7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024

in 2024, every VR gamer needs one of these PCs for the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is among the greatest VR for gaming out there. Therefore, it is only right that gamers get the greatest VR technology by purchasing a reliable gaming computer to enhance their VR gaming experience. The best VR computers are:

7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 18iBUYPOWERiBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer DesktopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 19CyberpowerPCCyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PCCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 20Skytech GamingSkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC DesktopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 21ASUSASUS TUF VR Ready Gaming LaptopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 22LenovoLenovo IdeaCentre 720 TowerCheck Price on Amazon

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 23

1) iBuyPower Pro Gaming System

When you are considering all types of gaming platforms, one of the greatest PCs you need is the iBuyPower Pro. Now a gaming enthusiast knows what a good computer looks like, let alone an excellent VR ready computer like this one. With the iBuyPower Pro, you will comfortably play role-playing games, action games, and strategy games.

This box comes with some of the greatest specifications to match the brilliance of the oculus rift. It is fully equipped with the NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI graphic video card. With this single feature, passionate gamers play some of the most intense VR games, even with the most extreme graphic settings thanks to Nvidia. Furthermore, it is good to know that this same video card comes with 8GB of dedicated gaming video memory.

When you purchase this iBuyPower Pro computer series, you get all you need to enjoy all VR gaming fantasies. With what we have mentioned with the video card and Nvidia, we are pretty sure that you will find it highly satisfactory.

Further to the video card specifications, it is essential to mention that the iBuyPower Pro comes with a RAM size of 16GB and an Intel Core i7-9700k 8-Core CPU. This combination of high-end gaming specifications will give VR enthusiasts the greatest of both worlds and make sure that gamers experience no slowdowns.

What is left to say about the fantastic iBuyPower Pro: gamers have more than sufficient gaming storage space to save their favorite games. The iBuyPower Pro Gaming computer is one of the best computers for VR games that can work fine with any Oculus Rift device. Gamers get to enjoy their favorite games with this high-end machine.

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 24


When you are considering the best PCs for the Oculus Rift and VR games in general, it is nearly a taboo, not to mention the CyberpowerPC Xtreme. This computer is one of the best ideas which is VR-ready and comes with some of the best specifications that you can ever find in a VR-compatible computer.

VR gaming platforms are the latest craze in the computer gaming industry. Therefore, you can not mention the best computers for the Oculus rift without mentioning the CyberpowerPC Xtreme. You should see the way its unique graphics card handles all VR experiences correctly.

Whether you are using the Oculus Rift or any other VR headset, the CyberpowerPC Xtreme is one of the greatest VR ready PCs you should get. The monster processor comes with excellent functionality that gamers will never experience much fps drop when deeply immersed in some of their favorite VR games.

If you want a computer that delivers nothing but functioning and streamlined functionality, you should opt for the CyberpowerPC Xtreme. It is such a popular high performing VR gaming machine that winning teams are ve  and its contributions to some of their memorable gaming encounters. If you want to know how well this machine works for VR gamers, ask teams like NRG and Team Solomid.

Furthermore, you can also see what pro streamers like Trick2G, Summit1G, and several others say about this gentle monster and its performance. Pretty much unlike most other computers that you buy and never here from the dealers again, the CyberpowerPC Xtreme begs to differ in this regard.

Buy one of these gentle giants, and you are guaranteed a lifetime of free tech support. This is one of the greatest features of the machine. Furthermore, buyers get more juicy deals as the little monster comes with one-year labor and parts warranty.

In terms of the build, the developers of this gaming beast ensured that they knock you dead. Ergonomically made from the greatest metal cases, its side panel comes with a clear, see-through design that will make you drool with admiration. With this aesthetic design, you get to see the internal build od the beast known as CyberpowerPC Xtreme.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with components that can be easily removed. This feature helps to enable massive upgrades should you decide to increase the beast mode of the machine. When fully upgraded, the machine should serve at the highest capacity for between four and five years without any glitches.

This life span of high-end functioning is just about the right time frame for such machines’ durability. VR gamers and gamers, in general, choose the CyberpowerPC Xtreme for a wide range of reasons. Talk about getting some of the most high-end features in a single gaming computer. It never gets better than that.

The CyberpowerPC Xtreme is so packed with some of the highest-grade features that is won the readers choice prize for the home desktops computers category. Get to the summit of VR games for computer with this humble and quiet monster. However, buyers will learn to live with the USE wireless adapter of the system, knowing that they would have preferred the built-in wireless system. However, this is the only downside to the CyberpowerPC Xtreme, and it isn’t such a bad thing.

