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How to Buy Riot Points for League of Legends

Are you tired of those rubbish rags your League of Legends character is wearing now? Do you want fancy trappings or a new champion and a nice boost that will increase your experience or influence points? This article can help with just that, so you can say goodbye to your old wardrobe and weaker characters in no time.

How To Buy Riot Points

What Are Riot Points?

Riot points is another form of in-game pay for currency, so you’ll be able to buy your standard in-game items as well as premium, exclusive-to-Riot-points-only items. These points will help you get an edge on enemy players or AI (Artificial Intelligence), so you can get a leg up above  other players  and make yourself a staircase to the top of the leaderboard.

How Will Riot Points Help You?

Riot Points will get you new champions, with new abilities and new fancy clothes or boosters. These boosters, in turn, will give you influence points or summoner points (experience). Or you could buy direct XP boosters, so you can earn even more experience in your matches. You’ll be able to buy empty rune pages as well, which give you more room for runes. Having more space for your runes will ensure that you’re on the right road to increasing the strength of your champions. If increasing your character’s strength isn’t desirable, I don’t know what is.

How to Buy Riot Points?

You can buy Riot points from many different places—basically anywhere that game cards are sold (Meijer, Gamestop, 7-11, etc. They’re not hard to find at all). However, if you have an Amazon credit card, you will save five percent on everything, and that even includes these Riot point game cards. For instance, if you went to your typical brick-and-mortar store, you would pay $50 USD on a card, whereas on Amazon (with your Amazon credit card), you would only end up paying $48 USD. On top of buying the card from Amazon, it’s digital and not an actual card, so you can get instant access right from your computer. While that may seem like just a small savings, every dollar counts, right?

Even if you’re not an Amazon card holder, I would personally still recommend purchasing the digital code from them as long as it’s not a gift. While many stores carry the Riot point cards, you do run the risk of them being out of stock when you’re really hoping to get it. But on Amazon, as I previously mentioned, it’s a digital code. So you could even have League of Legends up in the background and basically get your points instantly. Amazon is a win-win all around.

Our Take

So all-in-all Riot Points offer you a lot of useful things that you wouldn’t be able to access on League of Legends otherwise. Not only can you buy different armor with your Riot points so you can play in style, but the different boosters are a huge help in advancing your gameplay. If getting ahead of the game and moving up is something you really enjoy, then picking up a Riot points game card may be just the thing you need to help you further your adventures on League of Legends.

How To Buy Riot Points

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