could be a deciding factor that determines whether a player can win a game or not. For PC gamers that need a much more compact keyboard, there is a tenkeyless version which is also available for purchase.

Typically, the Hyper X Alloy FBS Pro keyboard is meant for Professional gamers. With its compact size, you are sure to have more use for your desktop area than most other keyboards. As a portable keyboard, the FPS Pro has a high-end mesh pouch in addition to a steel frame with good durability so as to survive the typical hassles that travelers are often subjected to. It is supplied white a detachable mini-USB cord. This minimizes its bulkiness and prevents potentially damaging to the cable.

The Hyper X Alloy FPS has the Cherry MX key switches which are made in Germany. The Cherry MX key switches give gamers the advantage over their opponents in terms of reactivity, durability as well as accuracy. The reliable performance of the keyboard is provided by the pressure-resistant and responsive metal alloy springs. For excess of 50 million keystrokes, the Cherry MX key switches according to guarantees on the product will never lose its quality responsiveness. The mechanical gaming keyboard keeps PC gamers locked in by having a USB port which they can use in charging up their mobile devices. The keyboard also has a Game Mode function so that gamers do not accidentally see themselves in their PC desktop menu when the gaming action finally intensifies.

Typically, the Game Mode feature deactivates the Windows key to avoid gamers from dropping to the desktop. While the Anti-ghosting, as well as the full N-key rollover, allows PC gamers to press all the keys at the same time. Each singular keystroke is registered and executed as so as it is pressed. The Hyper X has red backlit keys which have dynamic lighting effects. Gamers can select from six different preset LED modes, including the custom mode, to be able to play the game confidently without sufficient lighting. The backlit LED feature has five levels of brightness that allows gamers to adjust the lights to any time of the day and night.

4. The Steel Series Apex M400 gaming keyboard

If you are in the market for a keyboard which has super fast gaming qualities, thus the linear switches that come as part of the set up for the MP400 may just be the exact component you are looking for. With each of the switches having low actuation points and forces and the fact that the linear switches are devoid of the usual bump, you get a keyboard with incredible speed and optimum performance. The M400 is equipped with a 100% anti-ghosting feature. Furthermore, it can be completely customized with the use of the companion Software of the Steel Series.

The Apex M400 sets a fresh standard when it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards. The properties of this keyboard include the QX1 linear gaming switches from Steel series, durability as well as performance.

According to the requirements of professional PC gamers, the Apex M400 provides the advantage in terms of game-winning performances. Due to its 2mm actuation point and low 45cN force, the gameplay is dramatically faster. Games are indeed decided within a short time and furthermore, every advantage that each player has is critical.

The Apex M400 makes every click of the keyboard count. Most PC gamers are pretty familiar with that feeling whereby you seem to press a key, but the game display tells you something different. Unlike every other keyboard in the market, the Apex M400 keyboard has keys that are responsive to every touch. So, basically, every strategic key entered will definitely register and make an effect on your game. In spite of the number of keys which are pressed, it is guaranteed by the manufacturer that any key pressed will register. Therefore PC gamers can be confident about their keyboards at crucial times.

The Apex M400 has a durability which is guaranteed. The QX1 keypress feature from the manufacturers ensures that the keyboard switches will function and stay that way even right after 60 million clicks of the keyboard.

Regardless of the frequency of pressing the keys, it will always be brand new and stay that way for a long time period. Every keyboard switch tends to maintain the same feel of the key for a long time, which is a significant feature for becoming accustomed to their favorite keys.

In terms of the physical durability of the keyboard, it is an undisputed fact that the Apex M4oo is built to last longer than competing keyboards. A keyboard which is durable is vital to the battle station of every gamer. Produced from some of the hardest plastic materials around, as well as a battle-toughened steel backplate that is reinforced, the manufacturers have gone the extra mile to make sure that the products and materials are capable of withstanding anything comes its way.

A stand out feature of the Apex M400 is that it has numerous alternatives for customization in comparison with every other mechanical gaming keyboard that are in its category. PC gamers can take full control of their favorite games with keys that are fully programmed, endowed with macro settings as well as help them achieve a lot with this innovative device from Steel Series.

5. The Corsair K63

As a giant in the manufacturing of durable PC components, literally, Corsair is a brand name that you can put your money on. and despite a downgrading in price, the quality of the Corsair brand hardly ever changes. As having its keyboard as among the best gaming keyboards below $100 in 2019, the Corsair K63 is a great option for PC gamers with the craving for professional keyboards. The K63 is endowed with the Cherry MX red switches as well as a tenkeyless design that is appropriate for a portable gaming keyboard that has an extraordinary feel to it. As a great keyboard for travelers, the compact size of the component ensures that PC gamers have more room for their mouse as well.