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 25

3) SkyTech Blaze PC

When talking about some of the great PCs for the Oculus rift, the SkyTech Blaze is up there with what you need. This VR-ready PC comes with a quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 1200 CPU, a DDR4 RAM size of 8GB, i5 4590 and the RTX 2080 TI video card. However, it is essential to state that the SkyTech Blaze PC pales into insignificance when to the iBuyPower Pro.

Nevertheless, the SkyTech Blaze PC certainly works excellently with modern VR systems. This option would be just fine for VR enthusiastic gamers who cannot higher-grade VR-ready computers and want something that settles in well into their budget. While the SkyTech Blaze PC may seem like a lower specification PC than the heavywe ights, make no mistake, this gentle giant can give a monstrous performance.

It is not mentioned as one of the greatest computers for the Oculus rift for no ordinary reason. When looking for budget-friendly VR-ready PCs with superior functionality, you can rely on the SkyTech Blaze PC.

While the SkyTech Blaze may certainly not allow you to enjoy the greatest VR games on Extreme settings, the machine will still easily offer an excellent performance. VR gamers will still be able to navigate in their immersive experience just fine.

Furthermore, gamers should have lots of opportunities for overclocking should they feel the need to turn it up a bit. And what is left to say? Oh, the SkyTech Blaze looks pretty sick and charming too.

Therefore, gamers will not be getting just Nvidia-enhanced videos and durability; they will be getting the greatest aesthetic designs for any VR-ready PC when purchasing this SkyTech Blaze PC.

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 26

4) Asus Core PC

Asus is a household name in computer and information technology products. Here, they have developed a world-beating machine for the virtual reality segment of modern gaming. This time the PC manufacturers delivered a classic machine in the form of the Asus Core. With lots of consideration for VR gamers and enthusiasts, the company has delivered a lightweight best VR for gaming PC that will amaze fans of VR on computer. It features are Nvidia, core i7, RTX 2080 TI, AMD Ryzen, i5 4590, Intel core and more.

The Asus Core PC is somewhat lighter than its competitors without compromising its performance. You get more functionality in a much lighter box. Now, who wouldn’t welcome that feature? This means that when you purchase this monster, you can take it to any best V R headset around your neighborhood. Oh, need we state here that you can travel with the Asus Core PC if you most wish to. The PC box is modified for streamlined portability that you have no problems carrying this around. The Nvidia feature makes its video clear and shape. Nvidia is totally responsible for this computer’s decent graphics.

Furthermore, a majority of the computers out there used for gaming are typically loud. Most of them sound as though a vehicle is about to drive off or something. However, this is not what you get with the Asus Core PC.

Use this PC box, and you get a silent beast that works in a quieter mode than the entire room. Unless players try to crash this machine deliberately, it can take you through all the VR experiences/missions without having any significant disruptions.

What is more, the ASUS team has ensured that they eliminate every form of VR sickness with this PC. The machine functions at the highest capacity without having any frame drops.

This is important because this means no VR sickness. In the world of virtual reality, VR sickness means motion sickness. It is a brief form of dizziness that gamers experience when their frame drops during the VR game.

Moreover, this humble beast comes with numerous other features too. One of such fantastic features that buyers may overlook with the machine is its cooling capability. The machine was equipped with some of the cooling apparatus in the PC industry. Asus Core PC comes with eight numbers of air vents for effective cooling.

The vents work in a way to ensure that heat is ejected from the PC without melting or destroying your computer in the process. Asus did a fantastic job with the cooling feature of the Asus Core PC. The vents were placed in such a strategic manner that it initiates an efficient airflow pattern. This layout helps take out as much heat it can take away as possible.

Moreover, the Asus Core PC also comes with programmable interior lighting. The lighting feature of the machine looks pretty impressive. You have different lighting options such as neon, rainbow, or backlit lights to choose from with the Asus Core PC machine.

This single feature will maximize your gaming experience. Regardless of the color that you eventually choose, it will undoubtedly make you the center of attraction in any gaming party.

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 27

5) Lenovo Ideacentre PC

This is one of the PC for the Oculus Rift. As a VR ready computer, gamers stand to get the greatest VR experience with this machine. The machine is highly compatible with the best VR headset for VR gaming. Lenovo Ideacentre has fantastic graphics that is enabled with such features as the graphics card and Nvidia GTX.