Every one of the keys has equipped with it, a red LED backlight. Moreover, the scintillating red LED backlights to improve the experience that comes with dynamic as well as a virtually unlimited lighting adjustment capability. This is made possible with the key lighting control feature of the CORSAIR UTILITY ENGINE (CUE). Users are also able to designate macros to each key. Its features also include in built keys dedicated to media controls as well as a 100% anti-ghosting with a complete key rollover.

The dedicated media control buttons permit PC gamers to control the volume of their gameplay without ever having to interrupt the game. Furthermore, the necessary anti-ghosting feature always ensures that regardless of the speed of gameplay, the keystrokes consistently register according to the intention of the user. Literally, the keys to the successful acceptance of the keyboard is the Cherry MX mechanical gaming switches that always delivers an ultimate performance as well as a competitive advantage over several other keyboards. And always remember that it has a Windows key feature as well as – a smart feature which will come in handy for avid PC gamers.

6. VicTsing Gaming Keyboard

Expectedly, to gaming enthusiasts, the brand name is relatively unknown in the PC World let alone the gaming world. As part of their introduction into both ecosystems, the brand has strategized to make a name for itself by producing pretty excellent keyboards to be sold at ridiculously low prices. This is typically a bid to tackle the stiff competition it faces in the PC market for gaming components.

However, the gaming keyboard has a full-sized design with an incorporated space for resting the wrist. Known as the palm rest, it is a feature that can be removed. The key for Windows lock which has a separate indicator will ensure that the Windows key is appropriately disabled so as to prevent accidental initiation of the Windows starts feature, especially during an intense gaming session. PC gamers will find its backlighting feature an added form of entertainment to their already enjoyable gameplay. The control for the backlighting is superb and can be quite extensive. It contains 5 backlights with different themes – 20 pre-programmed lighting models to choose from, for both color effects and fading effects, in addition to the capacity to personalize the function according to your needs.

Also as a form of an independent gaming system from the PC, users can choose to play a certain game with the backlight feature of the keyboard. They can spend close to 30 minutes or more playing with the various combinations of the lighting feature and they probably will not be able to discover all the possible abilities of this lighting feature. Additionally, the keyboard has 12 shortcut functions for multimedia functions which can be used to adjust the audio of the game without having to interrupt the game. While this feature of the laptop was intended primarily for PC gamers, they also come in handy in the conventional office setting to help initiate quick access to particular functions or programs. Furthermore, the e-mail/home/music and so on keys which are dedicated to specific functions put an additional level of personalization as well as efficiency which will be widely accepted from a relatively unknown brand.

Moreover, for PC gamers who prefer sipping their favorite coffee brew while having a go at their favorite games, they need have no fear as this gaming monster is spill proof to resist all forms of mishandling that comes with all forms of spillage and soaking. Also, PC gamers also have the key rollover as well as the 100% anti-ghosting feature in addition to red mechanical switch that makes a satisfying clicking sound while the PC gamers are at it.


Currently, the Razer BlackWidow Lite is one of the best keyboards we like regardless of the price. The orange switches from the manufacturer are a thrill to game as well as type on. It has a good tactile bump that is devoid of the typical loud click. It has a compact size, so it is a perfect choice for the gamer that travels pretty much. Furthermore, it has a cable which can be detached, and with a welcome innovative feature from Hypershift, PC gamers can always customize the key functions as well as macros to any key they choose on the keyboard.

The BlackWidow Lite also has a good price. As well as the Corsair K63 with its unique features. The K63 keyboards have excellent features, packs nice switches in addition to the portable size, without having to reinvent the wheel with the LED lighting.

The VicTsing mechanical keyboard also is worth some consideration. PC gamers the world over have long been blown off by its high end qualities, its affordability as well as the inclusion of sufficient waterproofing materials to prevent the gaming keyboard from been damaged by spills from any drink or fluid. These features of the VicTsing even as a no name in the PC/gaming industry are enough to make the casual PC gamer notice.

RazerBlackWidow Lite Mechanical Tenkeyless KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
havitMechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB BacklitCheck Price on Amazon
HyperXHyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
SteelSeriesSteelSeries Apex M400 Illuminated Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
CorsairCorsair K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCheck Price on Amazon
VicTsingVicTsing Gaming Keyboard Wired, Red LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch, 100% Anti-ghosting, Waterproof, Quiet Computer Keyboard with Detachable Ergonomic Wrist for Mac, PC GamerCheck Price on Amazon

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