The PC hardly drops any frames. It comes with a no-tool form of access. For this reason, gamers looking to upgrade their gaming PC for optimal performance and a surreal VR experience can get a more superior graphics card. Alternatively, it can enhance the performance of this gaming PC by getting a high-end GPU.

One useful feature of this high-end gaming PC is its unusually lightweight, quite different from other VR ready gaming PCs. This function enables the machine to be portable enough to be taken anywhere. However, if you need to get this Oculus rift compatible computer, you will have to fork out some money.

Gamers who purchase the machine only get to know about its performance when it functions. The machine works with the most excellent VR headset for gaming PC. It has a well-conceived design to satiate the aesthetic tastes of passionate VR gaming enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the VR ready machine comes with internal and external lights, which are used to spice up its performance. Furthermore, VR gamers will appreciate that the high-end machine comes with the Nvidia GeForce graphics card for optimal performance.

As one of the most powerful graphics card in the VR gaming world, users are assured of the best VR experience when they plug in their Oculus Rift. Furthermore, it has other specifications like the intel core. USB 3.0 and other high-end features.

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 28

6) HP Pavilion Gaming PC

HP is known to produce some of the best PCs in the market. Therefore, it is no surprise that is VR ready PC packs quite a punch. The PC comes fully loaded with some of the highest specifications to take VR gaming to another level. The machine was purposely made for the Oculus Rift and will work fine with the best gaming VR components.

This VR ready Pc is equipped with Intel Core, AMD Ryzen 5, core i7, Nvidia GTX, 8GB of RAM, and the most pleasing graphics card to optimize any VR gaming performance. HP chose an ergonomic design that gamers will find both functional and attractive in terms of its build. The VR headset best performance is when it is used with computers like the HP Pavillion.

It offers crisp graphics, Nvidia GTX enhancements and smooth performance to ensure that gamers get immersed in their VR games. Equipped with premium features, the HP pavilion comes in a pretty bold and portable design. VR gamers can either plug, thus with the Oculus rift at home or enjoy any outdoor VR experience; the choice is theirs.

This VR ready computer comes with some of the latest technology that is fully compatible with Oculus Rift and other VR devices. Get a VR device and see how this beast from HP delivers on performance.

Furthermore, if gamers feel like they need more immersive experience, the VR ready machine can be upgraded. Any upgrade on this PC keeps its performance updated. Furthermore, the machine comes with world-class cooling features to ensure maximal and long-term performance. The HP Pavilion VR PC is one of the best computers for the Oculus Rift. It has the AMD Ryzen 5 and RTX 2080 TI gaming capability

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7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 29

7) SkyTech Shadow Gaming PC

Take your VR gaming to the next level with this beast from SkyTech. This VR ready PC is the AMD Ryzen 5 and GTX edition, so gamers are bound to get the best VR game with this machine. The PC is compatible with the Oculus Rift and will work with any VR device; some of its features include an 8GB DDR4, Nvidia, 1TB of Hard disk drive, a USB 3.0, intel core, core i7, and other daredevil features. The Nvidia graphics feature assures users of work progress.

In terms of aesthetics, the Skytech Shadow (AMD Ryzen 5 and GTX edition) comes with an intimidating build. The front casing includes a formidable design with a charming and fierce blue panel for neon lights. The side panel of the machine has side vents with excellent designs.

In terms of the interior, the PC comes with some of the biggest and best high-end features to complement its appearance. It comes with a fan to ensure optimal cooling during any immersive gameplay. Its lighting complements its functioning to produce a monstrous VR gameplay.

Due to the nature of this PC’s graphics card, players get to enjoy some of the most crispy and exciting VR games. SkyTech certainly delivered a classic machine with this VR ready gaming machine. The price is reasonable too; therefore, gamers will want to consider the machine when shopping to use with the Oculus Rift. Its AMD Ryzen 5 and RTX 2080 TI feature an ideal computer.

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The New age PC gaming technology is virtual reality. To get the best VR game encounter, gamers will have to get the best computers for VR gaming. However, most people familiar with the Oculus Rift are aware of the intensity of the technology. Therefore, it is only right that they get the best computers for the Oculus Rift. These seven best computers will work reliably with any Oculus Rift VR device and other VR machines.

7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 18iBUYPOWERiBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer DesktopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 19CyberpowerPCCyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PCCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 20Skytech GamingSkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC DesktopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 21ASUSASUS TUF VR Ready Gaming LaptopCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best PC For Oculus Rift in 2024 22LenovoLenovo IdeaCentre 720 TowerCheck Price on Amazon

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